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Alright rifle country, lets see some uncommon rifles

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Comrade Mike, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Comrade Mike

    Comrade Mike Well-Known Member

    This AG42 the most obscure thing I own. 1 of 30000 made. I recently acquired it and I absolutely love it. Very interesting design. Sadly haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet. Soon, I hear they're very accurate for a battle rifle.

  2. AethelstanAegen

    AethelstanAegen Well-Known Member

    I recently purchased a Hakim rifle (the AG-42's Egyptian cousin) and they're a blast to shoot. I think you'll be very happy with the AG-42.
  3. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    Do your research before shooting your AG42b. Much like a garand they must be fed ammunition using powders of the appropriate burn rate.

    Strange fact: the ag42 required ammunition to be lightly oiled to ensure reliable function. (Rem oil works great)
  4. Comrade Mike

    Comrade Mike Well-Known Member

    Already taken care of :D but thanks for the extra heads up. I've got rounds loaded with 4895 and 4064 to try and Rem oil already in the range bag.
  5. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you're all set!

    I tend to warn the beginner collector away from the Ljungman because of the details needed to know to ensure shooting one is a safe experience. But for someone like you they're a rewarding rifle to own.
  6. Kp321

    Kp321 Well-Known Member

    Be careful when racking the action. That rifle can make a Garand thumb feel like a hang nail in comparison. Ask me how I know.
  7. barnbwt

    barnbwt Well-Known Member

    The AG42 or the Hakim? Or the Rasheed? ;)

    Someone here once suggested leaving one out on a coffee table for an intruder to attempt to wield against you--inevitably ending with them on the floor clutching the bloody stump that was once their thumb :D;)

    "Yeah, just hold that back so you can pop in a round and..." :evil:

    My "uncommonest" rifle is a Luxembourg FN49 in 30-06; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age, soon replaced by ugly FAL's for ugly conflicts in ugly places like swamps and jungles :neener:
    Not my photo; my rifle looks this good, my photography of it, not so much :eek:

    I also have a VZ58, which is "uncommon" by AK standards (I guess), and an FNAR, which is an "uncommon" variant of the Browing BAR hunting rifle optimized for detachable magazines and rail-mounted sights. On my "next" list are two that are veritable unicorns here in the States; an STGW57 and an AR70. The STG is a SIG-built interpretation of the H&K G3 (but even bigger), and the AR70 is basically an Italian-built AK made to the standards and likeness of an AR15. Luckily, we have these things called 'parts kits' that can make such dreams a reality :D

  8. stubbicatt

    stubbicatt Well-Known Member

    Pshaw! There barnbwt! Those Belgians only made an elegant rifle in the FN49, because they copied an even more elegant rifle, bred for, and used in, the ugliest of conflicts, but whose graceful lines evoked the admiration even of its enemies, no matter where it may be found:


    The SVT 40 possesses some of the greatest design details, commonly copied by others, of any firearm of the 20th Century! The tilting bolt, used by FN in the FN49 and FAL, check. The fluted chamber, used by HK in their successful G3, check. The adjustable gas system, used by FN again in the FN49 and FAL, check. The out of battery disconnector, used my nearly every postwar design, but regrettably omitted from the oh-so-popular Garand. Check. And a magazine design which accepts rimmed cartridges but doesn't rim lock! Something the Brits were either unable or unwilling to do for their SMLE. Check.

    Elegant to look at, a pleasure to use, and possessing so many advanced design details, yes? :) Maybe not exactly uncommon, but not exactly common here in the US either.:cool:
  9. centurion20000

    centurion20000 Active Member

    Ok, I'll play :)

    This is a Noreen Firearms BN-36.

    Basically it's an AR pattern rifle chambered in 30-06.
    My other term for it is a 21 century M1918 BAR / Colt Monitor.

    Recoil is very manageable (little bit more than 5.56 but not much) and it's pretty obscure (less than 1000 made, so far)

    22" barrel with a nice muzzle break, 20 round mag and I put a Geisselle Super Dynamic 3Gun trigger on it. Yes it's FAST. Surprisingly well balanced and it's tipping the scales right around 10 pounds with full mag and optics. (Slightly better than my Garand with more firepower)
    And MUCH better than an M1918 BAR full loaded out.


    Does it have a few teething problems? Yep, adjustable gas block requires setting when you get it.
    Still tweaking it but this is pretty much my primary rifle and it will do 2 MOA no problem. (It's a battle rifle not a sniper weapon)

    Planning on smoothing the lower receiver, a skeleton stock, better pistol grip, and the bolt charging handle will get enlarged and smoothed with a custom knob (personal preference). Using a magnifier and Eotech because honestly I just don't have a scope good enough to mount on this little beast. (yet)

    Here it is next to other tools.


    For the smiths/mechanics, uses standard AR-15 parts in most places (fire control / lower receiver) except for the bolt, barrel nut / float tube which is AR-10 based.

    Why did I choose it?
    I LOVE the 30-06, properly loaded it's just better than a 308 (and German Salazar seems to agree)
    During the 2013 great ammo famine I noticed that 5.56 / 308 rounds were just flat out gone. What remained on the shelf? 30-06.
    They are planning and working on .270 Winchester and 25-06 chamberings.

    Also I am planning a few more items
    Belt fed modification (I'd love it but that's $4000 minimum at Valkyrie Armory / Ares Armor)
    Specialized ammo development
    Need to tap and drill the float tube to install picatinny rails (this is now standard on new BN36 rifles)
    I am definitely planning on additional uppers ... why?
    • 6.5-06
    • 8mm Mauser
    • 7mm Mauser
    • 338-06 A-Square
    • 35 Whelen (poor man's magnum)
    • 9.3 x 63 (European Big game catridge)
    • 375 Whelen
    • Also have an Ackley Improved Variant which makes your brass life much longer
    • Then there are the Gibbs series of cartridges or possibly even 30-06 JDJ

    NOTE: bump fire stocks will need to be significantly adjusted to allow for proper operation (back end of the AR type frame is slightly different by 1/4-1/2 inch)
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2013
  10. natman

    natman Well-Known Member

    OK, I'll play:

    A Star 110 22 semiauto. Star was a Spanish manufacturer better know for their pistols, especially the Star PD, a 1911 variant. They did make a few rifles. A total of 510 of these were sold in the US in the 90's by GunParts Corp.


  11. ThePenguinKnight

    ThePenguinKnight Well-Known Member

    Not very valuable, but mine are somewhat rare in the U.S.

    Tula TOZ 78-01 and 99-01, bolt action and semi-auto 22lr sisters from Russia. They're still being produced in Russia and sold in europe, I believe, but they haven't been imported into the U.S. in a while. A few thousand of each made it in, sold pretty cheap, which made them prime candidates for my purposes when I was looking for squirrel and plinking guns in college. Winchester imported the bolt-action in an American style stock under the name Wildcat for a while, but it apparently wasn't popular (probably because of how Winchester handled getting spare mags, but DEFINITELY not because of how the rifles shoot o_O).

    They are both fantastic shooters. Far better than I am, no doubt. My friend has a Wildcat, and I told him that if he ever sells it to anyone but me or his kids that I won't ever speak to him again =P


    This thread has me wanting to take better pictures of these guns. Sometimes I enjoy tinkering with my wife's nice camera...
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2013
  12. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    I've got a Hakim I paid 80 bucks for 20 years ago. Fun gun and very accurate. Wicked powerful round and very little recoil. It has an effective muzzle brake and weights something near what my new Silverado weighs. :rolleyes: I mean, even a 105 don't recoil that bad if it's heavy enough.

    I also own a German Gewehr 88 commission rifle rebarreled to 8x57S by the Reich. Don't know how rare it is. I paid $27.50 for it in about 1977. Kicks like a beeoch.
  13. DM~

    DM~ Well-Known Member



  14. barnbwt

    barnbwt Well-Known Member

    Oof-tah, that looks like a shoulder-full :what:

    Oh, and I didn't realize we were counting 22s;
    Baikal MP161k, 22LR. A Beretta Storm that's (supposed) to be cheaper to shoot than the real-deal. Hasn't gotten much play since the Great Famine of '13

    Stubbicat, I have just one question; how long is that SVT with the bayonet attached? :D I've held one, and while nice (for a Russian gun :neener:) it handled like broomstick. FWIW, Wiki claims Mr. Saive (of FN49 and FAL fame) developed the tilting-lock concept first (kind of like asking who invented the hammer first, though :rolleyes:). And while the SVT 40 was the best looking battle rifle of WWII (sorry, Garand :neener:) the Russians were forced to replace it for the bad-ass-ery that is PPSH :evil:
    I've also got a kit laying around for a Pa-PA-Shaw build, should I ever get around to it

  15. Oceanbob

    Oceanbob Well-Known Member

    Wow..some real interesting Rifles already.

    I own many rifles but my 'uncommon' models are these.

    A Marlin 7000T .22 made only for one year.

    My HK-91 .308

    My 10MM Mech-Tech carbine. Companion to my GLOCK 20SF.


    My Marlin Camp 9 carbine with Boyds Stock. Really fun and inexpensive to shoot.


    My Marlin Camp .45. Don't shoot her much, but she is fun to shoot.

    Those are my 'Unusual and Uncommon Rifles'. Some used to be common and some are no longer in production.

    Be well
  16. Scooter22

    Scooter22 Well-Known Member

    OHhhhhh Thats NICE!!! .375 H&H Flanged?
  17. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Nice double! Very classy.
    Centurian2000, I really like that Noreen BM-36, nifty rifle!

    I'll play with one that is temporarily rare in the US. This has a two digit serial number...


    SA vz-58 in 5.56mm Tactical model with AR-15 magazine adapter, optional scope rail and scope mount. Current scope is...nothing, couldn't find one that worked just right for me, so she's shooting with irons, and shoot she does!

  18. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

  19. selector67

    selector67 Well-Known Member

    My Rasheed

    Here is my uncommon one, my Egyptian Rasheed carbine in 7.62x39, only around 8000 produced
  20. selector67

    selector67 Well-Known Member

    Mas 49

    Another uncommon one, my French MAS-49

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