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Alabama predator hunters

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by jimmyraythomason, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    Good news for Alabama predator hunters! The great state of Alabama has finally legalized electronic game calls for predators during daylight hours! Still are illegal for any game bird/nongame bird except crows.
  2. wankerjake

    wankerjake Well-Known Member

    Congrats! I sat behind my buddy's Scorpion today for a few stands but nothing doin'. Called in a turkey vulture but no predators.
  3. DeepSouth

    DeepSouth Well-Known Member

    When does it go into effect?

    I didn't even know it was up for debate.
  4. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    Yeah,it's been WAY to hot here for predator/varmint hunting. I am SO glad we can use electronic calls now! Mouth calls work but focus the critter's attention in your direction.
  5. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    It is already in effect. Just to be safe though I'm waiting until after September 1st. SEE ITEM 6 PROHIBITED METHODS OF HUNTING
    The following are prohibited methods of hunting in the State of Alabama as condensed from the laws and regulations. Consult the Alabama Game, Fish and Wildlife Law Book and the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Regulation Book for the entire law or regulation.

    It is ILLEGAL to:

    1. Hunt any area where baiting/feeding has occurred until 10 days after all bait/feed has been removed or consumed.
    2. Hunt any game animal or bird with a gun or bow and arrow except during daylight hours, with the exception of raccoon and opossum which may be hunted at night as prescribed by law.
    3. Shoot or hunt a turkey from a treestand with a firearm. All other legal game animals and birds may be taken with a bow and arrow or firearm from a treestand.
    4. Take a deer, whether dead or alive, from the waters of this State.
    5. Use live decoys except when hunting unprotected birds or animals.
    6. Use electronic bird calls except for crow calls. Electronic calls may be used to call predators during daylight hours only during open hunting season for that species.
    7. Hunt by the aid of fire or smoke, whether man-made or natural.
    8. Hunt resident birds or animals on any floodwaters or backwaters, or islands less than 40 acres created by such.
    9. Hunt or discharge a firearm from, upon or across any public road or railroad, or the rights of way of any public road or railroad. You may not hunt or discharge a firearm within 50 yards of the right-of-way of any public road, highway, or railroad with a centerfire rifle, a shotgun using slugs or shot larger than number four (4) shot or a muzzle loading rifle .40 or larger.
    10. Willfully throw or cast the rays of a spotlight, headlight or artificial light from any motor vehicle while the vehicle is on any highway or public road and casting said light on any real property, between the hours of sunset and sunrise.
    11. Concentrate, drive, rally, molest, hunt, take, capture or kill any bird or animal from or by the aid of any automobile, ATV, airplane, train, motor boat, sailboat or any other type mechanically propelled device. Persons may hunt from a floating craft or motor vehicle once the motor is shut off and all forward motion has ceased. It is not legal to hunt from a vehicle on a public road.
    12. Destroy the sex of deer or wild turkey to evade prosecution for any law or regulation.
    13. Kill unantlered deer except during unantlered deer seasons as set by the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division.
    14. Hunt wild turkeys with the aid of a dog.
    15. Hunt with dogs during daytime or after 3:00 a.m. during spring turkey season.
    16. Take or attempt to take or have in possession more than the daily bag limit of any game bird or animal. Possession limit does not apply to deer and/or turkey provided not more than one deer and/or one turkey is taken on any one day (except two deer per day, one of which may be antlered, may be taken during the hunters’ choice gun season). On DMP lands using valid tags, three deer, no more than one of which is an antlered buck, may be taken on one day. Possession limit of one day’s bag limit does not apply to legally taken game birds or animals after they have been processed or stored in a cooler or freezer at home or a commercial processing plant.
    17. Import, possess, sell or offer to sell live: any species of mongoose, any species of wild rabbit or hare and any deer, raccoon, fox, skunk, coyote, wild turkey or wild rodents from any area outside of Alabama. (Also, see Sale of Game Birds and Game Animals, page 11.)
    18. Release any tame or wild turkey into any of the wild areas of the state.
    19. Possess both gun and bow while hunting any species of game bird or animal except during open unantlered deer gun deer season.
    20. Hunt using laser sights, attachments and light sources to project a beam forward of a gun or bow.
    21. Hunt using poison, explosives or chemicals to include deer blocks, molasses blocks, mineral blocks, chemical licks, and similar products. Deer may be hunted over plain salt licks containing no other minerals or chemicals.
    22. To have in possession any protected live wild bird or wild animal.
    23. To trail wounded game onto property where the hunter does not have permission to enter.
    24. Release wild hogs into areas except where trapped.
    25. Hunt within 100 yards of any dwelling without the permission of the owner or leasee or
    discharge a firearm while hunting so that any projectile strikes any dwelling or building
    used for human occupation, or any commercial vessel, without the permission of the owner
    or leasee. This does not apply to a landowner or member of his/her immediate family
    hunting on his/her own property provided that no projectile strikes the above property of
    another without the permission of the owner or leasee.

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