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About to take the Glock plunge. Any info?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by 2low, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. 2low

    2low New Member

    Jun 17, 2011
    I've been around firearms all my life and I've never cared for Glocks. I've always known of, and greatly respected, their superb reliability and simplicity. They've just never felt right in my hand, but I'm willing to get over it now and "make" them feel right. I figured it's about time I added a Glock to my collection so I'm taking the leap.

    I've never had a .40 so I'm liking the glock 22. I'm a blank slate with Glocks, so I'm going to checkout some new ones and used police trade-ins. However, I still have some questions/details you all could Hopefully help me hammer out.

    What do I need to know about the different generations, and which one(s) are in your opinions better/worse than the others?

    What is a decent price for a new G22 or used PD tradein?

    What ammo do you guys find works best with your glock 22s? (I do know that
    Glock's polygonal rifling may have problems with unjacketed lead).

    what aftermarket companies make the best replacement barrels, or should i only buy replacements made by Glock? (Price isn't really an issue b/c I'm
    striving for quality .40 S&W and .357 Sig barrels)

    Also, what companies make reliable high quality mags other than Glock?

    Anything else I should know?

    I'm sure all of these questions have most likely been answered on THR already, but my latest searches have been hit or miss. Thanks in advance for any/all
    info. I haven 't been this excited about a new firearm since my father gave my brother and I sequentially numbered commemorative John Wayne lever actions when we were 14-16.
  2. HippieMagic

    HippieMagic Member

    Dec 5, 2006
    West Virginia
    Glock magazines are pretty cheap to be honest. I don't really see a reason to buy an aftermarket.

    I also prefer gen 3.
  3. Thatguy686

    Thatguy686 New Member

    Aug 18, 2010
    if your getting a .40 get the gen 4 you will want the dual recoil spring glock .40 is the stoutest recoil ive ever shot
  4. GLOOB

    GLOOB Mentor

    Sep 16, 2007
    KCI G17 mags are perfect, IMO. I'd think the G22 mags are good, as well. OTOH, they're G19 mags are a little shorter than standard, which makes them a bugger to load all the way.

    Sometimes you may get shoddy springs, but you can buy replacement springs, either Glock or aftermarket, and still save a bit. You'd have to do the math to see if it's worth it. The price on the KCI mags has come up a bit since they were first introduced.
  5. JEB

    JEB Participating Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Douds, IA
    i prefer the gen 3 but honestly have not had any first hand experience with the gen 4. from what i have heard, the gen 4 problems seem to be centered around the 19 and 17 so the 22 should be no problem. as for mags, i would stick with glock OEM. honestly, i dont find recoil to be all that much of a problem.

    i would suggest that you stay away from lead bullets in a factory glock barrel. some people have said that they dont have a problem with them but i prefer to not roll the dice if i dont have to. if you reload then i can personally recommend berrys plated bullets. not much more than lead and all orders over $50 ship for free. if you dont, then i would just go with winchester white box or federal; whichever is cheaper. my gen 3 G22 shoots best with 180 grain loads, YMMV.

    as for barrels, it seems that if someone just wants to shoot lead or do a caliber conversion, they go with the lone wolf barrels. if you want to get every last bit of accuracy out of your aftermarket barrel, bar-sto seems to be about the best choice (again, no first hand experience, just passing on what i have read/heard).
  6. JROC

    JROC Member

    May 29, 2011
    I was like you I never really cared about Glock until I bought one. Since then it's become my favorite pistol, and it sure isn't because it's got a pretty face.

    If I was going to buy a .40 cal it would be something other than a Glock, but B/F I go on let me say that I have a prejudice against .40 Short and Weak. I'm a 10mm kind of guy, and I know quite a few people with .40 cals, and in all honestly .40S&W is a fine round, but Glock is a fine gun, and there are tons of people on here and everywhere else that try to find reasons to hate Glocks for no other reason than they hate the brand Glock. I'm just not a .40S&W guy. With that said other than the new Gen4 9mm recoil assembly problems, the most complaints by far that you here about Glocks are .40 cal Glocks. Many consider .40 cal Glocks to be very snappy/uncomfortable guns to shoot.(atleast you hear these things over the IE) With that said everyone I personally know with a .40S&W Glock really likes it, and has nothing but praise for the gun. Hell I know someone who Gator hunts with a G27.
  7. trekgod3

    trekgod3 Member

    Mar 14, 2008
    Jupiter FL

    OARNGESI Active Member

    Sep 9, 2011
    The 22s are nice but look into the 23s as well either way dont forget to pick up acouple 31 round mags
  9. AirForceShooter

    AirForceShooter Senior Member

    Oct 31, 2004
    Central Florida
    If it's not comfy in your hand now, you're not going to grow into it.
    I made that mistake , ONCE.

  10. miles1

    miles1 Active Member

    Feb 23, 2011
    Any reason why the 40SW?I would rent one before buying one.I tried a glock in a 9/40/45 cal and found the glock 22 way too snappy for my taste.
  11. Onmilo

    Onmilo Mentor

    Jul 26, 2004
    I would and did choose 9mm Glocks over .40 caliber Glocks for a number of reasons.

    In my opinion, this gun design is at its very best when chambered in the original design caliber.

    If you REALLY want a .40 caliber pistol, my suggestion is to take a very hard look at the H&K USP line of handguns.
    These were designed and built for that caliber and are probably the best hands down design for it.
  12. NMGonzo

    NMGonzo Senior Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Albuquerque & Santa Fe
    Is it immediately comfortable?

    If not; desist.
  13. ku4hx

    ku4hx Senior Member

    Nov 8, 2009
    I own Glock models: 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 26, 27 and 30SF. All have performed essentially flawless through thousands of rounds each and I like them all. Glock did replace my 30SF's trigger bar and my Gen4 19's RSA at $0.00 cost to me and since then, all has been well with them.

    I have at least five Glock mags for each pistol. I have two KCI mags for my model 17 and other than somewhat anemic springs they have been flawless with approximately 500 round fired from each. I did replace the OEM springs with Wolff +10%. But given you can find Glock mags from $20-$30 depending on the supplier, I see no reason to ever buy anything but Glock. They're cheap and Glock will replace them if they fail. Did that a couple of times.

    I have five Lone Wolf barrels and all have given very reliable service. I did find they didn't like MY hard cast SWCL bullets so I stopped casting them and went with a TCL hard cast bullet. Functioning with this bullet profile in all LW barrels has been 100% and accuracy has been very good.

    Just FYI, my hard cast bullets with a Brinell scale reading of 18 do not lead either my Glock or LW barrels. A patch with solvent will leave the bores bright and shiny. Whether or not you shoot hard cast alloy (not the same as pure lead) through your OEM barrel is your choice. I've never used soft lead and believe that to be a no-no in any firearm unless MV is kept to 650-750 fps.

    Lest I be tagged a Glock fanboi (which I don't really mind) I also own a 1978 vintage BHP, Ruger KP-90, a 1911, two Ruger .22 autos, an S&W 411 & 1006 and several revolvers of various caliber and design. I just find Glocks cheap, simple, easy to clean and maintain and generally a superior value for a combat weapon.
  14. montgomery381

    montgomery381 New Member

    Sep 6, 2011
    I took the plunge a little more than a year ago and my opinion of them was the same as yours. I got the 27 gen 4 because of the grip is a little smaller and felt better in hand. I bought the pistol because it fit all the criteria the best. I have grown to really enjoy this gun. The only thing I have done to it is I put meprolight sights on it. At 22 yds. I have been able to shoot three inch group off hand. I am convinced that the pistol is capable of better than that. I have no plans to replace the barrel or anything. As for ammo it will shoot anything 100%. I have not shot lead through it because I don't see a need to. As for price for a new 22, $500 to $600. Let me say this. I have heard alot of people say that they really prefer the 23 over 22. They just say they shoot it better and that it feels better. One last thing. If you give the Glock a fair chance you will come to like and appreciate it. My Sig P226 is still my favorite but the Glock is a strong second.
  15. bds

    bds Elder

    Jan 10, 2010
    Northwest Coast
    If you are contemplating between 40S&W nd 9mm, I would recommend the G22 with a 40-9 conversion barrel (best of both worlds). I practice with cheaper 9mm in G22/G27 and use factory 40S&W JHP for SD/HD.

    Definitely go with Glock factory magazines. When the spring wears out, I replace them with Wolff extra power springs. After spring replacement, I also check the wear on the mag follower and replace if I have feeding issues.

    If you plan on reloading for 40S&W, I am sure you have heard/read about KB issues, particularly with 40S&W. By Gen3, Glock 40S&W barrels have improved case base support at the ramp area, so it is less of a concern, but I still keep my reload charges below high range load data to give me some buffer head room.

    My push for Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrels (I use both replacement and 40-9 conversion barrels in G22/G27) is two-fold:

    1. Lone Wolf barrels have just about the tightest chambers I know and the tight chambers minimize case bulge that can stretch and weaken case wall. Spent cases from Lone Wolf barrels are also very easy to resize as the case hardly bulged.

    2. For shooting lead bullets, unlike the rounded hill/valley polygonal rifling with longer leade (space the bullet jumps from case neck/chamber to the start of rifling) in the Glock barrels, Lone Wolf barrels use the standard square cut land/groove rifling with shorter leade that provide better bullet-to-barrel seal.

    I do shoot lead bullets out of factory Glock barrels but will inspect the barrel for leading/fouling buildup every 200-300 rounds and clean as necessary. With Lone Wolf barrels, I can shoot 500-1000+ rounds and the barrel stays free of leading.

    As to Glock naysayer comments, I would suggest you range test various range rental guns and do your own comparison shoot. I usually recommend for people to select pistols that they can shoot accurately and fast. Do the comparison and let your holes on the target be the judge. ;)
  16. jackpinesavages

    jackpinesavages member

    Mar 17, 2009
    KKM, EFK Dragon, or Storm Lake barrels.

    Skip the LWD.
  17. Don357

    Don357 Active Member

    May 30, 2007
    Semmes Alabama
    If you are seriously considering buying a Glock....
    RUN, DON"T WALK to the nearest psyco ward and CHECK YOURSELF IN!!!
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2011
  18. splithoof

    splithoof Participating Member

    Dec 26, 2010
    With all the other stuff said, I might add for a Glock 2nd generation .45ACP:
    Cleaning: I clean the slide & barrel the conventional way, but use dish soap, a toothbrush and an air compressor to clean the lower half. First after removing the slide & barrel, I rinse the frame, etc. under the faucet, then spray the whole works with a soap and water mix, scrubbing with a tooth brush. It gets rinsed again, then blown with compressed air, then left in the sun for a short bit. When I put it back together, a small bit of oil on the slide rails, and it's good to go. Crazy? I've been doing it this way for over twelve years, who knows how many rounds of anything that would fit in the chamber, and so many draws from a Kydex holster that the finish is wearing off the slide.
    I load plated bullets, Wolf primers, and AA # 5 powder.
    This gun just keeps going, and going.........
  19. Psa1m144

    Psa1m144 Member

    Sep 16, 2011
    I have a G22c gen 3, it is has a ported barrel and slide. If you plan on using it for concealed carry, you will need to go with gen 3 because the RTF on the gen 4 will catch on to your shirt and cause it to ride up. The single best mod you can make on a glock is installing a fulcrum trigger. The only issue I have ever had with a glock is the trigger pull and the fulcrum trigger is incredible. I have shot the gen 4 g22 and I didn't notice a difference in the recoil, the grip does make it a bit more manageable, but after a few hundred rounds through a gen 3 it won't matter.
  20. valnar

    valnar Participating Member

    Apr 9, 2003
    Once you go Glock, you never go....
    no wait... that was something else.

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