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Adjustable Rear Site for Ruger P-89?

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by TuscoTodd, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. TuscoTodd

    TuscoTodd Member

    Anyone know of a readily available rear site assembly for a Ruger P-89 that allows for elevation adjustment? The factory site allows for windage only and the ammo I like to shoot hits consistently low, necessitating the ability to adjust for elevation.
    Any help is appreciated!
    Tusco Todd
  2. jjmorgan64

    jjmorgan64 Well-Known Member

    Call Ruger and tell them how low the bullets are hitting, they will send you a new rear sight free, not adjustable but they will get you the right height.

    The sights are a bear to get in and out however, their instructions are "hammer harder"
  3. TuscoTodd

    TuscoTodd Member

    Site on it's way!

    Just wanted to say THANKS! I called Ruger and was VERY pleasantly surprised at the friendly service they offered! I never would have dreamed that they would be the answer to this problem without having to send my gun in - something that I did not want to do.
    Very soon I will be actually hitting what I aim for!
    Thanks again!
    Tusco (Checking the mail every day!) Todd :D

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