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AIR Rifle question

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by BUGUDY, Jun 11, 2009.


    BUGUDY Well-Known Member

    How much does one have to spend on a scope for an air rifle to hold zero.? My father in law declared war on the birds around his house, and went out and bought a Winchester 1000 fps air rifle. It came w/ a scope that he asked me to mount and sight in. It holds zero for about 5 shots if your lucky.
  2. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    Don't be too quick to blame the scope. An air rifle requires more attention to shooting basics than does a firearm for the simple reason that the pellet takes longer to exit than most any bullet does. This means that follow through and trigger control are especially important to shoot an air rifle well. Also, pellets are very lightweight projectiles - at best in .177 cal the pellet weighs 1/4 of a .22 bullet's 40 grains. This means than in addition to being slower, pellets are more subject to the effect of even the slightest breeze anywhere downrange from the shooting position.

    Many people have initial disapointing experiences in shooting airguns. They are very different and need a very different approach.

    If the scope you have was sold by an airgun dealer and presented as an airgun scope it should be usable. The guns recoil effect on a scope can be more destructive than even a heavy caliber firearm but airgun scopes are usually built to take the push/pull recoil that will tear up conventional reticle mountings.
  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    It's also possible the reverse recoil of a spring-piston gun is slipping the scope mounts on the receiver dovetail.

    You may have to employ a scope stop block, or Lock-Tight on the ring dovetails to keep it from slipping.


    BUGUDY Well-Known Member

    It has a stop block, and we were shooting from a fairly solid rest. We had it shooting a nice group from 10 yds, I shot about 10 times, didn't hit anything. So when I checked, it was 8" - 10" off. The scope came with the gun.
  5. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    Make sure that everything about the mount has stayed tight and zero it again. With a new rifle all systems need some firing to settle in together. Be sure that the stock screws are uniformly tightened also. The guns are very sensitive to bedding issues stock to gun and an unnoticable movement could easily give you a problem such as you're describing.

    Best advice? Keep shooting and keep verifying the tightness of all elements. Careful you don't strip screws or mess up screwheads in doing it.
  6. RoostRider

    RoostRider Well-Known Member

    Did the scope "come with it" or just come with it..... if you know what I mean.....

    An air rifle scope, as noted above, needs to be able to take forces a standard rifle scope never has to... so if the scope is not intended for an air rifle, get one that is...

    If it is intended for the rifle, then you have some good ideas above....
  7. TEC

    TEC Well-Known Member

    Check to make sure the screws holding the stock to the action are tight. Use blue LocTite on them. Clean the scope rail grooves w/ acetone, then carefully apply some loctite to each groove w/ a tothpick. One piece mounts (Leapers Accushot $20) work best. Tighten the mount and rings, loctite all screws, and let everything dry completely overnight. If the scope is a package deal and the mounts are two piece mounts, then very likely they are not good quality and are the problem. For about $50, the BSA 2-7X 32mm AO (Natchezss,com) holds up well on springers. Lighter scope + 1-piece mount + locktite will almost always stop any movement of the scope and mounts. Check the barrel crown w/ a Q=tip and make sure no rough spots. Use trimmer line, melted and flatted at one end and sharpened at the other to pull several patches w/ GooGone through from the breech end to the muzzle end, then dry patches till clean. Air rifle barrels are rarely forged, ard steel and can be easily damaged, especially at the crown, if not careful. Try several different pellets -- some that shoot OK at 10 yards won't hold a grout at 25. Crosman Premeirs (CP's), CP hollowpoints, JSB Exacts, and Beeman FTS are your best bets for downrange accuracy. Don't shoot very light weight pellets and don't believe the advertised 1000 fps.

    BUGUDY Well-Known Member

    I will give these ideas a try today and post back. Thanks

    BUGUDY Well-Known Member

    Blue or red Loctite. I used Crazy glue first, and that didn't work. I have blue Loctite setting overnight and will try tommorrow. I get it zeroed for about 6 shots and then it will be 8" off the 7th shot. Argh!!!
  10. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    It could very well be a bad scope.

    I went through three BSA air rifle scopes trying to get a good one that would hold zero.

    Kept returning them to Cabala's, and they kept giving me another one off the shelf and putting the one I returned back on the shelf to sell again.

    I finally paid the differance and got a Bushnell 3-9x32AO Air Rifle scope.

    Put it on, sighted it in with less then 10 shots, and that was three years ago.

    Still prefect zero every time I shoot it.


  11. BunnyPuncher

    BunnyPuncher Well-Known Member

    If you do need a replacement air rifle scope (not for targets, but for birds, squirrels etc.) I'd recommend the cheap Gamo air rifle scope that can be had for about $20 from the big box shops. 4x30 w/ a 1" tube. I've used it on air rifles and 22s and have never had a problem. It ain't a great scope, but for hitting critters it does the job and holds zero well.
  12. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    two of the best air rifle scopes are cheapys; Tasco and bushnell both make a version. it is a 3x9x32 with an adjustable AO down to about 10ft.
    The important thing? They both say on the box; AIR RIFLE, ADULT RATED, BREAK BBL/SPRING PISTON RATED.
    They are both heavy, as in lots of solid steel in them.
    I prefer the Tasco, doesnt' seem quite as bulky for some reason.
    they are both killer on centerfires as well, and both are under 50 bucks.

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