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ACE skeleton stock for WASR--LOP?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by minutemen1776, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. minutemen1776

    minutemen1776 Active Member

    Apr 2, 2007
    OK. I've been shopping AKs lately, and I'm liking the WASR rifles I've been looking at. I can get one locally for $500. I know that's a bit high compared to Internet vendors, but I get to inspect the rifle (and actually pick the best from at least three in stock). The deal also includes three mags and I'd get to support my local gun dealer. Suffice to say, I can live with this price if I decide to buy one of these.

    Anyway, the one thing I dislike about the WASR is the stock. I looked at some other makes with synthetic stocks (including an IO and an Arsenal), and I didn't like those much either. Going through my options online, I really like the look of the ACE skeleton stock. I've had one on an AR15, so I know I like the design and feel. What I cannot figure out, though, is how long these stocks would be on a WASR once they're installed on the modular receiver block. I won't be going the folder route, so the optional folding mechanism is irrelevant. I do see that ACE offers AK skeleton stocks in 7.5", 8.5", and 9.5" variants. It appears I'll be able to tailor the length to my liking. However, does anyone know what the overall length of pull would be for one of these stocks when installed as a fixed stock on a WASR? I'd hate to have to buy all three just to see which one fits me best.

  2. nalioth

    nalioth Mentor

    Jul 9, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    Why don't you buy the WASR, and see how it's stock fits you, first?

    Once you get that baseline, you can go from there.

    Haste makes waste.

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