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Aim Sport and Leapers

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by GunslingerOne, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. GunslingerOne

    GunslingerOne Member

    Has anyone ever used the subject scope lines?
    The high end stuff looks to have solid specs.
  2. Marlin60Man

    Marlin60Man Well-Known Member

    Leapers seem solid for rimfires and air rifles ( springer rated ), and I like mine on my .22. Haven't heard great things about them on center-fire guns though.

    If you get something from Leapers, just look for one with their "TS" or "True-Strength" platform--these are the springer rated ones.
  3. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    I've been using a Leaper's/UTG 4x fixed scope on my AR for 3 years, many competitions. It's sturdy, inexpensive and it works. I bought a second one for my 22 upper, I haven't zeroed it yet but I expect good things from it.
  4. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    I took a 4x40mm AO off of an airsoft gun it came with, along with the included rings... It actually works fine on my AR with a different mount, and was great on a Marlin 795 with a dovetail-to-weaver adapter. It's no Zeiss, but it's not bad at all for a scope with a $24.99 NIB price.
  5. plateshooter

    plateshooter Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of the 3X9 AO TS scopes on my springer air rifles. They have many thousands of shots sent using them. I am completely satisfied with them and would recommend them. I have shaken the lens' loose on several other scopes using those rifles but the Leapers have never failed me yet.
  6. GunslingerOne

    GunslingerOne Member

    Thanks for the feedback!.
    I've pretty much made up my mind on the New SCP432 "Bug Buster" series. It has a 3yds to infinity parrellax setting and lifetime warranty, plus it's made here in the USA..The specs seem very solid and I think it will preform well on my 10/22 Tac Target.
    Thanks Again!!
  7. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-Ray Well-Known Member

    I put a Leapers 4-16X50 (Tru-strength) on my SAR-48HB to see if it deserved some good glass, expecting that it would and planning on a future Nikon. Well, the rifle deserves solid glass, but I was so impressed with the Leapers, I'm leaving it on til it breaks, if that ever happens. I guess sometimes you get lucky.
  8. tahoe2

    tahoe2 Well-Known Member

    I have a Leapers 1.5x6x42 tactical that was on a .284 winchester(not mine), and I put it on Model 99 in .300 Savage. The fella I got it from had it for a year with no problems, I've had it about a year also, no problems so far. I have not used it in low light yet, I think I am going to try it on my .280 Remington cause of long range tactical turrets. I think that caliber is more practical for those turrets. It seems to be pretty bright and clear out to 200 yards I have not tried further than that. Good weather this wknd coming, so I'll try to get out with it.
    I do not know the $ value as I have not seen this model listed anywhere, it may be discontinued. Oh yeah that Savage 99 from the 1950"s, grouped 3 shots into 3/4" with 5 opening up to 1-1/4" last wknd. The load was 38.5 grns BLC-2 under a 165 grn Speer Grand Slam, winchester brass & primers. that's pretty cool !!
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2012

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