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Alliant's New 300MP Powder

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by bluetopper, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    I see on Alliant's powder data site they have a new magnum pistol powder listed with load data and velocities that blow any other powder velocities out of the water that I have seen in a handgun. Kind of jaw dropping to me.

    Anybody tried any 300MP?
  2. Ol` Joe

    Ol` Joe Well-Known Member

    Hodgdons data for H110/W296 is within a couple fps of it in the 44 & 357 mags with 240 and 125gr bullets and with the same BBL length. I didn`t bother to look any farther
  3. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    They might have actually copied H110/296 powder? They copied Hodgdon Clays powder and call it Clay Dot. I wouldn't put it past them.
  4. dakotasin

    dakotasin Well-Known Member

    remember when rl-17 first came out? it was supposed to transform several more sedate chamberings into ultra mags and all that?

    well, i tried it in a few chamberings and found it to be a great powder. however, it didn't do anything for velocities that i wasn't already getting.

    btw... when you go buy your 375 ruger, just go ahead and pick up a pound or 2 of rl-17... phenominal powder in that application...
  5. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    So has anyone actually purchased and tried this powder yet?

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