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A few years ago... Kid Gets Shot By police.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by LittleSureShot1994, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Well a few years ago this little kid had a toy gun...
    well his toy gun didn't have an orange cap. So he was playing with it when a wack-o guy breaks in with a gun and trys to shoot people. The kid calls the police and when they get there they think the kid is the wack-o guy. So they shoot the kid!!!!!! Then they find out it was his toy gun and they finally find the wack-o guy.
    And the kid died.
    So they made it a law that toy guns have those orange tip on them.
    The police that shot the little kid probably feel horrible...:(
  2. larry_minn

    larry_minn Well-Known Member

    Slight confusion here... How old was kid? Why did kid continue waving gun around when he had called Police about person waving gun around? Why didn't he drop gun when Police ordered him to?
    Do you really think the Police would believe if there was a orange cap on a real looking gun?
  3. KaceCoyote

    KaceCoyote Well-Known Member

    I dont get it.:confused: Is there a point?
  4. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Ease off gentlemen...:)

    This most welcome new member is eleven years old, and tying to make a good point about why toy guns are supposed to have an orange cap on the end so that other kids don't get hurt.

    She can write a better post then the Old Fuff can...:cool:
  5. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Well-Known Member

    I keep waiting for someone to start selling bright orange flash-hiders and muzzle brakes... :D
  6. Janitor

    Janitor Senior Member

    Yea, well ...

    .You know I kid.
    Well - welcome to the forums LittleSureShot1994. Not everyone comes to these forums with an itroduction from the likes of Old Fuff.

    I think most people would agree with you that an orange colored muzzle on a realistic looking pistol could help.

    But notice I said "could" help. I think that a lot of us believe, myself included, that a policeman in a dangerous situation like that will have to try and trust more than just the color of the muzzle.

    Just think what could happen to the police if the bad guys started to paint real guns oarnge?

    I agree that they need to be a different, and bright colored. But people who have these guns have to learn to see how real they look. Even with an oarnge muzzle. In a high stress situation, somebody with a real enough looking gun is going to look like they have a gun. Orange muzzle or not.

    The boy in the story you told really needed to put the gun down when the police were called. Actually - when the first real gun showed up - the toy gun should have been dropped.
  7. pdmcghinnis

    pdmcghinnis Member

    We recently recovered a Rohm RG10 .22 revolver and a Ruger P89 during a traffic stop found to be in possession of some gang members. The Rohm had been painted canary yellow and the Ruger was orange! It wasn't until felt the weight of 'em that you realized they weren't toys! It's apparently becoming a common tactic amongst the bad guys.

    Keep that in mind next time you see someone that has one in their waistband or under their car seat
  8. larry_minn

    larry_minn Well-Known Member

    I still recall yrs ago (I believe it was after the New York shooting of a gent who failed to heed commands by Police and whipped out bilfold and was shot) I had some people saying there is no way the Officers couldn't tell it was a cell phone.
    So I started ranting/raving and whipped out my bilfold. They all agreed it LOOKED like a gun. This was inside in a well lit room. My actions led them to believe it was a gun and their (brain or lack there of) made it into a weapon.
    Person who I think is a threat makes a reach for gummy bears they might have holes in them before I realize they are junk food junkies.
    I have gone within OUNCES of blowing away a kid (18-21yrs old) who had a (real gun with blanks)
  9. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Ditto - I came within a few pounds of trigger pressure from firing on a teeager who jumped out from behind a pillar, hands together sa if shootng. i was on target/off target when I realized his hands were empty, and he was saying "bang! bang!" The kid walked away laughing - didn't affect him at all.
  10. Janitor

    Janitor Senior Member

    That is truely a scary story! Holy crap - what an idiot!

    Well ... had you pulled the trigger, myself, I would have thought of it as one of Darwin's shootings - not yours.
    And another! What in the hell was this kid thinking, pointing a real gun at an LEO. Loaded or not? Was this an attempt at suicide by cop that you just (thankfully) caught in time? Did the jerk think he was going to intimidate you into backing off or something?

    Good situational awareness gentlemen.
  11. CentralTexas

    CentralTexas Well-Known Member

    THAT is what Tasers were designed for! ;)
  12. aaronrkelly

    aaronrkelly Well-Known Member

    Well - that can be taken two ways.

    1) You meant AFTER finding out the kid was "playing gun" you use the Taser on him to teach him a lesson, shock therapy so to speak. OK - light him up for fun.....he he

    2) Use a taser on a person with a "suspect" gun. Nope, dont take a taser to a gun fight. This very situation could get you killed. If you THINK its a gun act accordingly, dont wait to find out.......
  13. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    I recall that my childhood was about the time they mandated that toy guns have the orange muzzle on them.

    Even as a kid, I remembered thinking that if a policeman ever showed up, I'd be dropping my toy guns on account of his real one, you know, to avoid any possible trouble.

    I think kids are smart enough to understand something like this. You know, "don't point your toy guns at anyone who isn't playing in your game."

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