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A tale of two 27s.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by SaxonPig, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    Since I own more S&W Model 27s (and variants) than any other model of handgun, I guess it’s my favorite. I have several 3.5” examples, and a few 5” specimens (maybe my absolute favorite) and one 4” Registered Magnum which could be considered the granddaddy of the Model 27. But I searched for a long time to find a really nice 8&3/8” Model 27.

    Such a long barrel feels muzzle heavy to me in the Models 29 and 57 (the .44 and .41 Magnums) because these revolvers feature a heavy barrel. The 27 has a slimmer tapered barrel so even the 8” model handles without feeling like all the weight is too far forward. But try as I might, I couldn’t find one at a price I wanted to pay. The long N frames usually bring a bit less than the more popular shorter barrels but I still got skunked in my search for a long time.

    It didn’t help that I really had my heart set on a nickel 8” 27. Everyone knows I love the shiny guns and I yearned for a long 27 in nickel. I looked for so long that I finally gave up and bid on a blued version on a GB auction, buying it for $421. That’s a tad higher than I wanted to go but not a bad deal considering it was unfired in its original wooden presentation case.

    I no sooner picked it up from the transfer dealer when I spotted another unfired 8” 27 up for auction. This one was nickel. Rats, my usual good timing. Well, the worse thing that could happen would be that I would wind up with two guns and what’s wrong with that? I bought it for the opening bid of $325. It was absolutely brand new in the wooden case and even had the original cardboard shipping sleeve. I know some would cringe at the thought, but I’m a shooter and not a collector and I can tell you that gun is amazingly accurate. Hell yes I shot it!

    Wouldn’t you want to shoot it?


    There’s a happy ending on the blued gun I bought first. My friend knew of the deal and offered to buy the unwanted 27 for $500 if I would deliver it to his house.

    I did.
  2. Catalina25

    Catalina25 Well-Known Member

    Man brother Pig that is beautiful, at any price. And yea you've got to shoot it. DOB? TKM

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