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All-purpose Assault Rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Westley, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Westley

    Westley New Member

    I want to throw down up to $1200 dollars for a rifle, and I'm trying to decide what kind of gun I want. I want a rifle that will be accurate at long ranges and fire a big enough round for large game (7.62), but also be useful for home defence and target shooting. I'd also prefer one that wouldn't jam in the heat of the moment, and if it did jam, it would be easy to take apart and fix. That's the main reason I don't really want an AR-15. I was leaning towards a Galil, because it seems to be an excellent all around battle rifle, that won't be as nitpicky, but in the future I'd like to get an aimpoint or EOtech, as well as a nightvision scope, and it seems difficult to get a rail mounted on such a weapon while mantaining durabilty and accuracy. Any suggestions?
  2. cat9x

    cat9x New Member

    Ar-10 or M1A (socom 16)
  3. kcmarine

    kcmarine New Member

    Hm... not disputing your reason, but why not an AR?
  4. gnut

    gnut New Member

    I can't wait to read all the replies...oooh
    Galil sounds good,
    I like this project. Might have to come up with my own do all auto.
    Does it have to be "assault"?
    Or did you mean autoloading?
    Are mags important?
    To me they would be. You could load one for every type of situation.
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    You don't really want an assault rifle.
    They are full-auto capable and against the law in many places. They are also very expensive & hard to find, since there have been no new ones legally made for civilian sale in the U.S. since 1986.

    What you really want is an HDR (Homeland Defense Rifle) that looks like a real select-fire military assault rifle, but is only a semi-automatic.

  6. MinnMooney

    MinnMooney New Member

    Lots of great choices out there including an AR-15 in one of the newer calibers (for ARs, anyway) like .243Win., 6.8SPC or 6.5 creedmoor.
  7. armoredman

    armoredman Active Member

  8. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Active Member

    The "Galils" that are available under $1200 do not get good reviews. They are made from parts kits on apparently questionable receivers.

    I think a FN-FAL would be a good option, and the STG-58 from DS Arms would be right around $1200. (Note: STG-58 is different from the more expensive SA-58; but both are great.)

    Another good choice would be an AR-10 variant. The Armalite would be my pick and would be right around $1200. The DPMS is probably fine and is more like $900.

    An AR-15 type in 6.8 SPC would be another option, but the ammo is super pricey.
  9. VolDaddy

    VolDaddy New Member

    How about the new sig 556. Thats what ive been drooling over for awile now.
    Just waiting to get my tax return back this year.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2008
  10. everallm

    everallm New Member

    You didn't define what, for you long range and accurate would be so for reliability and practical, what about an FAL or for a lower cost a Saiga.

    For the FAL can buy a replacement DSA Arms upper slide with a picatinny mount for optics mounting for about $80.
  11. Kind of Blued

    Kind of Blued New Member

    I actually rather like that term. I'd be fine with the media adopting it too. :rolleyes:
  12. jorjohn11

    jorjohn11 New Member

  13. younganddumb

    younganddumb New Member

  14. H2O MAN

    H2O MAN member

    A lightly used SOCOM 16 plus the new muzzle device kit from SEI would be a great choice.
    You could add an UltiMAK M8 rail and an Aimpoint Micro optic as funds permit.

    Or you could go nuts and build a MK14 EBR!!
    This one started out as a $400.00 Norinco receiver...


  15. Beren

    Beren Moderator Emeritus

    Saiga 308. Save half your money, get a side-mount and you can mount various optics.

    I may pick one up myself, prior to Obama's coronation.


    If you want, you can invest more money and have it converted to a parts-count compliant pistol grip version, iirc.
  16. Domino

    Domino New Member

    The RFB is supposed to come out in December, pictured on top...


    .308 Winchester, 18" barrel, takes FAL magazines, ambidextrious, and OAL is 26.5". Looks promising to me, but MSRP is ~$1,800.
  17. Sunray

    Sunray Active Member

    "...All-purpose Assault Rifle..." Defined as a rifle/carbine using the same calibre bullet as the PBI rifle in a shorter case and select fire. There have been exactly two 'assault rifles', ever. The Stg44 and the AK-47. Everything else is a battle rifle.
    "...I'd be fine with the media adopting it..." Not scary enough.
    "...like to get..." Buy an M1A and leave all the excess stuff off of it.
  18. NonConformist

    NonConformist member

    I disagree, all rifles in a big cartridge like .308 is a 'Battle Rifle'

    Since the M-16 fires an intermediate cartridge Id classify it as an AW, same as the AR-70, SA80 series of rifles, DaeWoo K2 etc

    not to be confused w/ an AR-15 which is a HDR or EBR :D
  19. Rampant_Colt

    Rampant_Colt New Member

    what defines an "assault rifle" ?

    "Assault rifle" :rolleyes:

    that's all...
  20. Alydar

    Alydar New Member

    I don't think it is possible to have both a big-game rifle and a home defense rifle in one, at least if you're talking about inside the home. Maybe a 12 gauge--great for inside and around the home, and for longer distances you could put a rifled barrel on it and shoot slugs. I know I wouldn't want to shoot any rifle caliber beginning with the number 3 inside my home. I've got a Mossberg 12 and a Saiga 308, and those take care of pretty much all my short and long range defensive needs. They serve similar purposes, but would be used in completely different situations. You could get them both for way under your $1200 budget.

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