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Advice needed from Glock users.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by kbr80, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. kbr80

    kbr80 member

    I have a glock 17. It is quickly becoming my CCW weapon. My question has to deal with the extended Magazine release. I am thinking of adding one to my G17. Do any of you that carry the G17/22 have an extended mag release installed? If so, have any of you had problems of accidental mag release when the gun is holstered, or while shooting? This may sound like a stupid question, but the only stupid question in my book is the one you dont ask.
  2. Billmanweh

    Billmanweh New Member

    Both my 17s have the Glock extended magazine releases. I've never had any kind of accidental mag drop. They're extended enough to give you a nice, positive feel but they aren't huge. Along with a 3.5# connector, Heinies and grip tape, it's a must-mod for my Glocks.

    Forgot to mention, the "extended" mag catch for the 17 is just the standard mag catch from a 20/21. $3 from glockmeister.com.
  3. Sulaco

    Sulaco New Member

    I have had it on 2 Glocks and never had a problem. I have a friend who carries his 26 with one installed and hasn't had any problems.

    That being said, if something were to happen to cause the lever to release the magazine, it would be much easier with the extended one than the stock one.
  4. Obiwan

    Obiwan Active Member

    To each his own...I have no use for an extended mag release...

    But if you like it and it doesn't drop the mag at a bad time...have at it

    I actually removed it from my G35
  5. Grump

    Grump New Member

    It will NOT work with the Glock plastic holsters. The mag will get released on holstering. You'll just have to look at your holster, and how tightly it fits just behind the trigger guard.
  6. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr New Member

    Nope. Knew better. My dad didn't and installed on on his Glock 19. Managed to dump the mag the very first time he sat down.


    Of course, this part is dirt cheap, so why don't you go ahead a get it and try it out.
  7. kbr80

    kbr80 member

    I dont have any Plastic holsters, yet. The 2 i do have, alessi talon and a UCR. Guess i will try it and see. If i dont like it, seems easy enough to change back out.

    Thanks to all that replied with info.
  8. Minute_Of_Torso

    Minute_Of_Torso New Member

    I have the extended mag release (installed by previous owner) on a 1st Gen Glock 21. I have had the mag dump on me when sitting in my truck (not with a plastic holster but with a Galco leather holster) plus I just don't like the feel of it, just too obtrusive. I've never managed to do an accidental dump while firing but I've tried to keep my thumb away from it on purpose.

    I haven't yet changed it out as I don't carry the 21 any more but it's on my "to do" list.
  9. cheygriz

    cheygriz New Member

    My Glock 17 carries 17 rounds of 127 +P+ in the mag, and one in the chamber. If I haven't won the battle after firing 18 rounds, I'm dead anyway, so a rapid reload isn't going to do me any good.

    Seriously, unless you're in competition, all these bells and whistles are not going to help you. Take the money you would spend on them and buy practice ammo. Win the fight with the 18 rounds you already have in the gun.
  10. Bix

    Bix New Member

    I have a 34 which comes from the factory with the extended mag release. I've not inadvertently dumpped the mag in several thousand rounds of practical competition-type use. I've never carried the gun concealed.

    I did manage to nick myself once or twice on the release's rather sharp corners, during malf drills or when switching to weak hand. Rounding the edges out with fine grit sandpaper solved the problem.

    I find the extended catch useful because I can reach it without altering my firing grip. This in not the case (for me) with a stock release.
  11. cookhj

    cookhj New Member

    i don't have the extended mag release, but i do have an extended slide release, and that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to quick reloads.
  12. cratz2

    cratz2 New Member

    I've fired Gocks with the extended magazine release and don't feel that it hindered my shooting in any way. I know several folks that always add the extended magazine release and extended slide stop but I don't see the need. I guess if the gun is for pure sport then anything that helps a reload by .001 is good but for carrying, I personally couldn't justify it.

    By the way, I know two guys that carry G19s both with extended magazine release and extended slide stops and neither of them have full cap magazines. All else being equal, I'd MUCH rather have more rounds ready to go without a change than being able to change a quarter of a second quicker.
  13. LeonCarr

    LeonCarr Active Member

    I would pass on the extended mag release. IMNSHO you don't need anything extended on a carry gun.

    Just my .02,
  14. TheeBadOne

    TheeBadOne New Member

    I don't use them either.
  15. HSMITH

    HSMITH New Member

    I have the extended mag release on my G22, and it does not release the mag unless I want it to. I carry it in a kydex IWB rig, and two different Galco leather pancake rigs. Not one time has it dumped the mag on me.

    I though the first kydex holster I had might though so I took a little heat to it and made a small dimple relief channel for it, took 20 seconds tops and it is impossible for it to depress the release without crushing the holster. With my current holster I don't think it is necessary. Kydex doesn't need much heat and it is pliable, it will hold the shape you put it in when cool. It is also easy enough to relieve one layer of the leather on the leather holsters too, I have done that for a standard mag release on a Para P14 several times.

    Some of us need the extended release to operate it without shifting the firing grip. If we can use it without causing a problem somewhere else there is no harm in having it.

    Just remember reliablility above all else is what you are looking for. Keep it simple, but make sure it works for YOU. Put on a good set of steel night sights, an extended mag release, a traction aid on the grip and call it DONE, that makes the perfect Glock for me.
  16. Drjones

    Drjones member

    I think I have an extended release on my 30. I'm not sure because I bought the gun used and the seller said nothing about it.

    Its longer than the one on my 27, which leads me to believe its an extended one.

    Anyhow, I like it a lot better than the standard one on my 27.

    It is just long enough to make a big difference, IMO.

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