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A (very) small victory for NY

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jamesbeat, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat New Member

    King Cuomo has acknowledged that at least part of his new 'SAFE act' is ill conceived and unworkable.
    He's realized that placing a restriction on magazines capable of holding more than seven rounds will jeopardize his new law, so he's made a concession; we can continue to buy ten-rounders but only load seven (except at a range and possibly in the home).


    Thanks Andy, but no dice.

    See you in court.
  2. bds

    bds Active Member


    Let the back-paddling begin! :fire:

    People of NY, keep up the pressure and keep up the great work!

    All politicians fear being voted out of office ... :D
  3. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato New Member

    He's not worried about being votes out of office. He won't be in NY. Cuomo has designs on the presidency. He realized that he is totally ignorant of firearms in general. He came up with the number 7 at random. Now he back pedals... Can't look ignorant in the 2016 primaries.
  4. hillbilly

    hillbilly New Member

    The number 7 was not chosen randomly.

    It was specifically chosen to ban most modern handgun outright.
  5. ThorinNNY

    ThorinNNY New Member

    Cuomo threw hunters a bone -a discount of from one to ten dollars on hunting licensess.
    The people said "Andrew that`s not gonna cut it with us. SCRAP YOUR STUPID SAFE ACT.
    Andrew thinks I better throw them another bone - let them have their g-d ten cartridges in the magazines & they`ll leave me alone. The people say" Andrew, that`s not gonna cut it either, SCRAP YOUR STUPID SAFE ACT NOW!"
    I for one, am no longer content to just REPEAL the UN SAFE ACT, CUOMO MUST GO! I would prefer that Andrew be exiled from the USA but I`ll settle for driving him out of office!
    There`s going to be another PRO 2A rally in Syracuse on Saturday, March 23 and another Pro 2A Rally in Gouverneur, NY. I hope we can keep holding rallies until they finally Repeal the (UN) SAFE ACT!
  6. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider New Member

    Yes, I noticed this in a very small article that appeared on page 14 in The Times Herald Record, a left-leaning Hudson Valley rag that supports Cuomo unequivocally. Even as I type this, Bloomberg is on CNN singing songs of praise for Cuomo and his henchmen. You'd think he'd tone down his rhetoric a bit after his failed soda ban decree.
  7. Solo

    Solo New Member

    NY crimal law is operating on the honor system. What a novel idea!
  8. Prophet

    Prophet New Member

    I'm happy to see you and other NY'ers punching back twice as hard. Keep hammering him.
  9. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Active Member

    Maybe the democrats here will follow his lead!

    "You can have standard capacity mags, but don't you dare load more than 15!"


    Nah, we're gonna kill the mag ban here. It's actually worse than the one in NY from a technical standpoint, as a zealous DA really could charge a person under the law for owning just about any magazine with a removeable floorplate. Of course, the sheriffs are almost all unwilling to enforce this crap, so the DAs will never have that chance.
  10. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin New Member

    This is simply them trying to avoid problems in the inevitable court case. Disgusting!
  11. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat New Member

    You'd think, wouldn't you.
    Instead, he's going after smoking; he wants to make retailers hide cigarettes from view.

    Mike and Andy hate America, they should move to the UK.
  12. railroadman

    railroadman New Member

    I have said this many times,but one more time.I lived in the upstate NEW York for many years.Navy Gunners Mate,law correction deputy,security and 20 years before i retired from the railroad.I live in Florida sence 2006.I WOULD NOT STAY IN NY FOR FREE RENT.Go to a Gun show in Florida then do one at NY State I rest my case.
  13. mbopp

    mbopp New Member

    I think Cuomo realized he'd lose on 7-round mags in court on the "common use" clause.
    So what's to stop them from eventually saying you can have a 10-round mag but can only have 1 round in it?
    Almost all of the upstate counties in NY have passed resolutions against the SAFE act.
    And I see the latest NY budget proposal has a $350 tax refund for families with children. This is a blatant attempt by the Democrats to buy votes while adding to the NY deficit.

    I can't wait to retire and get out of this state.
  14. 12131

    12131 New Member

    Nothing short of a total repeal of that piece of garbage that they call law can be considered a victory.
    Losing a little less is not a victory, no matter how "small" it is.
  15. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat New Member

    I think that it will be repealed.
    We had a crappy set of restrictionas anyway, but Cuomo has really p****d people off this time.
    If it goes to scotus, we may end up with fewer restrictions than we had in the first place.

    This backpedaling move may well be a sign that Cuomo is beginning to realise that he has bitten off more than he can chew.
  16. SilentStalker

    SilentStalker New Member

    We need to get these idiots out of office. All these stupid bills are doing is costing a heck of a lot of money...on both sides of the fence for absolutely nothing.
  17. jp9mm

    jp9mm New Member

    What about what they did to private sales ?
    No longer can be conducted without FFL.

    They state in the law that it will no more than $10 to do the check.
    Called 2 places and was told $50 at one & $30 at another. :barf:
  18. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat New Member

    They're not allowed to charge more than $10.
    This is not an attempt to make it fair, it is an attempt to ensure that FFL's will decide it's not worth the time and effort.
    They don't want private sales at all.

    The whole aim is to ostracize gun owners and create obstacles to legal gun ownership.
  19. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Active Member

    Well, it keeps the elected officials, government staffers, lawyers, judges, and court personnel employed and highly paid while the state and local budgets go bust.
  20. HeathH

    HeathH New Member

    Go hard my friend...we need these tyrants to see the repercussions of their actions.

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