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Alliant Clay Dot .45 ACP Load Data.

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by stonehenge69, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. stonehenge69

    stonehenge69 Active Member

    I was recently given an 8lb. jug of Alliant Clay dot.
    This powder has been out for a while but Alliant still hasn't published any load data other than for shotguns.
    An exert from their website reads...

    Designed to duplicate the performance of Hodgdon® Clays™ at an economical price.
    This American-made powder meters the same through reloading press powder bushings and functions with the exact same powder charge weights to achieve equal velocities and pressures.
    No need to change bushings or load data."

    My friend Google has turned up several "it should be fine, start with Hodgon's Clay min. load and work up" (which is what I plan on doing) and only one or two people that have actually tried it (with good results I might add).
    So.... I thought I'd try bringing up the subject again to see if anybody else has tried this powder recently and what your thoughts are on it.
    I really don't need another powder thrown in my inventory but 8lbs. of free powder is, well, 8 lbs. of free powder :)

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
  2. ewilke

    ewilke New Member

    I have read that you can use the same data for hodgdons clays.NOT UNIVERSAL.
  3. rfwobbly

    rfwobbly Well-Known Member

    Call or email Alliant. They will get right back. Include a FAX number and they'll send you all sorts of load data.
  4. stonehenge69

    stonehenge69 Active Member

    That was my first move.
    Their response was that they haven't worked up any cartridge loads yet but plan to sometime in the future.
  5. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    It is made to be a copy and identical to Hodgdon Clays. Use Clays data and you will be fine.
  6. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I thought I also read you can use Hodgdon Clays data but I can't remember where.
  7. Lj1941

    Lj1941 Well-Known Member

    Clay-Dot in Handguns

    I have been experimenting with Clay-Dot in hand guns for almost a year. I have had good success starting with Hodgdon Clays data and going from there. I have shot hundreds of rounds in 9mm,40S&W and 38 Special.I have used it in 45acp to a lesser extent. I find that an equal volume of Clays and Clay-Dot will give equal results. As an example a favorite load for a 155 grain Berry's plated bullet is 3.8 grains of Hodgdon Clays in the 40 S&W thrown with my RCBS measure. An equal volume of Clay-Dot will weigh 3.9 grains and give the same results as 3.8 of Clays.My favorite load for the 9mm is 3.7gr.Clay-Dot and 3.9 grains of Clay-Dot with 124 grain and 115 grain Berry's plated RN bullets. I can fire 100 or 150 rounds and my M&P really doesn't need cleaning. I get the same results in 38 Spl 158 cast LSWC with 3.2 grains of Clay-Dot. These loads all shoot just fine.I have used about 1 !/2 lbs of the 8 lbs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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