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An observation of lack of common sense and prohibition

Discussion in 'Legal' started by barnetmill, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. barnetmill

    barnetmill Well-Known Member

    I was reading a previous thread that just got closed. One of the comments was by Duke of Doubt, a Senior Member
    I agree that logic can not be depended upon to rule when laws are being pushed by pollitically powerful forces. Logic can not be depended upon to work with politicians, only effective lobbying and maybe how they think people will vote on election day. For past examples see the prohibition on alcohol. For current examples, look at the war on drugs if you want to see laws that can not be effectively enforced. (I am not a proponent of drugs; By the way I do not use anything stronger than Goody's extra strength headache powders).

    The drug war is costing the country millions in enforcement, locks up millions of people in over loaded prisons at great tax dollar cost, does little to rehabilitate, and plain makes no sense as it now is being conducted. Even governments are threatened now by the illegal production and commerce in drugs. But yet the current war on drugs continues without thought or reflection. There is no logic being applied relative to furthering the common good of the country.

    The possibilities of a future war on guns is not something that I like to think about. Logic cannot be depended upon to prevail without political force backing it.
  2. Treo

    Treo member

    Ya know, they lock threads for a reason dude
  3. barnetmill

    barnetmill Well-Known Member

    Especially when people are not polite to everyone. I call people sir or madame, Mr., Mrs., or Ms. etc.

    Not trying to be unpleasant sir, but please take a look at your form of address. At this point I guess this thread could get locked.
  4. deaconkharma

    deaconkharma Well-Known Member

    step by step little by little

    we've found that sudden prohibition on anything widespread is a failure. Whittling away at it... there's your answer. We know the playbook, and we know how it's going. Give a little here give a little there. Thats why an outright "NO" and for God's sake stop people from "reaching across the aisle". Thats why most of us see this phrase as so insideous "common sense gun law". Also instead of fighting a defensive war start fighting to get them back over the line. Start working to get rid of the 86 prohibition... push BACK not just hold the line.

    anyway I need to go return my soap box now. :p

    ..Heller was an Ok start.
  5. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    If you read the lock reasoning of that thread the admin who locked it says it was locked because it got off topic (abortion) and could be reopened if posters stayed on topic.

  6. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    This is political philosophy, which is why it's locked...
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