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Another 'Gun for my Wife' thread--but this one with criteria!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Teufelhunden, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Teufelhunden

    Teufelhunden Well-Known Member

    My wife has finally decided to get her CCW because some strange things have started happening to other attorneys in her office, and some strange cars have been seen more than once in an evening at her office.

    She's expressed a preference for auto-chuckers in the past, so we'll stick with that for now. She's a competent, but indifferent shooter; she can put rounds on paper, but she doesn't really enjoy going to the range. Due to that, I'm looking for a small(er) heavy semi-auto in nothing bigger than 9mm. She'll be carrying off-body most of the time, which is why I'm looking for a heavier weapon--that and recoil moderation. I'd also like it to have a positive safety instead of a passive safety as on the Glocks or XD series. It is, after all, going to be in her tote bag (albeit in a holster) so I'd like the extra measure of safety.

    Poking around and doing some research has suggested the CZ-75 Compact--but I'm not sure how 'compact' that is. It's got a 3.9" barrel, so I'm wondering if it's approximately the size of my 4" Springfield XD. It's a 2lb gun though, so that's headed in the right direction.

    Ideally, I'm looking for something about the size of a Taurus PT-145, but much heavier.


  2. Frandy

    Frandy Well-Known Member

    Well, I'll state the obvious... She needs to put her hands on whatever it is she might buy and then defend herself with.

    As far as your statement above...no offense...but, I sure hope that doesn't mean that she won't be practicing much. Anyone carrying should make it their duty to practice and drill. In a life-threatening situation, one doesn't want to be in learning mode. Sorry, you are probably well aware of that.
  3. Trisha

    Trisha Well-Known Member

    Though a HK USP Compact in 9mm would be my immediate suggestion, I'd say the Baby Eagle in the same caliber would fit the requirement nicely.

    I'd see if she would agree to a minimum monthly session at a range (maybe an indoor membership would be easier, if such is available in your area?) of at least fifty rounds.

    Best of luck!

  4. Kramer Krazy

    Kramer Krazy Well-Known Member

    I'd have her look into the S&W 5906 and 5903 guns. You can find some really good deals on ex-cop guns, and the weight, hi-capacity, reliability, and accuracy are great. My wife loves her 5903. We got it at a gun show for $344 and had 6 to pick and choose from.
  5. bubbygator

    bubbygator Well-Known Member

    How about a Browning Pro-9 ?
  6. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

  7. PaulDaisy

    PaulDaisy Active Member

  8. justdavid

    justdavid Member

    The S&W 39** and 69** series come to mind as well.

  9. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    Sounds like and HK P7M8 or P7 PSP, would do nicely. There are still good deals on German Police refurb PSP's. I use one as my primary and the M8 just goes to the range.

    A CZ-75 PCR or P01 would also be great if she wants higher capacity.

    BTW, my wife carries an S&W 642 (lightweight snub .38 Spl revolver). She wanted something light and that is light, plus likes revolvers more than autos.
  10. Pointman1776

    Pointman1776 Well-Known Member

    For 9mm: CZ P-01 or Sig P228/229 or P239. If you want single stack for smaller hands, try Sig P225. The decocking lever should be a big comfort to her.
  11. LeonCarr

    LeonCarr Well-Known Member

    Has she visited a gun shop or gun range and tried a few on for size? Let her pick out the gun, or she won't be happy. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, wore it out :).

    Just my .02,
  12. Spoonman

    Spoonman Well-Known Member

    Hi, Teuf

    It may be helpful, as others have opined, to let her hold and dry-fire as many different weapons as she can in order to determine fit and such. If she's not "into" guns, she may find the S&W 642 interesting (as do many who ARE "into" guns). It's reliable, relatively small and smooth (no exposed hammer), lightweight, and has acceptable power w/ Silvertips or Hydra-Shoks. It's pretty safe for purse carry (DAO). My wife loves hers (actually a 442, all black version) and I carry mine anytime I need to carry a pocket pistol (shorts and t-shirt). It is not pleasant to shoot for extended range sessions, however.
    I know you specified an auto but I thought I'd inject a little diversity.
  13. Majic

    Majic Well-Known Member

    Similar thread, different critierior, but the same answer. Take her to the gun store and let her shop. Only she will know what's right for her. Your job is to stand ready with the checkbook or credit card.
  14. ILLINI

    ILLINI Active Member

    You can't go wrong with the S&W 3913 Lady Smith. All metal construction, single stack, manual safety, accurate, and good handling. Sounds like the perfect fit...Illini
  15. albanian

    albanian member

    I also think the S&W 3913 seems to fit the criteria very well. Lady Smith or non-Lady Smith should both work. Many guys prefer the Lady Smith so check them both out and have her give the imput.

    A few others that may fit the bill. Kahr K-9, it doesn't have a manual safety but it is the best compact 9mm on the market. The SIG 239, about the same size and weight as the S&W 3913 but with a de-cock only and no manual safety. This is the best trigger config IMHO. I prefer DA/SA with de-cocker to all other action types for any kind of self defense situation. Many people do not but many people are morons. :neener: Just kidding.

    There are actually quite a large number of guns that fit into your criteria. You want her to have a gun that shoots probably a 9mm since anything larger is harder to shoot and recoils too much. You also want the gun to have enough weight to soak up some recoil as well. You want the gun to be compact but not tiny since that would increase recoil. The reason I know there are lots of guns that will work is that when I was looking for a small light weight auto in 9mm, I kept running across guns that I liked but were too heavy for easy carry. The big three in my mind are the ones I have mentioned. There are also some double stake 9mms that she may or may not be able to wrap her hands around. Glock 26, CZ-PCR, S&W 6906, and Walther's new 9mm come to mind.

    I don't see any reason to go down to a .380. The recoil in most .380s is at least a bad as a 9mm since nearly every .380 made is blowback operated. There are some nice guns chambered in .380 however. The Bersa, Mak, SIG 230, and Walther PPK are all proven winners that have been working for decades.

    These are just some suggestions that she should try but she does of course need to decide for herself since everyone's hand is different.
  16. Jammer Six

    Jammer Six member

    Here we go again.

    Yet another shooter who attracted a woman incapable of making her own decisions.

    What is it about shooters that attracts women who can't pick their own weapons?

    My suggestion is a new wife. One who can think for herself.

    Your mileage probably varies. :cool:
  17. gazpacho

    gazpacho Well-Known Member

    The Taurus PT938 is a locked breech .380acp. It is virtually identical to the PT911.

    A suggestion. What ever your wife decides on for a CCW, you should carry the exact same weapon. God forbid, if you should ever become incapacitated, and your wife would need the use of your weapon, her familiarity with your weapon could mean the difference between life and death. Also, all the magazines/ammo carried by the two of you would be compatible.
  18. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member

    Sig P239..

    Then, 6 months or so down the road (they aren't in production yet) buy her a Crimson Trace lasergrip for it.. If she prefer's the 357Sig/40cal, LaserMax can hook her up right now.. In my opinion CT and LaserMax are the top dogs in the laser business.

    I've personally never seen a better all around package than the Sig P239. It's very accurate.. One hundred percent reliable. Sweet.


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