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A question about Keith Idema and Pistol competitions. Remember Keith Idema?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Frandy, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Frandy

    Frandy Well-Known Member

    Perhaps not appropriate for THR, but I think it's okay...

    Can anyone confirm or disprove the following info about Idema, which is on the Web site that supports Keith Idema?

  2. bdutton

    bdutton Well-Known Member

  3. Whitewolf 508

    Whitewolf 508 Well-Known Member

    Jonathan Keith Idema

    I first met Keith when he was running a store called ADVENTURE WORLD in Hyde Park NY in 1980. I bought my first handgun from him at a good price. I also used to shoot with him at the indoor range that he had at the store. It closed in around 1984 because of a number of problems with legal issues that Keith had.

    He later opened a shooting school at the Sky Park Airport in Red Hook NY. That was called the COUNTERR ACADEMY. I can attest that some of the instructors were top notch and that some of the students were from various special services worldwide. I had the pleasure of meeting British and German elite soldiers there (and downing a few beers later). The school closed several years later due to zoning issues and Keith left the area.

    I did not hear from him until I noted that he was arrested in Afganistan. I do not know if he had all the awards mentioned but he was a very good shot when I knew him and also a good instructor.
  4. fisi

    fisi Well-Known Member

    good thread-excellent links.....haven't heard squat about him since the prison uprising earlier this year? at the complex the afhganis had thrown him in.
  5. bdutton

    bdutton Well-Known Member

  6. Citadel99

    Citadel99 Well-Known Member

    I just moved from Fort Bragg to Austin, TX. My best bud is a team leader in 3rd Group and said he was a misfit and was kicked out of group. I've also heard a few stories from people who ran into him in Fayetteville. Sounds like a real hot head and idiot. Interestingly, he's the guy on the cover of The Hunt for Bin Laden, a great read.


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