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Airgun Pellet Rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by DCoats, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. DCoats

    DCoats New Member

    I'm looking at getting an accurate pellet rifle, and understand that you usually get what you pay for. Main purpose is target shooting, hopefully in my suburban backyard.

    I found a good deal (about $75) on a Winchester 1000FT at Bass Pro Shop, and noticed that its basically the same model as the 1000X which was priced at about $139.00. I read a few reviews of it online and it seems okay. I'm sure the scope is junk. Just wondering if anyone out there has some good advice on affordable entry level break barrel pellet gun. I would really like something that is accurate.

    I have heard good things about Beeman, Gamo, and DWS, but don't know anything about the difference or what justifies an extra $150 above the $75 Winchester.
  2. OldWolf

    OldWolf Member

  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    You pay more for a better trigger, better stock wood, smoother spring-piston action, better quality barrel, better (and easily replacable) seals, perhaps easier cocking, etc.

    The cheap rifle/scope packages are generally not real good.
    A good scope costs more then the package.
    And a good rifle costs more then the package.
    Combined, you aren't getting much of a scope, or rifle.

    The big magnum-class air rifles are so big & heavy and hard too cock they aren't much fun at all for an old man like me.

    If you want a really good, fun shooting one, look at a Beeman R-7.

    It's only money, and you can't take it with you!

  4. OldWolf

    OldWolf Member

  5. dagger dog

    dagger dog Active Member

    The RWS line depending on the model, to meet the demand of affordable, has like all other manufacturers out sourced their entry lines.
    Along with Beeman and others the entry level models are Chinese and Korean made.

    If you are looking for a quality air rifle do you home work and make sure you are getting what you pay for.

    The Gamo line has become very popular latley due to slick advertising .

    But the true quality guns are usually of European heritage and the price reflects it.

    It is amazing how the lowly BB gun can show the gunmakers art, some of the higher end rifles are masterpieces
  6. boatbod

    boatbod New Member

  7. SaMx

    SaMx New Member

  8. Airborne

    Airborne New Member

    Beeman R7

    RCModel's got it right. The Beeman R7 is without a doubt a very fine choice for a target shooting airgun. It's fairly light, cocks easily, and has a very smooth firing cycle, key if you like shooting a lot. The trigger is also easily adjustable for weight and has a very precise feel. (Warning: the R7 is very addictive to shoot:D).

    The best part? Accuracy of the R7 is nothing short of astonishing. Shooting it is just like threading a needle. I've put thousands upon thousands of Crosman premier 7.9 gr. pellets through mine and I swear it only gets more accurate with age. I bought it and a Bushnell 3x9 scope from Straight Shooters, who I highly recommend doing business with for your airgun needs. They have an excellent airgun site to browse around too.



    Mine's been worth every penny!
  9. rangerruck

    rangerruck New Member

    that is actually a very good start up model, no probs getting the winny. Now the others listed here are also all good, as is Gamo, but just remember, you really have to keep yourself under control on the air gun stuff. the scope you use should allways be airrifle rated, as air rifles are extemely hard on scopes, because of their bi-direction recoil. Also you may wanna look into PCP -pre charged pneumatic- airrifles. they are far more quite, dont' shake your teeth loose, and generally produce zero recoil, and super fun. I think Benjamin just introduced a truly intro production PCP rifle , for somewhere between 250 and 350 dollars, which if you know anything about PcP rifles, that is like giving them away. Try pyramidair.com or Arizonairrifles.
    once you start shooting tiny groups out to 30 yards, and it is so quiet, and ammo is so cheap,
    becoming addicted is very tough to avoid. I know have 3 cheapy type airguns, no wait 4; a replica ww2 german luger pistol that is sweet, a chinese pistol 6 inch bbl, A Dale Earnhardt model snapon tools rifle, and believe it or not, A Daisy red ryder.
  10. DCoats

    DCoats New Member

    So, basically, what I am hearing is that an RWS 34 at around $200 or a Beeman R7 around $300 are about what I am looking for? Then perhaps get a scope later on? How much should I expect to pay for a decent scope?
  11. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Active Member

  12. DCoats

    DCoats New Member

    Is the RWS much louder than the Beeman?
  13. dagger dog

    dagger dog Active Member


    I shoot a R9 Beeman with a Bushnell Sportsman 3X9 variable in .177cal.

    The sound level is a level of a full soup can dropped on the kitchen floor from shoulder high.

    Accuracy is outstanding with the right pellet selection. The pellets are the key some are usable some are pure garbage .Stay with the Diana Or Beeman. The heavier pellets show great accuracy out to 75 yds in the
    R9, can keep them in a 9" pie pan if the wind isn't up. At 33 feet off a rest you can get one hole groups.

    Hunting ground squirrels (we call 'em chipmunks) or starlings at 25yds can give one shot kills with the heavy hunting pellets. Grey and fox squirrels are a little to large for even the heaviest .177 but the .20's and
    .22's will kill with authority.

    Don't know if the RWS line has the
    .20 cal .

    On scopes you want to make sure the model you buy is made to stand up to the reverse recoil of a spring piston air rifle, some are not and will shake loose with a little use the reticules fall apart.

    A word of caution with the spring piston guns , never dry fire the as it can cause damage to the seals, also they use a special non-combustible oils as the air that is quickly commpressed by the piston reaches high enough temperature to ignite petroleum based oils!

    Addictive can not describe how you can become with you new air rifle , I honestly think mine grafted its self to my shoulder I shot it so much.

    You will look at the 500 round tins of pellets and think how in the world could I shoot that many, I've shot that many in 1 session so if you buy them do it in quanity.

    The triggers on the higher end models are excellent, and adjustable.

    The air rifle will quickly become one of you favorites, they enforce all the shooting techniques. The olympic shooters have to be some of the most disciplined shooters punching paper. With the pellet in the barrel for such a long time, relative to faster launched powder projectiles
    all of the techniques have to be exact to give high scores on the target.
  14. YodaVader

    YodaVader New Member

    dagger dog has stated some of the views of air rifle shooting that I have to agree with. I have owned my Beeman R7 for close to 5 years now and it certainly is easy to go through a lot more pellets than you thought possible.

    Shooting the R7 at the indoor range during the cold weather months has actaully improved my shooting with my 22lr and centerfire rifles. The air rifle will really teach you to stay on target.

    The report on the R7 is very quiet , not a hunting rifle really , about 700 fps max rating , but the accuracy is outstanding , cocking effort at 18lbs is very easy and a great trigger. If I get another air rifle it will probably be a R9 next time for longer range shooting. I also have an old Weihrauch HW30 which is very similar to the R7. I think Weihrauch is the actual builder of most Beemans.

    Shooting a quality air rifle makes for a very satisfying range session.
  15. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Active Member

    Beeman, like RWS is a distributor, not a manufacturer and has sold a number of brands under their label, but Weihrauch is probably the brand most associated with them.

    HOWEVER, since they were bought by Marksman, they have considerably expanded their non-Weihrauch line of products in the "budget" direction.
  16. Eb1

    Eb1 New Member

    I have a Daisy Powerline 22 cal. it has a 4x scope. It can shoot .5" up to 40 yards. The scope mount sucks. It has some varmint control power as well up to 40 yards.
  17. dagger dog

    dagger dog Active Member


    I was suprised to see Beeman on the shelf at Wally World for $79.
    I even saw some Beeman .22cal rimfire rifle listed in the history books I guess they, or should I say he, had thier hands in everything.
  18. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Active Member

    I've also had very good accuracy results from the less glamorous domestic airguns.
    I don't know who made their .22 rifles for them, they used to sell competition/match style rimfires, both rifles and pistols, if I'm not mistaken. The good Dr. was into a little of everything, it seems.

    I haven't kept track well enough to know who's making the budget/Wal-Mart Beeman airguns these days, but it's not Weihrauch. ;)
    With ammo prices the way they are, it's kind of surprising we're not seeing more airgun talk.

    There's something to be said for buying 1250 rounds of competition grade ammo for under $15.
  19. jcwit

    jcwit Active Member

    I have a HW-30 and a R-1 both marketed by Beeman. You can't go wrong with either Beeman or RWS, both make excellant air guns. Both of mine are around 25 yrs old and shoot like new.
  20. peck1234

    peck1234 New Member

    I have the winchester u describe! Works Great 1 inch grouping at 50 yrds. I also put on a 4-32 scope which I bought here> (http://www.pyramydair.com/cgi-bin/accessory.pl?accessory_id=1227)

    Id go for the winny, just make sure U keep the screws tight under the trigger and on the side. I stipped the inside of the 1st one not doing soo. :)

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