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Ammo question, CCI Blazer

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Steelharp, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Steelharp

    Steelharp Well-Known Member

    Had a comment from a local salesman today. The store has CCI 9mm at 3.99/50. He said that after 1,000 rounds or so, my barrel would be damaged. Is CCI that inferior?

    Mikey D...
  2. sm

    sm member

    I've used it, never noticed a problem.
    Did he expound as to why bbl damage occurs?
    Or just want to sell more expensive ammo?
  3. Steelharp

    Steelharp Well-Known Member

    He didn't try to steer me away from it, just warned me. Said it was really dirty, aluminum cases... but he didn't (obviously) try to steer me toward more expensive stuff... subtly, perhaps...

    Mikey D...
  4. thisaway

    thisaway Well-Known Member

    I think your problem is that you are way too close to Nashville...the idiot quotient seems to spike there.

    I have shot many thousands of Blazers of various calibres with NO ill effects of any sort on any weapon. If you need cheap range ammo, buy it and ignore your "salesman".

    BTW, just where can you get 9mm for $3.99/50? The cheapest available in Chattanooga is $5.86/50 at the WalMarts.
  5. gryphon

    gryphon Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the sales guy doesn't have a clue. I've used the blazer ammo in mass quantities in everything from 9mm to .45acp and have not had any ill effects from it.

    Sounds like this guy was trying to "bully" you up to a more expensive ammo.
  6. Steelharp

    Steelharp Well-Known Member

    thisaway, at Academy Sports; they're new to town here, in the Rivergate area. 3.99/50; their regular price, from what I understand.

    Mikey D...
  7. hansolo

    hansolo Member In Memoriam

    Blazer Ammo

    I can only speak for my own positive experience with this high quality - low cost ammo; my "mentor," a retired LEO, shoots CCI/Blazer in all of his handguns(9mm, .40 s&w and .45 acp).

    I mix it up with the regulars: Winchester USA, Sellier&Bellot, UMC, etc. I keep buying Blazer 'cause it is inexpensive, yet very reliable and accurate. I think it's great!
  8. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    From my experience, the Blazer ammo tend to be on the dirty & smokey side. But I'd put up w/ it for a few rounds @ $3.99/50 ;)
  9. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    I've used Blazer ammo. at Thunder Ranch, Chapman Academy and Mas Ayoob's Lethal Force Institute. I've shot thousands of rounds of the stuff on courses where a reliable gun and ammo. are crucial to get through it. No problems whatsoever...
  10. dinosaur

    dinosaur Well-Known Member

    I`ve used it and didn`t notice a problem. One of the young coppers in town has a .357 Sig and one time in qualification he used it. His gun turned into a jam o matic. The extractor was peeling the case back.
  11. ruger357

    ruger357 Well-Known Member

    Never had a problem with it.
  12. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    I call BS.

    CCI makes good ammo. Blazers may be a bit dirty, but for 3.99 a box, I'd be plenty happy to use more Ed's Red.
  13. Bottom Gun

    Bottom Gun Well-Known Member

    Nothing but BS
  14. KMKeller

    KMKeller Well-Known Member

    I've used a lot of Blazer and had excellent results with it. It does however, produce a bit more gunk than your average brand.
  15. Alerion

    Alerion Well-Known Member

    It is from the salesman's point of view. At $3.99/50 it probably has the lowest profit margin of any ammo he sells. :D

    I've never had any problem with Blazer. It may be dirtier than some other ammo but that's relative. My guns get cleaned after a day at the range no matter what ammo I've been shooting.


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