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Angry neighbor has an "oops" moment

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Beren, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Beren

    Beren Moderator Emeritus

    This happened in my home county just recently. Thought you might find it a bit of a diversion from the drug war debate or the rabid Wisconsinite saga. Though it's nice to know our state troopers are willing to 'ride shotgun' on tractors. :)


    "Neighbor threatens farmer over late-night harvest

    Wednesday, November 24, 2004
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Should a farmer be able to run his noisy combine at 10:48 at night to gather in the last of his corn crop?

    An Indiana County man didn't think so, but he's the one who ended up in trouble.

    State police said Douglas Bieda, 48, was operating the combine tractor last night in a field off Tunnelton Road in the Clarksburg area of Conemaugh Township. Bieda wanted to harvest the last of his corn before weather got too bad.

    Police said Christopher Bennett, 30, who lives nearby, drove his truck to the field and told Bieda harm would come to him if he didn't stop for the night.

    Bieda stopped and called police. Trooper Bradley Overdorff got on the tractor and Bieda resumed work.

    Minutes later, Bennett returned, this time with a rifle, police reported. Bennett allegedly pointed it at Bieda. When Overdorff got out of the tractor, Bennett began to point the weapon at the trooper, police said.

    Overdorff ordered him to drop the gun. He did and was arrested. Police said they determined later that Bennett was upset about the noise and only wanted to scare Bieda into stopping.

    Now, however, he is charged with aggravated assault and several other counts and is in jail on $10,000 bond."
  2. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee Well-Known Member

    Bennett needs to be locked up for awhile while he contemplates the error of his ways, and get some gratitude the trooper did not shoot him on the spot.
  3. M1911Owner

    M1911Owner Well-Known Member

    As a person who is very sensitive to noise, I'm with the farmer on this one. The crops need to be harvested when they need to be harvested. That's just part of living in the country.
  4. George S.

    George S. Well-Known Member

    Assuming there are no noise ordinances in effect at that hour, the farmer was probably within his rights to run the combine. Whether or not it was the "right thing" to do is another story. He probably should have let his neighbors know that he wanted to finish harvesting and to expect some noise for awhile.

    But the angry neighbor is very lucky he didn't wind up in a pine box after pointing a rifle at the Trooper :eek: It's unbelievable how stupid some poeple can be.....
  5. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

  6. cordex

    cordex Well-Known Member

    Combines can be loud, but a few weeks ago I was watching a farmer harvesting corn across the road from my girlfriend's house at night and I was struck by how quiet it was. Maybe he had a sound suppressor mounted on it.

    Idiot with the rifle needs to reconsider what is worth deadly force.
  7. 2nd Amendment

    2nd Amendment member

    I'm sorry, George, but you have got to be kidding? You harvest when you can. Anyone near fields should know this and, if they don't like it, then they need to move. It's not the farmer's problem.
  8. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    His crazy intolerance will have made (and left) its mark - for good. He was foolish in the extreme.

    I back on to a huge cornfield - and half is yet to be cut. I have little doubt one evening there will be noise and dust - and I too am noise sentitive but - this has to be done and as Justin implied ... there are always ear plugs.

    This guy will (should) regret this stupidity for rest of his life I fear.
  9. erikm

    erikm Well-Known Member

    Somehow, I think Bennet would have been more successful with a wad of cash...

    As in "Here's $200 if you stop harvesting now. If the weather goes bad tonight, I'll re-emburse you for the lost part of your crop".

    However, I have serious doubts he would have been financially able to try this :)

    I agree that anyone living around arable farmers should realize that when it's harvest time any sane farmer won't stop working until the harvest is in.

    Oh well, all's well that ends well. Noone got hurt, though I'll admit Bennet looks like a bonehead.

    Hmm... If the trooper hadn't been on board, Bieda could have chased after Bennet with his combine. :eek:

    ErikM :evil:
  10. joebogey

    joebogey Well-Known Member


    Somehow I doubt that very much. He's already shown a lack of common sense in the whole thing. Instead he'll spend his time whining and complaining about how he got caught up in a conspiracy brought together by the farmer and the State Policeman.
  11. molonlabe

    molonlabe Well-Known Member

    cool. Another idiot who won't be able to own a gun again.
  12. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    This type of thing is happening more and more as people move to the country. They expect serenity and quiet, then they find out that combines are loud, land planes make a lot of dust, and cows and pigs smell bad. So they complain to the authorities that "something must be done".

    Colorado recently passed a "Right to Farm" law that protects the farmer against these complainers.
  13. Yooper

    Yooper Well-Known Member

    People don't appreciate how much time, energy, and investment go into planting and growing a crop, not to mention the risk involved with the weather. You harvest whenever you can to avoid additional expenses and losses. If the farm was there when the neighbor arrived, perhaps he should have investigated what farming was all about.
  14. Bushwhacker

    Bushwhacker Well-Known Member

    Betcha the guy ain't sleeping to "quietly" in the local slammer :evil:
    Here tell "Bubba" to keep it quiet! SLAMMMMMMMM!!! :what:
  15. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Having grown up in the "Agricultural South" I too know the pleasures of having to put in and take out the crops as weather allows. On the tractor @6:00AM, off @11:00PM

    Spent waaaaayyy too many hours un-sticking combines & cotton pickers from fields that were wet.

    And don't complain about farm noise while your belly and mouth are full.
  16. Zach S

    Zach S Well-Known Member

    Hey, those are the same earplugs I use at work and the range...

    Larry has a good point. Lots of folks move to the country for peace and quite, then find out farm equipment isnt very quite, so they complain. I always thought it was kinda funny.
  17. txgho1911

    txgho1911 Well-Known Member

    Going Home

    I would love to go home. TX hill country NW of Austin. 10 miles off the hwy.
    If instead I could only afford a place SW of Houston I will be able to count on having a combine in my ear every Fall. If I did not hear any road noise or people noise from next door then I would be happy to put up with a combine in my ear. The smell of livestock on most days is not overpowering. I would already have avoided the hog-farm.
  18. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    Sheee*. Put him away, that was totally uncalled for.

    Is this another case of city-boy moving into rural area for the good life, not realizing that pigs smell ("the smell of money" as my pig farmer dad would say), tractors go slow and farmers don't have an 8 to 5 schedule?
  19. TallPine

    TallPine Well-Known Member

    Out here in MT the ranchers/farmers often bale hay in the middle of the night because that is the only time that the moisture content is right for the baler to work right.

    During the day it is often too dry (and/or hot ... sometimes 95-110 F)
  20. Tory

    Tory member

    Insolent arrivistes

    "Lots of folks move to the country for peace and quite [sic], then find out farm equipment isnt very quite [sic], so they complain. I always thought it was kinda funny."

    It's a lot WORSE than "funny" when these yuppie snots get taken seriously. We've had farms and air strips threatened and even shut down by these urban idiots who think they are the epicenter of creation, food magically appears wrapped in plastic, and their house should be the last one built. They buy a house abutting a farm, airport, dump or whatever and then expect that facility - which predates THEIR existence by decades - to accommodate them!

    Even more pathetic when town governments and even the courts treat these selfish cretins as if THEY were the ones who came first. What a travesty of property rights and logic. :barf:

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