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Aaargh! Now I have to buy .223 too!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by anapex, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. anapex

    anapex Well-Known Member

    So I had a couple of pistols out at the local indoor range and decided to look around after I was done shooting. I stumbled on a Armalite AR-15 for $625 that looked in too good of shape to pass up. So I ended up picking up my first AR. I'll try and get some pictures up of it later.
  2. nhhillbilly

    nhhillbilly Well-Known Member

    Enjoy it bit they are habit forming.
  3. cwalker3

    cwalker3 Well-Known Member

    An Armalite AR-15 for $625 in Maryland? Man, that's a heckuva find. What range were you shooting at? I might have to check that place out.
  4. anapex

    anapex Well-Known Member

    I found it at On Target in Severn, It was a consignment piece someone had brought in. This is the second time I've gotten a good deal on a consignment from them and thier new gun prices are pretty decent too (for being in MD).
  5. Edmond

    Edmond Well-Known Member

    I want an AR-15 too! I guess my AK will have to do for now.:D
  6. Spot77

    Spot77 Well-Known Member

    Anapex, if you hurry to Bass Pro, you can still get the WWB .223 on sale.

    $2.88 per 20 rounds. Walmart has the 40 pack for about $7.50.

    And sometimes they carry the PCA stuff for $2.99 per 20. Pretty accurate stuff.

    Welcome to the club.:evil:
  7. anapex

    anapex Well-Known Member

    Anyone ever try the UMC bulk packs of .223? Bass Pro happens to have a 200 round pack for $45 or so.

    Edit: nevermind just did the math and the prices you listed for WWB make the UMC more expensive.
  8. anapex

    anapex Well-Known Member

    Just took some pictures of the new toy so here they are.



    I'm not sure if all Armalites come like this but mine has some form of muzzle break on the end.

  9. Spot77

    Spot77 Well-Known Member

    Very nice.

    Had a chance to exercise it yet?

    What's the barrell length?

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