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Actually got a reply from my Representative... I think.

Discussion in 'Activism' started by BhmBill, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. BhmBill

    BhmBill Well-Known Member

    My message I sent to Congresswoman Dina Titus (http://www.dinatitus.com),

    And here is the reply I recieved...

    Now, does this sound like a genuine response from the REAL Dina Titus, or a generic automated response? I sent this message to 7 or 8 politicians (Rep and Dem, pro and anti gun) and this is the only sort of reply I recieved.

    It sounded like a feel-good response overall, but it's clear that she wouldn't oppose new gun control bills when she/he/it said...

    Yeah... it's the kind of response I expected.

    Obviously, you can't, Ms. Titus.
  2. Martyk

    Martyk Well-Known Member

    I think it was a normal and respectable response. The letter responded to your concern and stated her position on the issue. I'm sure it is a standard reply to the MANY letters received on the issue and it was probably issued by a staffer but your position on the issue was logged in and counted. That's what's important. Good Job for taking action and writing a letter in the first place. It's what EVERYBODY needs to do.
  3. Grey_Mana

    Grey_Mana Well-Known Member

    That's a standard reply, from a junior staffer. She never saw your letter. The staffer made a notation in a database that they received a form pro-RKBA letter from a constituent; that database will be consulted before she votes on anything. Their computer did check your name and address to verify that you (1) are on record as living where you said you lived, (2) that your address is in her district, (3) whether your voter registration lists you as being in the same party as her, and (4) whether you've ever sent her a campaign contribution, and if so, how much and how recently.

    If you want an actual reply, you need to send an actual personal letter. The offices get bombed by lobbyists pretending to be regular folks, and regular folks copy/pasting form letters. If you don't send money but do write something with a personal touch, the representative still will never see your letter but the staffer who responds will take more time.

    If you write to ask for something specific - a specific vote on a specific bill (or one of the particular votes associated with moving legislation), - or for help with a specific problem, then the staffer will take more time to respond.
  4. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a generic response with a lot of "wiggle room".
  5. shotgunjoel

    shotgunjoel Well-Known Member

    Aren't you glad she cares so much about the people she represents, oh also all those people that you sent it to that didn't respond?
  6. jr45

    jr45 Well-Known Member

    I received a response from my Delegate here in VA. Our anti Governor, with his lack of concern for the desires and needs of ones that elected him, vetoed a bill that would allow CCW individuals to carry concealed in a establishment that serves alcohol as long as they do not drink. Currently, you must open carry in such a place. We are trying to override the veto.

  7. SquirrelNuts

    SquirrelNuts Well-Known Member


    Just curious about this. Was the letter typed or hand written? I used to have a representative that would exclusively read the hand written letters and would leave the typed or form letters for staffers to log. It might take more time, and would certainly depend on the representative, but it might increase your chances of the letter actually being read by them.
  8. WNC Seabee

    WNC Seabee Well-Known Member

    I've found I almost always get a non-form letter response when I write a succinct letter asking for support or opposition to a specific bill.

    When I write asking for support on a general issue, not tied to any specific currently pending legislation (like the OP's letter), then I get a form letter in response.

    For example, here's what I wrote today to my NC House rep:

    I've found that a brief statement of what and why, without the hyperbole, gets good results.
  9. BhmBill

    BhmBill Well-Known Member

    I'm going to wait about a week and type the letters out and resend, this time around, it was only emailed.

    I got a call from Gov. Gibbons office but missed the call, they asked me to call back and tell them what bills i was asking them to oppose, but i accidentally deleted the voicemail and lost the call back number... lol & :(
  10. langenc

    langenc Well-Known Member

    Paraphrasing- tyanks for emailing. Ill do as I xxx well please.

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