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AK-74 picture and boast thread

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by klover, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. klover

    klover New Member

    Everyone is boasting about their AR in .223. Isn't anyone just as happy about their AK-74? I'm thinking of joining in some day if I get some free cash:uhoh:
  2. max popenker

    max popenker New Member

    Ok, I must admit that these are not mine; but at leas these are REAL AK-74's
    The first one also has 60-round 4-row magazine which is cool to have put POS to use

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  3. GrandmasterB

    GrandmasterB Member

    I like mine. It's a Romanian SAR 2.

  4. jagdpanzer347

    jagdpanzer347 New Member

    I'd like to pick up a '74 myself at some point. Those Polish Tantals are drop dead sexy. It means I'd have to stock yet another cartidge type though. I think ammunition availability is the main reason AK74 variants aren't more popular. Sure, 5.45x39 is readily available now, but several months ago it was very difficult to find.

  5. klover

    klover New Member

    Cool, I bet you could call a 5.56x45 an AK-74

    neat muffler
  6. sefus

    sefus New Member

    People dont post bragging threads about their '74's because the type of person to buy and shoot one doesnt feel the need to examine everything to death. They were smart in their selection and happy with their choice and have the good grace and refinement not to lower themselves to the ARer's style.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:

    -Sefus with no pictures of his SAR2
  7. MAUSER88

    MAUSER88 Member

    OK, I'll play. :)



  8. klover

    klover New Member

    Thanks mauser

    obviously not mausers
  9. AdamXBT

    AdamXBT member

    My Ak

    I Hope To Modified Some Day;) Like The Other Pic,With A Scope.

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  10. Oleg Volk

    Oleg Volk Moderator Emeritus

    Not mine but I have the pic.

  11. Simonovfan

    Simonovfan New Member

    My new toy

    Here is my new toy in it's natural state before it starts becoming Eeeeevil.

  12. MAKOwner

    MAKOwner New Member

    Here's mine built from a Bulgy plum stocked '74 kit on a bent blank receiver. Looks great, but I'm not happy w/ my heat treating on the receiver so I'm going to buy a finished receiver here some day and rebuild it on that...
    May just sell off the kit and put the money toward a M4gery though, even though I love the '74s.

    I don't have it anymore but I also had a SAR2.

    5.45 makes for sweet shooters.
  13. MechAg94

    MechAg94 New Member

    I just got a Polish Tantal on a ArmoryUSA receiver a few weeks ago. Seems to work real well and is fairly accurate.

    I also have a Romanian WASR 2 that needs work. I wouldn't recommend buying one without an inspection. Mag wobble is a killer.
  14. MechAg94

    MechAg94 New Member

    One other thing, ammo is a concern so if you plan to buy a rifle, budget money to buy a couple cases of ammo to go with it. AIMSurplus is selling the corrosive surplus stuff and Wolf is importing their new ammo. There are limited loadings available if that is important to you. In my case, just collecting was the motivation.

    Also, look up the web site for Ohio Rapid Fire. They sell mags and have a deal for a dozen used mags for a little over $35. They have rifles also.
  15. Thin Black Line

    Thin Black Line New Member

    Oleg, looks like you had a rough night in your photo.

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