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AK-47 Barrel Threading

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by buffalohunter, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. buffalohunter

    buffalohunter Active Member

    I rented a 14mm X 1 LH Die threading set so I could install a slant brake on my SAR-1. The threading went fine but the die was beveled on both sides so I could not thread up to the Front Sight Base. I ordered a die from Brownell's and it is beveled on both sides also. Why are dies beveled on both sides, which prevents finish threading? Where can I get a die that has beveled teeth only on one side and flush teeth on the other ?
  2. gamachinist

    gamachinist Well-Known Member

    I don't know where to get a die,
    but you could use the edge of a file and create your shouder that way.
    It would sacrifice a thread or three,but it would get the job done.
  3. scott.cr

    scott.cr Well-Known Member

    If I'm understanding you correctly, the reason why dies are beveled is because the threads on the "entry" side of the die are larger than the threads on the "exit" side. If there was no bevel it would be even more difficult to get the die started straight.

    Personally I'm impressed you were able to do a complete threading job with only a die. I've never been able to. However I am very good at doing it with a lathe.
  4. buffalohunter

    buffalohunter Active Member

    I understand the beveled side of the die is for starting the threads, but after the threads are started it's customary to turn the die over and finish the threading with the flush side of the die that has no bevel. That way the barrel can be threaded right up to the Front Sight Base.
    I used an alignment mandrel to get started straight.
  5. JA

    JA Well-Known Member


    Stock # RDML-14-1-C = 14x1mmLH die = $19 which is half the price of anywhere else you will find one.
    While the die does have both ends beveled the bevel on the top end of the die is less than the bevel on the bottom of the die. By flipping the die over you can cut threads up to the front sight base. I have threaded several barrels with this die and the muzzle brakes screw all the way on butting aganist the front sight base.
    They also have the best price on 14x1mmLH taps and 1/2-28 taps/dies you will find anywhere.
  6. Stevtrains

    Stevtrains New Member

    So all you need to thread the muzzle of AK-47 is that part?
  7. JA

    JA Well-Known Member

    You need a die and a stock(handle) but the most important part that you can't do without is the TAT(thread alignment tool).
    The TAT is what guides the die onto the barrel straight so the threads are cut in alignment with the bore. Your changes getting the threads straight without a TAT are pretty slim.
  8. Stevtrains

    Stevtrains New Member

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2005

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