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Android GPS hunting(and more) app feedback.

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by TheMole74, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. TheMole74

    TheMole74 Member


    I have created an Android app called Sweetspot that I would like to get some feedback on.
    I am a keen hunter myself and I wrote the app because I felt that it would be a good tool when hunting etc.

    If you have the time please check it out.
    Requires minimum 3"screen and touch.
    If you have issues with it, please don't rate it low...instead post a suggestion on this thread or mail me from the google play store.
    It's free and the url is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/...GwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS50ZWRzLnN3ZWV0c3BvdGZyZWUiXQ..

  2. Double Naught Spy

    Double Naught Spy Sus Venator

    Android phone coming at Xmas. What does the app do?
  3. LuvMyGuns

    LuvMyGuns Active Member

    What does the app do?
  4. JoeMal

    JoeMal Well-Known Member

    Per Google Play:
  5. TheMole74

    TheMole74 Member


    Sorry for my late reply...and I see that the description is in the previous post.

    Thank you for your interest.

  6. Double Naught Spy

    Double Naught Spy Sus Venator

    So it is like a GPS app such as putting in a pin in Google Earth on your phone?
  7. TheMole74

    TheMole74 Member

    Yea, kinda. But you are also getting directed to that location and the distance left is shown(based on your current location). Basically lets you mark a location and you can always find your way back to that location.
  8. jrdolall

    jrdolall Well-Known Member

    I found Sweetspot and it says it is for parking in San Diego. Sweetspot Pro is for hunting and is $1.99. I don't buy apps and I don't live in SD but I do have spots marked on my GPS so is this significantly better or just easier because it allows you to carry one less device?

    Wait! I found Sweetspot Free and will give it a run.
  9. courtgreene

    courtgreene Well-Known Member

    downloading it now, and quite looking forward to it, I must say. It's kind of a pain having to try to remember this or that visual cue on public land that could change when the next dude comes walking through. This may be just what I need.
  10. ritepath

    ritepath Well-Known Member

    DL.....time will tell I'll set some waypoints this weekend while hunting.
  11. TheMole74

    TheMole74 Member

    Thank you all for your replies, hope the app works out for you(please let me know). I am working on an update which is going to include some new features, but I still have some work to do before release.
  12. courtgreene

    courtgreene Well-Known Member

    either takes forever or won't get connect to the gps. Not sure why that happens.
  13. TheMole74

    TheMole74 Member

    Are you indoors? the gps takes forever(or a very long time) if you are inside a house...outside the gps initiates in seconds and the app is ment to run outdoors:)
    Many other gps apps initiate with last known location of the device and it might seem that it initiates very fast, but then it is an "old" value that runs until refresh of gps coordinates. Sweetspot can't do that because then you might add "old" outdated values, and you don't want that.
    That is why the app(Sweetspot) checks for fresh values before you can add a spot.
    Try it outside and you shouldn't have a problem

    Thank you for your interest .

  14. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    Ill give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up

    posted via that mobile app with the sig lines everyone complaints about
  15. courtgreene

    courtgreene Well-Known Member

    O.P. I replied to your PM. I don't know if you got it or not though.
  16. ApplePie

    ApplePie Well-Known Member

    I'd add the current altitude and current speed to the app.
  17. Steve H

    Steve H Well-Known Member

    I'd add the Lat. & Long.
  18. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    It just doesn't seem to work for me.

    Near or far most of the time it gives a distance of 0 to the sweetspot

    posted via that mobile app with the sig lines everyone complaints about
  19. TheMole74

    TheMole74 Member

    Thank you for your reply!

    I am working on a new version with some new features and I will consider adding the features you wanted.
    However I want to keep it as clean as possible so that it is user friendly...I might add a button on the menu that turns on "advanced" mode that uses/shows the extra features.
    Do you think that will be an ok solution?
    Thank you once again.
  20. TheMole74

    TheMole74 Member

    Hi R.W.Dale

    Very strange...may I ask what model of phone you use(for bug fix/search).
    I haven't heard of this problem before so I will look into this problem and try and fix it as soon as possible.

    Thank you for supplying this information.


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