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AK-74 Range Report

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Texas Bob, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Texas Bob

    Texas Bob Well-Known Member

    I wasn't "looking" for this rifle, having already an AR tricked out with ACOG, that I use for "three-gun" or house gun, when a "range buddy" put his FS. For $300.00 I ended up with a Romy 74 and five mags. Four of the mags were Bulgarian and a fifth a "bake-a-whatever." Ammo shortage was why he sold it, so I sat on it awhile until I got a case of the 76 Russian surplus ammo flowing around. The sights "had to go." With the "age" of my eyes in need better sights, so I installed a Krebbs "peep-sight" rear and an XS front sight. I'm now up to $450.00, not counting ammo. At the range on a 25yd target my groups averaged 4x3 or 3x3" group "standing" up firing the rifle from my shoulder. This is what I wanted as a "trunk-gun" to be stored next to my jack, just in case. Fired case ejected at exactly 3 o'clock sideways in an upward arc witnessed as 12 to 15 feet high and 20 to 22 feet sideways. Purdy it's not, but neither is a Glock, both have proved to be able to be "dragged thru" the gunk and still keep on working. Now with the irons I have installed, at 100 yds a "man-size" target has to know I'm in the fight, however if I want to "call my shot" I need optics at my age. For what I have "invested" I'm satisfied. Reliablity and ease of field stripping mean "so-what" if using corrosive ammo, just field strip the rifle and spray everything down with Windex while it's still hot, then take it home for routine cleaning. This is a "keeper."
  2. MTMilitiaman

    MTMilitiaman Well-Known Member

    I have no experience with the 5.45mm, but my brother and I each have Rommie 7.62s and they are decent rifles. I kept my Yugo SKS for the truck and have put a total of about $800 (including PK-AS-V red dot) into my AK. I've learned alot about the platform. We get tie plates and these steel rods about 1.5x8" that we hang at my grandpa's range. Offhand at 100 yards I can hit the tie plate so fast that it isn't uncommon for it to come unhooked on one corner. And hits on the pipe, offhand at 50 yards, are only as difficult as my limited ability makes them. I've shot rocks and stuff enough times out to 200 and 300 yards (and beyond) to know that achieving hits at these ranges isn't all that difficult. In my experience, the AK is every bit as accurate as it needs to be to get the job done.

    Enjoy your rifle.
  3. SpookyPistolero

    SpookyPistolero Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a great rifle. I love the AK platform. I've not shot it in 5.45 but hear nothing but praises from those who own them. Post pics!
  4. gripper

    gripper Well-Known Member

    That 7N6 is flat shooting and NASTY as far as what it does to tissue.one of the few centerfire small bores I like.
  5. MTMilitiaman

    MTMilitiaman Well-Known Member

    Don't forget it is corrosive though. Or at least it is from what I hear on AK-47.net.
  6. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Well-Known Member

    I love both of my 5.45 74's (a CURII & a Polish TANTAL) and both are in my top 3 or 5 favorite rifles. Before I bought an AK74 I was a little bit weary about using a .22 cal bullet, but after firing around 2000 rounds of 5.45, I'm more than impressed with the round; flat shooting, almost no recoil, incredible ballistics, and very light weight make a very deadly and attractive package.

    Every shooter needs an AK74.

    BTW - does anyone make a bolt gun in 5.45? I know CZ makes a bolt in 7.62x39, but I don't think I've ever seen a bolt gun available in the states (I know there are some made in Russia and Serbia) in 5.45.
  7. DaFettMan

    DaFettMan Member

    I forget who, but a few years ago one of the female mods was crowing about her 5.45 bolt rifle. Seem to remember her complaining that theres no match-grade ammo available.

    Maybe it was Kaylee?
  8. Oleg Volk

    Oleg Volk Moderator Emeritus

  9. MAUSER88

    MAUSER88 Well-Known Member

    I too like the 5.45 x 39mm round. I find it has a bit less recoil than a .223
  10. ftierson

    ftierson Member.

    AK-74s are great guns, and the 5.45x39mm is a great cartridge...

    Everyone needs a couple of AK-74s...


  11. Outlaws

    Outlaws Well-Known Member

    My friend got an AK74 a couple weeks ago. He hasn't shot it but he claims it is flatter and faster than a 5.56. I didn't buy that for a second after I saw how big the bullet was compared to the case size, but maybe I am wrong.

    Still looks like it would be fun to shoot. How far are they good for? (before you get to 10+ inches of drop)
  12. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Well-Known Member

    5.45 does not have an ugly tragectory past 300 yards like 7.62x39 does. 5.45 can make good hits out of an AK well past 300 with a well trained shooter, and with match grade ammo and a bolt gun, I have no idea what the range and accuracy would be (seeing as I've never had any experiance with such a platform).
  13. MTMilitiaman

    MTMilitiaman Well-Known Member

    Outlaw, the 5.45's projectile may look really big, but it really isn't. I think the standard military projectile is something like 52 gr. I believe the velocity was a little less than the 5.56 as well. So in that regard, it is less powerful than the 5.56. But the projectile is designed so that the forward length contains a huge air gap. This makes the bullet very long for its weight and distributes the weight more to one length. The theory goes that upon impact, the core either slides forward or the tip bends, with either occurance allowing the bullet to yaw and tumble. This increases the wounding effect and it as it is less dependent on velocity than fragmentation, may actually allow the 5.45 to be more effective past the fragmentation range of the 5.56mm.

    Wolf sells 60 gr ammunition. I've heard mixed reports as to whether it has the air pocket, but considering they put a rather expansive air pocket in the nose of their 7.62x39 ammo, I can't see why they wouldn't do the same with the 5.45.

    O and the Kalashnikov and M16 are both assault rifles. Regardless of what people say about accuracy and what not of either system, they are only truely effective out to 300 or 400 yards. The 7.62x39, 5.45x39, and 5.56x45 are intermediate power cartridges so while hits may be achievable at farther ranges, they are all well into running out of stream by the time they cross the 300 yard range.
    The manual that came with my PK-AS-V says the Russians claim 450 meters with their AK-74s. And while I can easily believe hits, even regular hits, at that range could be obtained, the wounding potential of the cartridge has greatly diminished by that range and the Russians are probably being about as optimistic as the Americans when they claim 550 meters for their M16. Hits may be achievable, but how "effective" they are going to be at that "range" is debateable.
  14. Stiletto Null

    Stiletto Null Well-Known Member

    I thought the standard 5.45 round was 60gr, FMJ with air gap under the tip?

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