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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by sprice, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    What type of AK-47 should I get? I want it with a folding stock but i could always put on an aftermarket; would the ak-74 5.45x39 serve me better? I kinda just want a cheap one I can beat the hell out of; but still with ak reliability and 5moa at most. I just want one for CQC and for the hell of it.
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  2. H2O MAN

    H2O MAN member

    I picked up a pre ban Norinco and added the collapsible stock.
  3. aka108

    aka108 Well-Known Member

    If money is no object and you have time and patience to find one, some of the finest are the Arsenal AK's with the milled reciever. A Saiga is also a great firearm either left stock (a solf in sheep's clothing) or converted to AK configuration. Lot less costly. Caliber wise, not advise from here.
  4. rogertc1

    rogertc1 member

  5. Mayo

    Mayo Well-Known Member

  6. kirkcdl

    kirkcdl Well-Known Member

    Get one in 223,once the Administration bans the import of ammo you'll still be able get 223...
  7. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    Don't get too stuck on getting an AK-47.

    There's less than 200 in the country and transferable specimens start at $15,000.
  8. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Do you specifically want a collapsible stock or the more traditional folding stock. Many of the more recent Kalashnikovs that were designed with folding stocks (AKS-74 and the AK-101, -103, etc. series) use a greatly improved desing where the folder mechanism is built into the rear trunion of the receiver. Changing one of those to a collabpsible M4 style stock will not be simple. (And would of course be pointless butchery of a great rifle.)

    A simple tell is that most of the "good" folders fold to the left side, while most of the easily replaced ones (that generally keep the "tang" style rear trunion) fold to the right.

  9. H2O MAN

    H2O MAN member

    Well... I have no love for folders and the Vltor extension tube I'm using is a direct bolt-on item.
    As a matter of fact, every modern item I put on my Norinco is a bolt-on item (the original rifle is unaltered and easily returned to it's old school configuration).

  10. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    What are you wanting the AK for? Range and plinking work? Home defense? Collectible? Possible investment here in the Obama era? Last ditch defense against zombie hordes or way to protect the last can of caffeine free Coke in a post apocalyptic wasteland? (If the answer is yes to those last couple, may want to keep that under your hat :) )

    Anyway, that and your available budget will result in different sort of answers of what is best for you. Best in an absolute sense would probably be a rifle done from one of the gunsmithing shops that specialize in the AK, like Krebs or Rifle Dynamics.

    On caliber, there are also 5.56mm AKs out there, which may also be an option, depending on what you are looking for.

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