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A Quality Discreet Rifle Case For An AK-47/74?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Motorman2061, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Motorman2061

    Motorman2061 Member

    Hi All,

    Looking for a quality, lightly padded, discreet rifle case for an AK-47/74 with a folding tri-metal stock. I do not have the overall length measurement of the rifle folded, however I would guess it might be around 28".

    Any help finding the perfect case would be appreciated.

    Someone must make a smaller case for carbine-style rifles.

  2. 25cschaefer

    25cschaefer Well-Known Member

    By discreet do you mean a case that looks like a guitar case or one that can keep a secret?
  3. walking arsenal

    walking arsenal Well-Known Member

    I have a folding stock on mine and keep it in a tennis racket case.
  4. Motorman2061

    Motorman2061 Member

    Tennis racket case? Interesting idea.

    Either a large tennis racket case or a short rifle?
  5. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    Mind me asking why it must be discrete?

    And my local fun store/range has a violin case-shaped gun case. I've been itching for it for months.
  6. Motorman2061

    Motorman2061 Member

    Why advertise "gun"???

    It would be nice to take it almost anywhere.

    Do you have a link for the gun/violin case? Thanks.
  7. Nushif

    Nushif Well-Known Member

    Since we are kinda talking about what an onlooker sees consider this:

    You don't wanna advertise gun, so why would you wanna advertise a $900+ instrument?

    If I were to conceal a gun, I would put it in a beaten up suitcase, walking around in raggedy clothing in a beater car.

    Not in good clothing with a nice violin case. 8) If you're worried about "high profile" and all that.
  8. walking arsenal

    walking arsenal Well-Known Member

    Yeah. A folding stocked AK fits right in them. My wife's sig 522 goes in one as well. Seys "wilson" on the side and everything. Those cases are dirt cheap too.

    Just remember to put on your tennis shorts and shoes when you go to the range so the outfit looks complete! ;)
  9. briansmithwins

    briansmithwins Well-Known Member

    Emdom Grey Man bag.

    Designed to hold weapons but totally looks like a duffle/laundry bag. Bigger on the inside than the outside too.

    I've carried it into a bank before with nary a second glance.

  10. Motorman2061

    Motorman2061 Member

    Love the gym bag. Now I must get the exact measurements and hope the weapon is not over 26.5" long.
    Hope it works.

    Thanks for the tip BSW!
  11. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    Just remember GFSZA if you don't have a CCW permit. Can't carry it unlocked within 1000 feet of a school. :banghead:
  12. Telekinesis

    Telekinesis Well-Known Member

    Throw it in a duffel bag. I'd recommend a bit of extra stuff in there though so it doesn't look like you've got just one long pipe in there.

    An alto sax case should be about the right size, though you may need to go up to a tenor sax case... Stop by a pawn shop or older music store and see if they'll sell you an old case. Sometimes you can find one that they used for a rental instrument for a good price.

    You can rework the interior to make it work with the rifle. And no one seems to want to steal a bottom of the barrel sax.
  13. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    that GYM bag is pretty cool

    my problem is that i shoot a lot more than i clean, and the inside of my ARs gets pretty bad. I would hate to separate the upper/lower for transport as it would inevitably result in a total mess inside the bag.
  14. briansmithwins

    briansmithwins Well-Known Member

    Another thing about the GYM bag, guns like AKs can go in it diagonally since they fold smaller. The real limit is closer to 29".

  15. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    I use the UTG Covert rifle case, kinda looks like a soft sided portfolio, have carried it a few places, as an experiment. No glances or odd looks, nobody seemed to care.



    About quality, it's a cheap bag...and I've been using it for about three years as far with no issues. I had the shortest, at 28 inches, IIRC, but the large knuckle on the fgolding stock was too much too close to the limit, and it tore a small hole. UTG replaced it with the longer 32 incher, and it works well.


    Yeah, it's Leapers, yeah, it's cheap, yeah, it works. :) Deployment is NOT laser quick, but it does serve to conceal it's a gun case, also, my rifle doesn't need to be reassembled, just unfolded. Putting some sort of iron on sports team logo or business logo would further cause confusion. :)

    Do I need this/use this on a regular basis? Of course not, but it's nice to know, in a state that allows regular citizens to conceal any weapons they want, that it's an available option if things get a little "odd".
    Now that GYM -E bag looks like it would be interesting, as my SA vz-58 is a hair over 26 folded...but that price tag is very prohibitive for a non "operator" who doesn't "move in tactical circles".
  16. MichaelB

    MichaelB Active Member

    I posted this mandolin case earlier for my Yugo underfolder. A tad heavy loaded out, but very discreet.

    Attached Files:

  17. FrankCastleThePunisher

    FrankCastleThePunisher Well-Known Member

    Another suggestion instead of the gym bag is the baseball/softball individual equipment bags that you can put the bats(AR15) in the bottom compartment. Dick's carry these bags and the Under Armor and Easton bags work perfectly for the collapsible AR15 guns. They have other compartments for mags and other accessories. Price around $50.00 - $60.00 .
  18. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member


    I've got an AK bullpup (27") in need of a good no bigger than needed case.
  19. briansmithwins

    briansmithwins Well-Known Member

    Full writeup and review with pics on the GYM bag here: http://www.militarymorons.com/equipment/packs4.html#tntgym

    Like the man says:
  20. Motorman2061

    Motorman2061 Member

    The AK that I have ordered is 25.25" folded, so the max length on the TNT Gym Bag of 26.5 will work.

    Now I just wish they had them in stock.

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