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Air gun repair ?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dave B, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Dave B

    Dave B Well-Known Member

    I have a RWS 6G air pistol with bad seals. How can I get instructions to fix it? I'm not sure if I want to try it myself, or have it done. I'm in DFW area. Any advice out there?
  2. PaulBk

    PaulBk Well-Known Member

    Air guns are very popular around DFW. Try a search on 'air gun forums' for a list. There are a number of active clubs nearby as I recall.

  3. langenc

    langenc Well-Known Member

    Go onto benchrestcentral.com in the air gun section.

    Therer used to be a fellow-charlietuna that worked on air rifles. Maybe he can help you, if not, someone will refer you to a good repairman.
  4. Calibre44

    Calibre44 Well-Known Member

    Here is a British airgun forum (click here) that you could join to get an answer to your question – there are quite a few American members who have an interest in Airguns.
  5. Zedicus

    Zedicus Well-Known Member

    Airguns are kindof interesting, No Paper work or BG Check (in the US anyway) and I have heard of some Hi-End ones pushing out towards .223 ranges & FPS with a .22 pellet.

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