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AMD-65 Reflex/Red Dot Sight mounting options

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by heycatman, May 21, 2011.

  1. heycatman

    heycatman Well-Known Member

    Going to get a reflex and/or red dot sight for my AMD-65, I will not be using any magnification.

    Kind of wondering what others would do about eye relief/distance. The AMD-65 doesn't offer as many options as a regular Ak does for attaching rails to it. So I don't want to purchase multiple rail combinations just to get my reflex sight in the correct place. Was wondering what others would recommend? I've seen optics mounted on Ak-47s at the front hand guard, back over the dust cover and over the rear iron sights. Not sure what combos and ideas anyone has flying around out there or what has worked for them?
  2. sturmgewehr

    sturmgewehr Well-Known Member

    The Texas Weapon Systems rail system would work for you. The Ultimak rail would also work. I own both and it boils down to personal preference. Both are solid systems.

    I have a review of the TWS rail on my YouTube channel: http://military-arms.com
  3. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Ditto to what sturmgewehr has said. Both work well.

    IMHO if you want a red dot the Ultimak and a micro red dot works great and you get lower third co-witness with the irons. I'm using the Primary Arms micro with mine, I like it so much that if it breaks I will spring for the Aimpoint micro -- which costs about as much as the gun and mount!

    The TWS mount is the way to go if you want a more traditional scope with magnification -- I'm using a Millet 1-4X DMS with mine. With the right scope and see-through mounts you can add a rear peep sight to the TWS mount and get a longer sight radius. I like the peep sight but I've not found mounts that put the DMS at the height I want and will let me see through underneath. The DMS scope is rather larger that I expected, which is my only complaint about it.
  4. heycatman

    heycatman Well-Known Member

    OMG, thank you! I found others like this, a Krebs setup but it just seemed really expensive and more complex than it needed to be. It's an AK, simplicity rocks! Still not positive on the site I too like using both a scope and still having the irons on just in case. But was thinking a rear peep site would be the bomb. But then you weigh out adding a bunch of crap to your gun and it's like... "do I really need this?" TWS summed up what I was thinking I wanted with two products without blowing the bank.
  5. heycatman

    heycatman Well-Known Member

    Good point, TX! not sure how much needed to spend on an optic the gun is only so accurate no matter what you put on it. I like the red dot sites but.... simple magnification even if it's 1.5X eliminates my need to wear glasses while shooting cause it puts the image focal point right in front of my eye. Without magnification, I have to put contacts or glasses on to see 100yds without blurriness. It's not a big deal but it's nice knowing I can still aim my gun past 50yds if I loose my glasses (which happens). Most red dots and reflex sites don't offer this advantage without accessorizing and again that puts my optics well past the cost of the gun and it's accuracy.

    I also put a shotgun scope on my other AK and it works really well, I think it was 1.5x4. But still isn't as fast as a reflex/red dot and is much more precise than the gun will ever be. Does your scope allow a descent FOV at 1X or are you able to get both eyes open while shooting with it?
  6. MachineCrossbow

    MachineCrossbow Well-Known Member

    "Going to get a reflex and/or red dot sight for my AMD-65, I will not be using any magnification."
    (thread starter)

    You'll never have to worry about any eye relief, because non-magnifying reflex sights don't
    have any. It's simply not a problem. You can fix it on guns at any distance from your eyes.
    Reflex sights project the reticle to almost infinity, thus you only see the reticle, if your eye is
    inside an imaginary tube with the size of the reflex sight. You can try it, look through the optics from different distances, you'll always have to move your head the same amount
    to lose the reticle, albeit the optics may seem bigger(closer) or smaller(farther).
    This doesn't have impact on the field of view in which the reticle can be seen.

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