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A couple of Rem 700 projects

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by fatelk, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. fatelk

    fatelk New Member

    I have the oportunity to buy two Remington 700 rifles, both 30-06.

    Both are mechanically sound, but have some rust damage in the bores. They would probably shoot fine, and the rifling is still sharp. The stock is in good shape on the one, but completely missing on the other. One has a cheap 4x scope (Tasco?), hardly worth mentioning. Looks like someone tried to cold-blue the barrel on one of them.

    These are older rifles that would be good for rebarreling into something nice. I would like to have another custom 700 someday, but the problem is I will be losing my job in a couple months (after 8 years), and probably shouldn't spend the money right now.

    Here's my question; the price is $460 for the pair. If I buy them now, and need money to pay bills in six months (hopefully not), is this a good enough price that I could sell them and not take much loss?
  2. Wildfire

    Wildfire New Member


    Hey There:
    Fix up the easiest one to get done first.
    Then if you have to part with it, you should get your money back and still have the other.
  3. JFettig

    JFettig New Member

    how do the actions look as far as damage, wear or rust?
    sounds like both are long actions, both right handed?

  4. fatelk

    fatelk New Member

    The actions themselves look fine; no rust or damage. I even checked the locking lugs for galling or excessive wear. The finish on one is great, the other has some wear but not bad. Both are right-hand long action. Unfortunately, neither has the anti-bind slot in the bolt lug. Yes, I did a little research on 700 actions.:)

    I think I'll pick them up today. They'll have to be a "someday" project, as the funds to complete even one won't be around for a while.

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