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Academy Sports

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by presspuller, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. presspuller

    presspuller Well-Known Member

    Well after being tempted with a Sportsman Warehouse coming to town it turns out it is an Academy Sports.
    I had never heard of them till the other day and per their web site they sell a few guns at least.
    How are they in general?
    Do they sell reloading stuff?
    Is it basically another Dicks Sporting Goods?
  2. Linkinlog

    Linkinlog Well-Known Member

    The Academy by my house has a decent selection of handguns and a lot of shotguns and rifles. I haven't ever seen any reloading supplies but I never really looked. They also have the typical ammo and supplies.
  3. kjeff50cal

    kjeff50cal Well-Known Member

    Speaking as an employee, we sell new firearms only and we have buyers that purchase guns and gear that he or she might think will sell in your area these do not show up on the website. We don't do FFL Transfers nor special order:eek:. No reloading supplies other than plastic ammo boxes.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2007
  4. TX1911fan

    TX1911fan Well-Known Member

    They have pretty decent prices on long guns and handguns, ok prices on ammo. A lot of fishing stuff. No reloading.
  5. presspuller

    presspuller Well-Known Member

    Well at least it sounds like its not a total wash.

    Thanks guys.
  6. baz

    baz Well-Known Member

    From the two that we have nearby, ditto what the others have said. No reloading. So-so prices on ammo. (If it is a brand/caliber stocked by Wally World, WW will have it cheaper. But Academy will have some that WW doesn't.) Some of the handguns in the glass display rack look attractively priced. Within half a mile, I have a choice between Academy and Gander Mtn. The latter has reloading supplies I cannot get at Academy. But Academy has decent prices on some miscellaneous shooting sports items that I'll get there from time to time.

    All in all, nice to have, but I probably wouldn't miss it if were not there.
  7. K3

    K3 Well-Known Member

    Academy is a pretty good store IMO. I've bought mostly fishing supplies at ours, but I've also gotten cases of 12ga ammo for shooting clays at pretty decent prices, and from what I could tell, the prices on guns were pretty good. I believe my BIL bought an 870 for around $220 last year.
  8. bender

    bender Well-Known Member

    Academy's in my city don't sell any reloading stuff. Also, buying guns there has more red tape than other places. There is a 2nd form that is filled out, including your name, address and the gun and gun serial #, which the store keeps for "CYA" purposes I suppose. I bought a rifle there once, but was turned off by the extra hassle. After filling out the usual Fed form, and then the phone call to NICS, then the salesman calls up the manager, who comes along and then they fill out ANOTHER form with most of the info on it again.

    I made a comment about it afterwards to the employee... and he said, "you should see what it's like to buy a handgun here..."

    maybe it's a Store-by-Store option, I don't know...
  9. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Well-Known Member

    I go there for 9mm ammo - cheapest around.

    I also bought 1 gun from them - a Browning Buckmark Camper - they had the cheapest price I had seen.
  10. Taurus92 in KyleTX

    Taurus92 in KyleTX Well-Known Member

    Never had any add'l hassle buying a gun from Academy vs anywhere else.

    I'm a fan of shopping there, but not just for guns. I get most of my sporting goods there (swimming, workout gear, softball, running shoes, etc). I also bought my turkey fryer/bug boil kit there (MUCH cheaper than any comparable offerings at Cabelas).

    My frustration is they seem to have a set line card of firearms, without much rhyme or reason.

    Also, don't trust all the prices on the website. The most recent example was with a grill marked at $500 on the website; in store, it was $800. And, no you can't order online. I seem to recall a few examples of firearm prices being off, too.

    Bought my Mossberg Maverick 88 there for $140 couple years ago. Now, they're $170. Mossberg 500 was, I think, $212-- about 20% cheaper than Cabelas had it when I was in the market for a cheapo pump.
  11. bamawrx

    bamawrx Well-Known Member

    I made the mistake of buying a gun there once. The price was right, and I wanted it so I told the guy I wished to purchase the shotgun. I've done this more times that I can count, but I have never been put the wringer like this.

    They have the standard legal form that is required, no problem there, but they also have a huge stack of company forms you have to fill out. No one seems to understand the paperwork very well, and I end up dealing with about 3 different people. I then have to take this paperwork over to a special desk, wait, wait, wait some more for what? I think I had to pay at this other desk for my background check, which I've never been charged for before. Eventually I am "allowed" to purchase the shotgun. I am then escorted out of the store by a manager, who is carrying the box with my shotgun in it. He kind of hands it to me in the parking lot like its a bomb, and scurries back into the store as if at any time I'm going to flip out and go nuts now that the evil shotgun is in my possession.

    Funny thing is I had my .45 on my hip the entire time, so all the security protocols were for nothing. It took almost an hour to effect this purchase, and I left so mad I wasn't even glad about my purchase. I still shop there for some things, but nothing like a gun.

    Similar thing happened when I tried to buy a canoe. It was another paperwork and legal nightmare. They actually register this thing like a boat! That also took a good hour. I think it was easier and faster to buy my truck than a freaking plastic canoe at Academy.
  12. Halffast

    Halffast Well-Known Member

    They are a good chain. Much of the store is devoted to team sports, but they carry a lot of fishing and hunting stuff too. Don't expect any experts behind the gun counter. There are a few, but they're the exception. The only thing I really don't like about Academy is that if you buy a gun there, get it home and it doesn't work right out of the box, it is your problem. You can not bring it back to the store.
  13. welldoya

    welldoya Well-Known Member

    It's a well-stocked store with good prices. In fact, a lot of times they beat Wal-Mart on their prices and they carry a bigger variety of hunting and fishing stuff than Wal-Mart.
    Some of their Sunday sales fliers aren't that good but sometimes they have terrific (like half price) sales on some items, especially during the day after Thanksgiving sale.
    Be glad you're getting one, it's a good store to have around.
  14. aaronrkelly

    aaronrkelly Well-Known Member

    My Sportsman Warehouse has TONS of reloading supplies. They have all the bullets, primers and powders you could want as well as a BIG selection of presses and dies.

    Tons of factory loaded ammo, handguns, rifles, shotties......blackpowder stuff like no other. Scopes, holsters, cleaning supplies.....tons of stuff. They even have a darn good selection of knifes, including automatics.

    I have bought several guns there, the counter people are very knowledgeable and helpful. Just fill out a 4473 and pay up front. No weird hassles and they just hand you your gun in a bag....no escort out front or other problems.

    Guess my Sportsmans isnt like everyone elses......and thats a good thing.
  15. pfgrone

    pfgrone Well-Known Member

    The Academy Sports in Round Rock TX is where I've purchased a couple of handguns - also one in College Station, TX. I have never been charged for a background check and the prices were good ( a whole lot cheaper than Cabellas). They don't do gun trade-ins and their inventory of handguns is not very large.

    I had problems with a Bersa Thunder .380 that I bought from them and they took care of the mailing back for warrenty work three times. The last time, the warrenty shop failed to send back an extra magazine I had with the gun and Academy ordered and paid for me a new factory magazine. That's good service.
  16. It probably is like everyone else's Sportsman's Warehouse; everyone else is in the thread is talking about their Academy Sports. :rolleyes:
  17. GEM

    GEM Well-Known Member

    Academy has good ammo prices and for a chain store - good gun prices a small set of standard items.

    They are better than Cabelas by far and Bass Pro. Sportsman's has a better gun selection and ammo selection. As far as ammo, Sportsman's has a better variety but the prices can be a touch higher but sometimes are better.

    All in all, a good store.
  18. aaronrkelly

    aaronrkelly Well-Known Member

    Read the first post Jorg.....

  19. "Well after being tempted with a Sportsman Warehouse coming to town it turns out it is an Academy Sports."

    He's saying that while he heard it was going to be a Sportsmans Warehouse, it turned out to be an Academy Sports instead. In other words, he's asking, "Hey guys, I thought a SW was coming to town, but instead the store is not an SW, but an Academy Sports. What is Academy Sports like?"
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2007
  20. aaronrkelly

    aaronrkelly Well-Known Member

    I read it as Sportsmans Warehouse was a re-badged Academy Sports, ie they were the same store with a different name on it.

    My error, resume post.

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