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Accurate range gun needed...Beretta px4 as accurate as 92 or 96?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ChiBears, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. ChiBears

    ChiBears Active Member

    This is another one of those "What should I get questions!"

    I am looking at strictly accuracy and reliability. I have my home defense guns already and am looking for something as accurate as possible for the range. There are a group of us that compete against each other and am wanting to upgrade my Ruger that I always shoot.

    I was leaning towards the 92 or 96 (9mm or 40 cal does not matter to me), because of the good things I have heard about them and they fealt good in my hands at the store...but heard decent comments on the px4 last night.

    Which am I wanting for accuracy work? Of course, I haven't even held the px4 yet, so I don't know if it feels right in my hand.

  2. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 Well-Known Member

    I asked an almost identical question a few weeks ago, except I was leaning towards a 92fs and 90 % of the responses were either Browning High Power, or a flavor of the CZ75.

    I just bought the CZ75 SP-01, and couldn't be happier with it, and its being used for the same thing you want it used for.

    Granted, Ive only put about 1000 rds through it so far, but it hasn't had any problems, and talk about accuracy out of the box....Very nice....Gritty trigger at first, but still a great shooter.
  3. cpirtle

    cpirtle Well-Known Member

    To answer your question, the PX4 should be as accurate as the 92. Can't speak to the 96 but I would assume the same.

    I have a both guns in question, PX4 & 92 Vertec.

    The differences are in the rotary barrel and the frame/grip. The added recoil of the lighter weight PX4 is offset by the rotary barrel so they are comparable in almost every way except feel in the hand.

    You should do well with either so I would go with the one that fits your hand the best.
  4. Smurfslayer

    Smurfslayer Well-Known Member

    Both are excellent right out of the box. Frankly, for me, it's a tossup. I shoot the PX4 a little better DA, the 92 better SA. Given your criteria, I'd suggest finding the best bargain you can on either and buy it.

  5. zachsm

    zachsm Well-Known Member

    i think the general size and the fit will be the major factor

    so whatever feels better will most likely perform better

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