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Aguila SSS from a Rifle, Actual Experiences Sought

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Skofnung, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Skofnung

    Skofnung Well-Known Member

    I've found that my Marlin 39a shoots these rounds quite well. What I want to know is, have any of you used these rounds on game?

    I keep reading that they are "great" for larger varmits, but the I've yet to read any actual accounts of the bullet's performance.

    So, what say you?
  2. MLC

    MLC Well-Known Member

    I observed keyholing at ranges over 15 yards, great penetration on groundhogs close in but not immediately incapacitating.
  3. Mikee Loxxer

    Mikee Loxxer Well-Known Member

    A buddy of mine shot some out of his Savage favorite. They had a tendency to keyhole. I also read an article in Shotgun News where the author had a similar experience. It sounds as though they would require being shot out of a barrel with a slower twist in order to get the proper spin.
  4. ribbonstone

    ribbonstone Well-Known Member

    Have tried them in 7 rifles....all with 1:16 twists. SOme will shoot them pretty well, others will key-hole them. Why some 1:16's work and others don't remains a mystery (and I did measure the twists to be sure it was 1:16...one turned out to be 1:16.5).

    For the ones that shoot them well enough to hit things with them, have noticed on larger critters ('possum sized) that you'll get an occasional exit that is kind of oblong...almost a rectangle in one case. Suspect that while the bullet is marginally stable in air, may become unstable in meat after 3 or 4 inches of penetration. Don't see this effect every time, but often enough to make me suspect that's what is happening.

    HAve found them to sometimes be obnoixiously loud in some semi-autos..with a good bit of smoke and gas exiting the breech (and whatever priming/powder they are using has a strangee smell). That 60gr. bullet and short case just seem to let some lightly sprung semi-autos open up a bit early.
  5. roscoe

    roscoe Well-Known Member

    Beyond 50 yards they are dropping fast. Some keyholing.
  6. ribbonstone

    ribbonstone Well-Known Member

    Have to add...most of them are geting shot in revolvers now. Use a little jig (home made) to allow me to flat point them into near wad cutters (that still come in at 44gr...slow, but they do seem to "smack" small game).
  7. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    i fyou have something witha twist faster than 1/15 you should be ok out to about 50 yds, thats it. after that it is just guessing.
  8. stevelyn

    stevelyn Well-Known Member

    I've shot them out of both a Win M- 290 and a Marlin-60 at 25 yrds. I was surprised at the results. Both were accurate and I didn't have any keyholing. However they shot better out of the Marlin than they did the Winchester.
  9. steveno

    steveno Well-Known Member

    I had some keyholing but it was cold outside. in warm weather they shot quite well out of a Ruger Government target and a Ruger 77/22. they aren't the flattest shooting rounds in the world
  10. dfaugh

    dfaugh Well-Known Member

    They shoot very accurately out of my Marlin 60, almost as good as some the best other types I've tried--Win T-22 and Wolf Target Match).

    However, they do drop like stones...if gun is sighted fo 50 yards, with more conventional ammo, these will shoot 8" or more low. So range estimation is critical. Also (proabably becasue its an autoloader) they aren't really any quieter than most standard velocity ammo. They do cycle the action and feed reliably.

    Haven't shoot game, as I get good results with other ammo, so I never tried these on any game.
  11. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    My 77/22 VBZ seems to shoot them fine

    Though it does throw them to the right (compared to other bullets). They don't appear to keyhole and accuracy is good at 50 yards.

    They penetrate quite well. I chronoed them at 950 fps.

    There are barrels specifically for the SSS. I cCan't remember what catalog it was (Midway or Natchez).
  12. rockstar.esq

    rockstar.esq Well-Known Member

    First of all, the "dropping fast" comments are in error. The whole point of a heavier projectile is to retain energy for longer ranges. As to the keyholing, this is a function of being fired in a rifle with too slow a twist. Faster twists for longer/ heavier bullets. Personally, I have found their greatest virtue is in a short barreled handgun. Using my Browning Buckmark with a four inch barrel, I can cloverleaf them inside of 50yds. From the handgun, they carry noticeably more authority on ground squirrels however I've noticed that hollow points seem to transmit more shock. If I had to suggest their best use, I'd have to say it would be hitting gongs at longer ranges using handguns.

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