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AGI Videos: some questions

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by The_Antibubba, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. The_Antibubba

    The_Antibubba Well-Known Member

    From searching the archives, I've read mostly positive reviews of the AGI Armoror series. But a few things were not answered.

    First, I'm not interested in "gunsmithing", per se-I want to be able to maintain, repair, and maybe even upgrade my own firearms, but I can't make the investment of time and money and space that being a full smith would require. For someone unaccustomed to digging through firearms (farther than a field-strip, that is), are these videos useful?

    Second, it will be a long time until I can set up the kind of shop tools that a machinist would use. Are these videos of any use to an apartmet dweller who will be using hand tools? If not, is there a picture-packed book or video that would work better?

    I have no problem (besides money, anyway :eek: ) to taking serious problems to a gunsmith, but I want the knowledge to do the simple things myself.
  2. garrettwc

    garrettwc Well-Known Member

    The answer to your first question I think is yes. It gets into the 'smithing, but there is a lot of useful "how it comes apart and how it is supposed to function" stuff in the videos.

    To answer you second question it depends on the firearm in question. There are all purpose books like the Firearms Assembly/Disassembly books put out by the publishers of Gun Digest. Depending on the gun, there may also be shop manuals, armorers manuals etc. available either by purchase or over the internet.

    It's sort of the like the fix it yourself car manuals at the auto parts store. You won't be able to build a souped up race car from them, but you should be able to do basic 'hand tools only' repairs.

    Just go slow and check your work often.
  3. Dave Sample

    Dave Sample member

    I have them that a pal sent to me. They are good for a few laughs. I cannot mention the fact that my Online 1911 PATRIOT COP Class is full of guys just like you. Sorry.
  4. kimbernut

    kimbernut Well-Known Member

    AGI Videos

    The videos are good but are not hands on,over your shoulder help. Camera angles are not always the best either. For detail strip information the Gun Digest Assembly/Dissassembly series of books are the best I've seen as far as a learning tool goes. If you are not normally mechanically inclined and can study your way through a problem,if patience is not one of your virtues, or if you get extremely irritated when things don't seem to go back together the way you remember them coming apart leave all of this to a pro. Your family will thank you.

    A gunsmith friend once told me jokingly,"when business gets slow I give out Dremel tools."
  5. Dean Taylor

    Dean Taylor Well-Known Member

    I have a long interested in distance education. I was in Dave's first online class which was the first internet online course on this subject. I had no tools, vise or work bench. I was not new to the 1911 however. I had the disposable income to have my work done for me so I went that direction. I considered several short 2-3 week classes as I had the disposable income to go some where but I did not wish to be a machinist so I did Dave's class. I did the online class with out any videos or outside help as a test of the teaching method over the internet and the result was perfect. I got a great education and as a by product an excellent custom 1911. After the online class I acquired the AGI videos, 2 Bill Wilson videos and viewed 2 other Wilson videos. I also have a CD which if memory serves me is from Ed Brown. The online class course of instruction is superior to everything else I memtioned.

    Machine work--You do not need to become a machinist to have fun. Don Williams and Chuck Rogers (he posts here) will both do machine work for amatuers. I have used Don and I am completely happy with him as he has helped me solve several problems but please also look at Chuck's web site as he is said to be the "best of the best". I also have used George Smith to checker a Titanium front strap That stuff is sure hard. George and crew had done several things for me in pre course years.

    Bottom line-- I advise Dave's online course and save the money you would spend on the expensive videos.

  6. Jammer Six

    Jammer Six member

    So, Dean, would you be interested in selling those Wilson videos you have?
  7. Dean Taylor

    Dean Taylor Well-Known Member

    Jammer Six,

    Sorry no they are not for sale. I think there are 4 Wilson videos on the 1911 not counting the routine maintenence/armorer one. They are/were expensive new and I try to buy these videos at Gun Shows.

    I have a long strong interest in distance education and I am now trying to buy/collect as many pistolsmithing Videos and CD's that I can related to the 1911 my primary interest and also a couple of other subjects. None of them really teach you to build a custom gun from start to finish but rather show various steps of doing certain things with significant omissions because of off screen work. The video that I have where the "master pistolsmith" washes the 1911 with green detergent for routine cleaning is indeed "interesting" and a grin - I do use soap and water for my black powder firearms. (I now use Micro-X and Miltec for my 1911s.)

  8. Tinkerer

    Tinkerer Well-Known Member

    Dave's Online 1911 Course

    Being new to the fire I would be interested in knowing more about Dave's online 1911 course, i.e. where do I sign up? Dave, please let me know either via reply to this post, or private message where to go and how to sign up.

  9. JoeHatley

    JoeHatley Well-Known Member

    I recently bought the AGI S&W Auto DVD. I wanted to learn how to detail strip the 2nd and 3rd Generation variations, and couldn't find a manual that went into more than field stripping.

    The DVD is pretty good. All the steps are covered, with attention to the sequence. The camera angles were sometimes poor and I found myself wishng for more close up shots, but the info is all there.

    I would have prefered a maunual that could be taken to the bench, but the DVD filled my gap in knowledge okay.

    I would imagine the AGI courses usefullness to you, would depend a lot on the subject firearm and what you are trying to learn.

    Good Luck...

  10. Dave Sample

    Dave Sample member

    Tinkerer: Check out www.1911patriotcop.us and then call me. I am afraid that it is not that easy to enroll. I am a real person so you can get the information you need at that web site. You can also call me at 1-928-710-1599. Thanks for asking.

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