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AIMPoint Comp ML2, M3 or M4 . Advantages / Disadvantages

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by 4Freedom, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    Hi, I am considering buying an AIMPoint Comp M4 or less in addition to an ACOG for one of my two AR-15s. I have been reading the sites about these red dot sights, but I would like to hear from people here what their opinions are on the COmpM4 versues the cheaper models. I see the AIMPoint COmpM4 comes in for a hefty price. I am wondering do people think it is wroth the extra money for the CompM4 or would it be better to save the money and buy the cheaper models? I would like a very durable and reliable sight and I have heard good things of all the AIMPoint models. I suppose the CompM4 will be used for CQB , whereas my Acog would be used for farther out as well as CQB. However, if the CompM4 is more versatile and has better range than the M2 and M3, I would like to know.

    So can people tell me the advantages of the CompM4 over the ML2/M2 and M3 and is it worth paying the extra money for them.

    Also, would people think its a good idea to buy one on ebay or gunbroker? I know there is a lot of clones/fakes out there, but is it any riskier buying from a reputable ebayer versus some person at a gun store, who can also get you a fake possibly. How can you verify the authenticity of your AIMPoints? Can the people give you serial number that you can call the company about before the purchase?
  2. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    The CompM4 doesn't do much special compared to the M2 and M3.

    Unless you're planning on needing a lot of night vision shooting capability, you'd probably be better served by getting an M2, ML2, M3 or ML3. LaRue Tactical has them for sale packaged with their suitable mounts. I think you can get the ML3 with mount for around $250 less than the M4.

    You can also get one of the flavors of EOTech out there for less than the Comp M4 -- even one of the new-ish 516s with controls on the side for easier use on the fly.
  3. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    I like the M4, for the fact that it uses AA battery, comes ready with its own mount, and a kill flash. Other than that, really there is no advantage of it over the M3/M2 models. And, since they are Aimpoints, you can take the battery life out of the equation.
    Not sure what you mean by "better range". They are all 1x dots.
  4. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    The M2 and M3 are night vision compatible. The ML2/ML3 are not, and so, are cheaper. Go with them, if you never intend to shoot with night visions.
  5. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    WEll, I think you have sold me on Comp M2 and M3. I was thinking of staying away from EOTechs, although many swear by them, I am sure. I hear EOTechs have problem with durability and battery life, as well as more problematic adjusting brightness of dot compared to an AIMPoint. From what I read, I just think if I am adrenaline pumped and in SHTF, the AIMPoint may help a more novice shooter like me in worst situations. I could be wrong, I admit.

    Back to the point. Night vision is very very expensive, right? I would love to have night vision capability, but I doubt I could ever afford it, unless there is some cheap means of using night vision. Is it hard to put a magnifier over the COmpML2 and CompML3 models? I hear the CompM4 works flawlessly with the magnifier. I am not saying I would ever use the magnifier, but just curious. Is it possible to get kill flash attachment for the CompML2 and CompML3?

    What makes the LaRue mount so good? I do see LaRue sells AIMPoints with their mounts attached. Does the CompML2 and ML3 come with mounts and rings or do you have to buy those extra? Does the ones LaRue sell come fully setup?

    Oh yeah, now I guess I should ask, what is the advantage of the CompML3 over the CompML2?
  6. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    NV is very expensive, yes.

    ML2: 4 MOA dot, 10,000 hours battery life, submersible to 75ft.
    ML3: 4 or 2 MOA dot, 50,000 hours battery life, submersible to 135ft, comes with the rubber outer cover.
  7. sevin8nin

    sevin8nin Well-Known Member

    I went with the ml3 because I never intend to shoot with NV, and I wanted the 2moa dot. I went ahead and got it from larue with their mount, and it came with the rubber cover and flip up caps. I've since added a kill flash and an extra battery compartment and I love the setup.

    I love the reticule of the Eotech's, but hate their controls and their height. The 2moa dot aimpoint suits me fine.
  8. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    Hi, if you order it from LaRue will they ship it immediately to you? What is the wait time if you order the AIMPoint and mount from them?

    Do you believe the LaRue mounts are better than the A.R.M.S. mounts?

    Do you know the advantage of getting the Cantilever LT-129 mount over the QT-150, which is $25.00 cheaper?

    I tried adding the items to their shopping cart just to see what would happen, but the shopping cart I think is broken.
  9. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    LaRue always ships his stuff within 24 hours.
    You cannot go wrong with either LaRue or A.R.M.S. mounts.
    The cantilever mount allows you to have the scope a little more forward on the flat top.
  10. 30 cal slob

    30 cal slob Well-Known Member

    larue ships fast. even in this environment.
  11. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    4freedom, get the aimpoint microT1 and larue mount (or knew KAC mount, and let us know how you like it)
  12. chieftain

    chieftain Well-Known Member

    If Larue offers it, it is usually the answer.

    My XCR is set up with an Aimpoint M3 2moa with flashfire, and extra Battery compartment, with the IIRC earth colored rubber cover in a Larue straight mount. Behind that is the Larue Flip mount for the 3x Aimpoint magnifier.

    All Larue stuff is truly fast detach, and reattaches while holding zero. I carry the 3X in the Flip mount in my BOB, and for HD only have the M3 attached. My lights and Vertical grip are all Larue with the fast on/off. My Buis, Samson Flip Sight up front and an ARMS 40L in the rear, they Co-witness with my Aimpoint when they are deployed.

    As I said about Home Defense I have only the M3 and SureFire P90 with LED head on with the vertical grip.

    It makes my weapon very adaptable to the situation I may be in. In Urban situations, I only have the M3 on, outside of town, I will often attach the Magnifier. At night the light may or may not be attached depending on the situation.

    That is why I like the M3 setup with the Larue mounts. I do drink the Larue kool aide.

    Arms makes some good stuff, as does GG&G. I just prefer Larue. YMMV.

    The advice about the T1 Aimpoint is a good tip.

    Go figure.

  13. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    What makes the MicroT1 more advantageous over the CompML3? I was just about ready to get the CompML3, I didn't really look into the MicroT1. Most people I have talked to have CompML2 or ML3s on their flattop rifles. Can you tell me why you favor this sight over the Comps?

    Also, it says the MicroT1 only comes in 4MOA. I was told it was better to use 2MOA for rather distances, that the 2MOA dot gives you more versatility for CQB and encounters that are a little farther away, lets say around 100 yards. Does the MicroT1 come with 2MOA dot?
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
  14. bratch

    bratch Well-Known Member

    Its smaller and lighter.
  15. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    The Micro T1 is just that, "micro", and superlight, 3.7 oz. Has 4 MOA dot, is NV compatible, and comes ready with its mount. It can be used on any guns, not just hanguns. A little more expensive than the ML3, but a little cheaper than the M4. If you buy it as is, you'll need a riser mount for your flat top, because it sits very low. If you buy it with the LaRue tall mount, then the problem is solved. Buy it, if space is a premium. Otherwise, stick with your original decision.
    I have all 3 models, just because.:evil:
  16. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    What about the fact it only has a 4MOA dot, wouldn't this make it harder to use the sight for targets that are farther out? Some people told me 4MOA is disadvantageous to use compared to 2MOA in most situations.
  17. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    You can also pick up the Micro H1, which is similar to the T1 but without night vision settings. I think it can also be had a bit cheaper. Again, I like the H1/T1 because of the weight and space savings. ARs start out lightweight; but you can add a lot of stuff to them and those extra ounces can add up quick.

    As for 4MOA vs. 2MOA, by the time you've put enough rounds downrange to appreciate the difference, you will not only have spent enough money in ammunition to buy both rifle and optic several times over, you'll be able to use either one pretty well regardless of your preference. The ML3 is a good deal though and you can generally find it or the ML2 used at a good price.

    4MOA will cover 12" at 300yds (meaning out to 300, the dot will cover the impact zone). This might not make it ideal for targeting smaller objects at that distance (like say 6-8" plates); but it will do OK on silhouettes and the 4MOA will make it fast and quick under 100yds where most of the shooting gets done in both competition and real life.
  18. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    I suppose since night vision cost a fortune, there is no real practical reason to choose the T1 over the H1? It looks like I can save around $100 with the H1. Does LaRue sell an H1 already attached to their mount? All I see is the T1.
  19. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    T1 is more sturdy too (i think esp if you're planning to get it wet) and resale value is probably better because everyone wants one, but that's just my speculation.

    dont' get me wrong; i've nothing at all against the other aimpoint sights. but isn't the m4 like, $300 more than the T1? what do you gain? more weight and another 30,000 hours battery life?
  20. Coronach

    Coronach Moderator Emeritus

    How durable is the T1 compared to the full-size series? That's something that has always made me pause and wonder.


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