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A history of the Kalashnikov...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bellevance, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Bellevance

    Bellevance Well-Known Member

  2. Andrewsky

    Andrewsky Well-Known Member

    Typical anti-gun, anti-American article.
  3. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

    Seems to highlight the importance of intellectual property rights more than anything. I can't say I blame the Russians for being pissed that their design has essentially been pirated and sold with no royalties paid to them.
  4. Frog48

    Frog48 Well-Known Member

    The Russians can suck an egg. During the Cold War, they encouraged their satellite states and allies to manufacture AK's, but nowadays they're whining and crying that these same countries are undercutting their business... If the Soviets (now Russians) didnt want the other countries to build them, they shouldnt have helped them get started in the first place.
  5. Durruti

    Durruti Well-Known Member

    I saw a couple of lines that could possibly be construed as anti-gun (though they weren't that bad), but anti-American? Where was that?
  6. Bellevance

    Bellevance Well-Known Member

    Right. Just someone's knee-jerk reaction to the Times, I suspect. (They don't call it the Knee Jerk Times for nothin'!)
  7. Tony Williams

    Tony Williams Well-Known Member

    One curious detail (under the heading "not a lot of people know this"): the Russians officially restricted the designation "AK-47" to the few hundred prototypes which were extensively field-tested between 1947 and 1949. Various modifications were made before the gun was officially adopted as the "AK" in 1949 (note - no "-47"). This later became the "AKM" when a modified version was introduced, with the milled receiver replaced by a stamped one. So almost all of Kalashnikov's 7.62x39 assault rifles you are likely to encounter should strictly be called "AKM", not "AK-47" - but it's far, far too late to correct that! :rolleyes:

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