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... another beautiful day at the range, pics included.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Floppy_D, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Floppy_D

    Floppy_D Member In Memoriam

    My leave is wrapping up, so I figured I oughtta grab a couple buddies and head out to Chickahominy. Low 60s, light breeze, clear sky:

    Brought my 10/22. Green Mountain barrel, Evo stock, Eabco deluxe trigger kit, Barska scope.

    Here's my buddy Brian's 10/22, I think he's using a Whistlepig barrel. He's got more shiny stuff on his:

    Average 10 shot groups @ 50yds with Winchester Super X:

    Those flyers are probably my fault. I need to pick up some match ammo and see if it makes a difference. One way or another, we had fun.
    Getting out to the range on a nice day is kinda like a bath for the soul. :)
  2. Horsemany

    Horsemany Well-Known Member

    Yep! I know what you mean. Especially this time of year a range trip starts making the mouth water with the thought of finally using the boomsticks afield. I appreciate the nice days more cause I know they wont be around much longer.
  3. federalfarmer

    federalfarmer Well-Known Member

    .22's are a great day at the range. How long are you at NAS Pensacola? My brother-in-law graduated from OCS there in 01 or 02. I have friends in Cantonment (sp?) -- well enjoy your range time.
  4. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    Looks like fun! Get some eye protection. :cool:
  5. fireflyfather

    fireflyfather Well-Known Member

    there were shooting glasses on the bench. They just weren't wearing them. Look closer.
  6. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    That looks like a pretty nice shootin' hole! I'd love to have something like that in my backyard.
  7. Floppy_D

    Floppy_D Member In Memoriam

    I had it, just didn't wear it while "posing". Caught me. :)

    Depends on what pipeline I end up in, but at least a year is a safe bet.

    It's real nice. So nice in fact, that I went back this morning. :D

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