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A new sig p239

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by sturgeon, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. sturgeon

    sturgeon Well-Known Member

    So with a gift certificate and some christmass money, I bought myself a new sig p239 in 9mm. I have been carrying it around for a week or so now, and I must say that it is a very comfortable and easy to conceal. At the range it is very accurate, and absoultley reliable. I still have some getting use to the trigger, because I have mostly only shot 1911's and am use to that single action trigger.
    Anyways, I'm writting this because I seem to be having one problem, and would like some advise. AS I mentioned, I mostly shoot 1911's. With 1911's, I have gotten use to a very high grip on the gun, and rest my thumb on or near the saftey. This works very well for me on a 1911, but on the sig, that is where the slide lock is located, and this causes the slide to not lock back on an empty mag (because my thumb is on the slide lock).
    I have tried to hold it different, but just does not feel right to me.
    Any suggestions, anybody else run into this with a sig before?
  2. ninjalawyer

    ninjalawyer Well-Known Member

    My own experience has been very similar. The high grip is really the best technique, so I don't recommend changing anything. Over the last few months I've gotten much better at counting my shots :)
  3. Quack

    Quack Well-Known Member

    i also got a P239 a few weeks back.

    same thing happens with me, i just accept it as is.

    FYI, have you added a Hogue grip to it? it makes big difference on how it feels in your hand.
  4. CL

    CL New Member

    You might want to try sigforum.com and ask the guys there.
  5. boing

    boing Well-Known Member

    Shift your strong hand thumb down so it rests on top of your weak hand thumb? Still a thumbs high grip, kinda.

    Only works with one hand, though.
  6. kidcoltoutlaw

    kidcoltoutlaw Well-Known Member

    i fold my left

    thumb over the right and pull it down just little works great,thanks,keith

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