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A Tribute to the World's Best Wife

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by 280PLUS, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. 280PLUS

    280PLUS Well-Known Member


    Prepare to be jealous.

    This is what my lovely wife surprised me with Christmas morning. It's a custom Rock River .45 topped by a 30mm UltraDot. We took it out Sunday and I was shooting at a 50 ft pistol target set at 75 ft. I was puttin' most of 'em in the black with it.

    Can anyone tell me what the KART logo means?

    No you can't have my wife OR my new gun. They're both mine!!

  2. Repeat after me... there is no such creature. :neener:
  3. Jesse308

    Jesse308 Well-Known Member

  4. 280PLUS

    280PLUS Well-Known Member

    oh I don't know,,,

    She's got to be pretty darn close anyhow.

  5. yesterdaysyouth

    yesterdaysyouth Well-Known Member

  6. bytor94

    bytor94 Well-Known Member

    You arguably have the best, but mine is at least the second best. At least she doesn't groan too much when I buy a new gun.

    Although with my birthday coming up, I keep dropping hints about this Sig 220 stainless… :evil:
  7. 280PLUS

    280PLUS Well-Known Member

  8. rdbrowning

    rdbrowning Well-Known Member

    KART - This means that the engraver that she hired can't spell. It was supposed to read CARAT, as in the measure of a diamond! You owe her big time and she had that engraved to remind you of the re-payment plan. :)
  9. Browns Fan

    Browns Fan Well-Known Member

    I'll bet mine would qualify, after all, she puts up with all my crap! Oh, and not to mention the fact that last year, she got me a S&W M66 Performance Center for Christmas.
  10. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Mine's right up there too - she picks up my brass at the range! :D

    How many women are gonna do that? :eek:
  11. 280PLUS

    280PLUS Well-Known Member

    For the record,,,

    She DID find a loose 1/2 carat / color F / S1 / Luciere Cut diamond at the end of the old box within a box routine x 5 i think, all wrapped. The first box was HUGE, threw her right off the track. It was the only thing she got from me so I had to have some way of giving her a few things to open. Besides I didnt want to make it TOO easy on her, I even used the big strapping tape :evil:

    So I guess I aint too bad of a hubby either?

    We have a pact that the next 3 christmas's are gonna be cheapies

    It's good to see there are so many more good women out there, hang on to em!
  12. mcneill

    mcneill Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of my favorite Charlie Robison song -

    "You're Not the Best, But You're the Best That I Can Do" :evil:

    "A pretty girl will leave you
    To drown in your own tears.
    An ugly girl, she'll leave you too
    But then again who really cares."


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