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Ah, simplicity.

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Pax Jordana, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Pax Jordana

    Pax Jordana Well-Known Member

    Yesterday morning I woke up, drank some OJ and got on the box. When I clicked my Tactical TheHighRoad Shortcut Button, I saw it was down. How very troubling. Faced with a lack of things to do online, I decided I might try going outside for once.

    My best friend wanted to go shop, and there are some outlet stores about an hour west of me. Nestled among them (in the aptly named town of Intercourse) is a very nice knife shop.

    I'm all for the internet and their fine fine prices, but sometimes you gotta hold something before you can tell if it's right. When sm posted about the Sodbuster JR, I thought to myself, "Self, you like big knives, you should just get the regular sodbuster." Boy am I glad I didn't - that thing is BIG for a slipjoint!

    I settled on the Sodbuster jr with stainless blades and a victorinox hiker solely because I've always wanted one. I have also realized that Kershaw's ET is the ugliest thing I've seen in years and I definitely want one.

    OK pic link goes here I guess

    Couldn't find a quarter, so that's a 9mm hydra-shok for size comparison :eek:

    and one here

    The hiker I like mainly for the gadget factor. I'll be doing most of my cutting with the sodbuster. Coupla swipes through the fillet knife sharpener (I am by no means a good freehander .....yet?) and now the sodbuster is sharp enough to grab at hairs when you run it down your arm.

    It was a lovely day for a drive, though, and who doesn't like a new knife or two? :D
  2. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    Large Sodbuster

    How about that?

    I just received my Böker Baumwerk (Tree Brand) large sodbuster in carbon steel (made in Argentina).

    When closed, it doesn't look all that big, but open, and laid beside the Buck 110, the real size is at once apparent. Although it's not as heavy or "chunky" as the Buck, nor does it have the dramatic blade profile or grind, it is every bit as big.

    The large sodbuster is light enough that I can carry it in a jacket pocket or an outside pocket (cargo pants), but it would surely be awkward for normal trouser pocket carry.

    Interestingly, when compared with the paring and utility knives in the kitchen, the 3 5/8" blade is pretty much right there with the kitchen stuff (all but the smallest). Handle is slightly longer, as it has to accommodate the blade when closed, but overall, it's just about the ideal size and shape for kitchen applications.

    On the other hand, it's easily large enough to do a serious job of skinning. As a farmer's/rancher's/gaucho's daily carry, I can see this as a very useful cutting tool.

    Daily carry for desk jockeys like me? I would take the "junior" sized sodbuster. It's more than big enough for skinning a UPS box or going hand-to-hand with the cordage and zip ties of my jungle.

    Congratulations on your choice.

    I take it you chose the Case XX version? I only ask because I've discovered a bunch of alternative brands in the last couple of weeks (Böker, Kissing Cranes, Eye Brand).

    I tried to nail a Case XX large sodbuster in CV (model 3138CV) but backed off when the price got up around $60 for it. I don't think they do the 3138CV any more.

    Which is sad. 'Cause I want one.
  3. feedthehogs

    feedthehogs Well-Known Member

    While the net is all nice and good for price and convienence, there's nothing like fondling a new toy. Shops like that are a dying commodity.

    Sometimes I feel the net a 100 years down the road will make everyone a blue eyed albino from lack of sun.
  4. sm

    sm member

    I am not bad - just consistent is all

    Pax Jordana,

    Congrats! You made my day!

    Excuse me, I need to find another [strike] target [/strike] person to visit with today...

    *innocent wittle boy wook*

  5. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    I too like the Case XX as you well know.
    The small Sodbusters are a lot of knife for the money.
    As for the large Sods, I don't think that I ever seen a CV version.
    I have a large Sod that I sometimes carry and because of it's size, I use a nylon flashlight holder as a belt sheath.
  6. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    Case XX 3138CV

    Case has, in fact, made the 3138CV, large sodbuster.

    I bid on one last week.

    I'd post a photo, but it looks . . . just like the smaller one, only bigger.

    EDIT: What the heck, here's a picture:
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2008
  7. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Well-Known Member

    Broke my heart last year when I lost my Case XX Sodbuster that I bought from a hardware store in 1971. I had been cutting up some boxes to take to the recycling place and inadvertently left it on the back bumper of my truck.

    Oh well. I hope whoever found it appreciates it, but I think I will try to get a new one. It was my favorite knife.
  8. Pax Jordana

    Pax Jordana Well-Known Member

    Thanks all.

    Yeh - they had another one in yellow handle (I forget the material) but it was by another brand - I wanted the case specifically. Mine was stainless.

    I own some kershaws, coupla schrades.. all nice knives, but I wanted something real simple like. No need for a pocket clip if I can't carry it clipped to my pocket (I go to school in a TTBNPE - that's, tries to be non permissive environment) nor do I need the thumb stud when I'm not hanging from the rafters while running espionage in the UN building.

    Next step: Hijack that kitchen thread with a Tactical Apple Assault :evil:
  9. sm

    sm member

    There goes the neighborhood... *smirk*

    Listen, you have a real knife now , how about learning to do a Practical, Traditional baked apple?

    I'll meet you halfway between Tactical and Practical.

    -Get a box of red hots.
    -Get the butter out of the fridge, not there you dummy, that little door marked "Butter", there you go.
    -Get the Wax paper ...*sigh* okay until you get wax paper and I educate on that, get a paper towel..

    -Core the apple and place in a bowl, shove a pat of butter , small square, okay a small spoonful since you are using a tub into apple.
    -Add Red-Hots, pretend you are loading mags or something...
    -More Butter
    -More Red Hots.
    -Put into Microwave, cover with paper towel to keep steam in, and prevent splatters, and it should take about 6 min -8 min- depending on apple and microwave.

    It will be good eating, and this is a fast way to do a baked apple.

    Now wasn't that fun, educational , good eating and all?

    I swear! The things I do around here...

    Oleg! Where is my decoder ring you promised!! I wanted the green one remember?


  10. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    Farmer's Knife

    Well, well, well . . .

    Every so often someone offers one of these, and for some reason the title or something in the description makes it easy to miss. And then it sells for less.

    One, each, Case XX 3138CV Sodbuster (Large) to arrive FOB North Idaho, <$40 delivered.

    Described as "unused."

    Well, we'll certainly have to fix that.

    Evidently, this model was dropped from their catalog between 2003 and 2005.

    Finding them is an exercise in patience.

    I pretty much already know what to expect, as I have the 3137 already, and the large Böker sodbuster. The Böker and Case designs, side by side, are very similar in profile. Case uses a lighter, more "subtle" yellow with a slightly more "refined" curvature than the Böker, and the Case blade is hollow-ground, but if you hold the (large) Böker in one hand, and the (small) Case in the other, you have no trouble at all imagining the large Case.

    Pictures when it gets here.

    This is gonna be fun.
  11. sixgunner455

    sixgunner455 Well-Known Member

    Yes, well, steve has talked so much about the barehead slimline trapper (31048CV) that when I saw one for trade, I plopped down an Uncle Henry Protrapper (traditional two-blade trapper) for it, which was immediately accepted in trade.

    I love this thing. It is so light, thin, slim, that I've carried it almost constantly since I got it. All I had to give for this brand-new Case was a nearly brand-new, U.S. made Uncle Henry, not new money, which made my wife happy with my knife acquisition disease for the month. The Sodbuster, I'm still not on board with (haven't tried it, not really tempted much), nor the Peanut (might try soon, they're pretty little things), but the 31048 is a keeper.
  12. Mandirigma

    Mandirigma Well-Known Member

    lol, this reminds me, I got a little package from the company sm mentioned (still waiting on the one I got through ebay).

    Included were a yellow handled CV Sodbuster Jr,. a 3" #2 stone, and a grab bag of fixed blade blanks (mainly to get the hang of free hand sharpening).

    Already patina'd the blade, it spent 3 hours or so in Coke. Had one can of Coke and of Dr. Pepper. Drank the Dr. Pepper.

    Tried the matchstick trick positioning it in various places to find the "sweet" stop. Found it, then decided against it. If I ever need to open it one handed I have fixed blades on me anyway.

    As learned I just drop the Sodbuster Jr into a back pocket, stone rides in the opposite pocket.

    I find myself reaching for this knife more and more. In addition to saving the edges on my other knives, I also don't have to reach to my belt to get a knife :)

    *sigh* okay until you get wax paper and I educate on that, get a paper towel..


    Got apples and butter (stick, and whipped) in the kitchen, no wax paper. Red hots will be found tomorrow.

    I've had baked apples with cinnamon before, as well as nuked apples, but this red hots thing intrigues me
  13. sm

    sm member

    Baked Onion

    Okay, which one of you folks bought all the Red Hots ?
    They were out when I went to pick up some more...

    Baked Onion.

    You will need a Simple pocket knife, I happen to be using a Case, yellow handled , Peanut with CV blades.
    Slimline Trappers, Sodbusters and other work.

    Onion , Butter, black pepper, ( recommend fresh ground).

    Wash, remove dry onion skin, core onion with the simple , pocket knife.
    Add butter and pepper.

    Now one can put this in a microwave safe bowl and cover with wax paper and cook for 5-8 minutes. It depends on your microwave, temp, and how many of these in the microwave.

    Ovens - 350* F and wrap in foil.
    BBQ or Campfire - again, wrap in foil.

    The aroma will drive you nuts and this is some goooood eating! It goes with anything.

    Even the trout just caught, cleaned with with a simple pocket knife, wrapped in foil, butter, lemon slice, and onion.
    Just place in coals, it won't take long.

    Ah, simplicity.
  14. coelacanth

    coelacanth Well-Known Member

    dang. . . . .

    been a while since I had fresh caught trout for lunch. Last time was when I pulled a couple of nice brownies out of the east fork of Black River. I think I sliced the onions and put 'em in with the butter and lemon inside the foil. As I recall, I was carrying a newly acquired Dawson folder and it was just the thing for lunch prep and assorted camp chores. Still one of my favorites to this day.
  15. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus


    As promised:

    Comparative picture:

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