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A few good deals still out there

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by benzy2, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. benzy2

    benzy2 Well-Known Member

    Well today I had the afternoon off and hadn't been to Cabela's in a while. I figured I would see if they had any primers or the leverlution components for .30-30. I get there and no primers but the did have the bullets. They seemed a little expensive and since the standard round nose shoot well I think I'm going to just stick with them for a while.

    So now that I had looked for everything I went to look for it was time to run through the used rack. A nice SPS Varmint was on the rack but it was in .22-250 which I don't need and don't really want. Then I saw an AK variant sitting there. I figured it would be a WASR-10 for $700. They seem to ask a lot and the WASR would seem to fit. Well it was a CAI WASR-10 but the price was off. It was marked $289.99. I about dropped the rifle. I didn't know what was wrong with it but for $289.99 I figured I would find out. It came with two tapco mags as well. When stripped it seems to have had very minimal use. I know this is the bottom of the line AK variant but for less than $300 I couldn't pass it up. They also had a CAI CETME for $699 and an Imbel FAL for $899 which didn't seem to bad either but I wasn't in the market for them. Anyways here is what $290 bought me today:
    Now if I can only get more x39. I'm down to my last couple hundred rounds and I know that won't last.
  2. maskedman504

    maskedman504 Well-Known Member

    Well played sir, well played. :evil:
  3. sonogy47

    sonogy47 Member


    I bought a century arms wasr10 for 700. It has a tapco collapsible stock and galil handguard. Hopefully I won't regret spending that much. I heard they were half that price a year ago.
  4. lipadj46

    lipadj46 Well-Known Member

    I think everyone is going to regret spending so much when we see the prices by the end of summer. Hopefully everyone will learn a lesson and realize we all got played like a fiddle by both sides.
  5. xbox360

    xbox360 member

    wow just wow. thats like 05,06,07 prices :what:
  6. MarineOne

    MarineOne Well-Known Member

    Nice score !!!!

  7. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    That's the right price for those rifles!
  8. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    Well done.

    About two months ago in a small hunting/fishing store about 30 min. west of Nashville, I saw a few of them.
    Behind a door there were four of them huddled together (clearly unwanted) and were each listed at about $500-550.
    At that price they are probably still there. The store might have taken a loss to sell them.

    This store was right by the on ramp for westbound I-40, maybe 100-200 feet.
    They also had about 800 rounds of Bear x39 ammo, and this indicated that the ammo shortage was almost over, back in April, but the masses still chose to stay in a state of panic for a while, for no reason except gun show hearsay.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2009
  9. Shear_stress

    Shear_stress Well-Known Member

    A fun gun at the right price. Good work!
  10. gunnie

    gunnie Well-Known Member

    "...hadn't been to Cabela's in a while...They seemed a little expensive..."

    was at a gander mtn in texarkana yesterday. the LOWEST priced .38 spcl ammo they had was within a dime of $50.

    except for bulk purchase winchester white box 250 count "bricks" they had for sale a couple of years ago, they have always been higher priced on ammo than a newbie net surfer could find.

    but a buck each for .38 special? please tell me this is only a local phenomenon....

  11. benzy2

    benzy2 Well-Known Member

    No Gander is by far worse than Cabelas. I have a Gander Mountain about 3 blocks from me and I can't spend more than 5 minutes in there. Once I get through their used firearms I leave. Their ammo prices are outrageous. I have asked them a few times what happened to their prices and they say nothing, they are competitive. A couple times with the guys I know a little better I will ask if they have been into the Walmart next door lately to know what competitive is. A few laugh and a few get mad. I know the guys working there don't set the prices and the few I know realize I'm just giving them crap but still its way out of line. When I worked at Cabela's their ammo prices after the employee discount turned out to be just what Walmart charged the public. Rifles were the same way. I guess you pay a premium for all those mounted animals.
  12. gunnie

    gunnie Well-Known Member


    thanks for the info. sorry about the thread robbery.

  13. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    To clarify, the group of four "AKs" in that central TN store were (Romanian) WASRs.
  14. Deckard

    Deckard Well-Known Member

    I was at Bass Pro the other day and was struck not only by the high prices but by the almost impossibility to find anything. There didn't appear to be any rhyme or reason of how the ammo was organized and no one around to ask. I just grabbed the bottle of solvent I went in for in the first place and left (was just curious about the ammo prices). As a side note they had a Henry Big Boy (which I've been lusting for) for $850, which is about $150-200 more than I've seen them elsewhere.

    It's pretty sad when a mom and pop joint with more overhead and less buying power can do better than the big chains. Not that I'm complaining, if I can support a local business and save some money so much the better.
  15. benzy2

    benzy2 Well-Known Member


    Don't worry about any thread robbery. As long as the discussion stays civil I don't care what it becomes about.

    Ignition Override,

    Are there WASRs that aren't Romanian? I'm not very knowledgeable on the AK variants other than I hear the WASRs are the bottom line. I assumed all WASRs were Romanian made. Mine says something about Cugir and Romania on it. I thought Cugir was the plant and Romania was the country it was made in. Like I said I'm not much of an AK buff.

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