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A Makarov of a different color?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by PCRCCW, Aug 6, 2003.


    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Ive actually owned this gun two times now. I sold it in a moment of temporary stupidity and somehow ran across it again.

    Its a Makarov chambered CZ83 in Satin Nickel. Its a bloody shooter also.

    A little about the gun for those who arent that familiar with it...

    The gun is a standard d/a=s/a setup and can be carried cocked and locked.
    The trigger is incredible.....the most accurate analolgy to the trigger is an older Colt Python's. NICE!

    Its a double stack gun and hi caps, the CZ Holy grail, are around once in a while. The .380 is 13 rnds and the Mak is 12 rnds utilizing the same mags.

    Its a good size gun for the caliber, being not remotely as punishing to shoot as a standard "Makarov" Bulgy and such.

    The guns are close enough in shape and size, the CZ and Mak can share holsters.

    Mechanically they are very different with 2 times as many parts in the little CZ. The sights are standard 75 style and offer a great sight picture.

    To hold one in your hands is often one of the best feeling guns youll find.
    They point very very well....instinctively that is.

    Heres a target I shot today...offhand rest, 5rnds of Mak 9x18 Blazer FMJ's at 20 yds. Its hard to see...but its around 1 1/2".

    I actually had people watching me shoot the damn thing, not me but the gun. A guy with a nice wilson 1911 actually wanted to shoot it. It shot better for him. :scrutiny:

    Its a very accurate gun...groups spread to over 2-3" off hand which is a VERY GOOD DAY for me.

    If you get the chance shoot one of these...Ive shot alot of maks/.380's...Walthers, BDA's, Sigs etc....and this gun is the KING.

    Shoot well[​IMG]
  2. Stephen A. Camp

    Stephen A. Camp Moderator In Memoriam

    Hello, sir. I share your assessment of the CZ83 and wish mine, which is in .380 ACP, was in 9x18Mak simply for the ammo costs. I won't get rid of the .380; I MIGHT add one in Mak if I run across one right.


    PS: If interested, I have some stuff on the CZ-83 here:



    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Good day Mr. Camp,
    When you run across one..JUMP on it. They are rare and also hard to find :rolleyes:
    This is my 3rd, er...4th..3rd...nevermind, CZ83 and they have all been very good guns. The only problem Ive had with any of them in over 5K rnds was with this gun. It DOES NOT like lacquer coated ammo..and glued itself togethor....too much ammo, too fast and got it too hot.
    It will feed empty cases all day as long as they dont have lacquer :D
    If it ever goes bye bye..Ill email you. Yould give it a good home.
    Shoot well and thanks again.
  4. Stephen A. Camp

    Stephen A. Camp Moderator In Memoriam

    Hello. Sounds good. A VERY fine gentleman who was like a grandfather to me passed some years ago. He told me that "when you find a gun you like, you need to hang on to it." I wish I'd followed his sage advice a time or two now.

  5. 9x19

    9x19 member

  6. David4516

    David4516 Well-Known Member

    Whats the average price tag for one of these CZ things? I am a big Makarov fan, and this looks interesting. It would be neat if I had two pistols that could share ammo :)

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    9x19 Yes...RARE!

    The guy you link us all to is Phil at the CZ connection. He got his at the same time I originally got mine.

    CZUSA had brought in one case of the guns about 2 years ago. It was the last batch that has been imported in around the last 3-4 years and may be the last batch ever.

    Im not sure he actually has any...he is known in the CZ Circles for listing guns that CZ hasnt even made, let alone not imported into the country.

    He listed the Comp Carry on his website for a LLONNG time and CZ never made it.

    Like I said if you can find one...JUMP ON IT.

    Shoot well.
  8. 9x19

    9x19 member


    None for me thanks... I prefer the value afforded by my Maks and Bersas.

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    I love maks and bersa's too....but they arent 9x19? :rolleyes: :D
    Shoot well
  10. 9x19

    9x19 member


    Nope, but variety is the spice... or so I'm told.

    I do have more than a few firearms in 9x19, including pistols, revolvers and carbines. :D
  11. PCRCCW

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Very cool...I was playing with / drooling on a P9 (?) ruger carbine the other day. I want one.....cheap to shoot. Would be a fun rabbit gun.
    Shoot well
  12. 9x19

    9x19 member


    My Ruger PC9 has been converted for Glock mags, and is the Ghost Ring sight version.

    It is heavy, but accurate and fun to shoot... of course my Marlin with folding stock and red-dot is also alot of fun.

    I'll be picking up a new Kel-Tec Sub2000 at my dealer's tomorrow... I'm hoping for a fun weekend, "evaluating" it. :D
  13. wbond

    wbond Well-Known Member

    New CZ-83s in 9x18

    I notice people saying they wish they had a CZ-83 in 9x18 instead of .380.

    I agree, I have one in .380 and would like to also have one in 9x18.

    What's the problem?

    http://www.cz-usa.com is the importer of CZ-83 and they say that CZ-83 are available in 9x18 by special order.

    Just order-buy a new one. Why wish you could find one? It appears all you have to do is order one.

    What's the problem here? Am I missing something? I've not yet tried to order one in 9x18. Is this going to be a problem?

    Does anyone know?
  14. wbond

    wbond Well-Known Member

    Cost of CZ-83

    I just bought a CZ-83 in .380 for $400. Don't know what 9x18 cost.

  15. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    A while back I bought a new 9x18 CZ-83 from makarov.com for $400.
    Nice looking pistol.
    I thought I might use it as a carry gun once in a while because of the hi cap magazines, but it's proven to be too unreliable. It jams too often when feeding, mostly JHP ammo.
    Polishing the feed ramp didn't help so it's just another range gun.
  16. Charlie Bravo

    Charlie Bravo Member

    Has anybody tried one of these?


    I'm not sure what the differences are from the CZ83...maybe the ambi safety?
  17. Charlie Bravo

    Charlie Bravo Member

  18. wbond

    wbond Well-Known Member

    9x18 CZ-83 blue

    Hi. I noticed at least one of you wants a new in box 9x18 CZ-83 blue with two 12 round magazines.

    I just ordered 3 of these NIB by accident. I really only wanted 2. I'd like to unload one.

    I paid $380 plus shipping and insurance. I'd be interested in selling it for $380, but I'll cover shipping and insurance. With me covering shipping and insurance, that's like getting it for about $350 or less.

    This is NIB with two 12 round mags.

    I'm normally a buyer, not a seller, so I'm not very familiar with the procedure, but I think I have my FFL dealer ship it to your FFL dealer. Does that sound right?

    Any takers?

    If so, please send me a private message. Post it too, if you like.

    I'm not very reliable about checking the discussions, but I always check my private messages.

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2006

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