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Accuracy of Thompson Encore Pro Hunter?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by biggameballs, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. biggameballs

    biggameballs Well-Known Member

    I am considering selling my bolt and getting a Thompson Encore Pro Hunter in 300 win mag. I am assuming it would be atleast as accurate if not more accurate than a bolt. Wondering if anyone has any feedback for me. Thanks.
  2. biggameballs

    biggameballs Well-Known Member

  3. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    I've seen 1/2 MOA groups printed by guys reloading for their Encores.
    7MM Rem Mag, .25-06 and .300 Win Mag. With factory ammo they are average...
    But what gives the Encore a good advantage is that they are so easy to pack around and easy to point. They are natural hunting arms when you are used to them. And they can be fast to reload if you have the technique down.
  4. daveInME

    daveInME Member

    don't have the 300 win mag
    but I have a TC Encore pro hunter with a 22lr, 22 hornet and 223 barrel for it
    all have a 3-9 scope on top

    the 22LR and 22 hornet are sighted in at 50 yards,
    and the 223 is sighted in at 100 yards.
    all will give me 1 ragged hole
  5. biggameballs

    biggameballs Well-Known Member

    Bump. I know these single shots are not as exciting as the AR's but some more of you hust have some experience with them

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