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Another Gun Shop Rant

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Detachment Charlie, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Detachment Charlie

    Detachment Charlie New Member

    In someways I feel like the little kid who says, "There's got to be a pony in here somewhere."
    For about the sixth time I returned to a gun shop close to my office, hoping for a better experience than the previous visits. I was looking for some new +P .38 Spl. ammo for my 2" Mod. 10 -- my default carry gun. I wanted some of the Corbon Pow-R-Ball or the new 135 gr. Golden Sabers.
    As usual, the place was empty when I went in. This should have given me a clue. It was lunch hour and a gun shop is empty except for the owner. He was on the phone. Good, I can browse the ammo shelf in peace for a few minutes.
    About the time I pick up a box of +P Corbons, he hangs-up and asks if he can help. Holding up the Corbon box, I ask if these perhaps are the Pow-R-Ball loadings.
    "Pure Ball? Never heard of Pure Ball," he says.
    "No, POWER - BALL. Corban makes them," I explain.
    "No they don't. I never heard of them. What do they do," he asks, looking at me as though he were a member of the MMM. "Kill better?"
    Instead of replying with an honest, "Yes, especially on fat b$st$rds like you," I smile and say, "No, they have a polymer ball in the hollow point cone and are designed to expand at velocities you can get out of a 2" barrel."
    "No, they don't," he states.
    I replace the box on the shelf, and silently leave, ashamed that I actually went back to this guy, expecting that all of the other times he was having a bad day or severe constipation.
    I feel like a real dope.
    Good thing there is a gun show this weekend so I can at least get some tactical jerky.:banghead:
  2. hillbilly

    hillbilly New Member

    C'mon, name of gun shop, at least.

    Address or email would be even better.

    At least name the gun shop.

  3. foghornl

    foghornl New Member


    There is no pony in that joint, only a steaming "pony-pile".

    Dang it, man, save yourself an ulcer or 2 and stay outta there. That guy doesn't deserve a dime of your business.

    My favorite gunshop is a bit higher on ammo than some other places, but I know that I will be treated in a friendly, courteous manner, as though I am their biggest customer. I get treated that way every time, no matter what I buy, from nothing at all, up to a new firearm.

    "Doc, I broke my arm in 4 places. Well, Sam, stay outta those places......."
  4. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee New Member

    The guy is probably close to deaf from shooting for years without ear protection. Cut him some slack.

    I'll bet he would order whatever you want, though.
  5. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    People who act like they don't want my money don't get my money.
  6. Kestrel

    Kestrel New Member

    I hate gun shops like that. Why does it seem there are more guys like that in gun shops than any other business? I know how you feel. There is a store in my area that I refuse to go in. Every now and then I will go in, though, just on the hopes that they have something unusual that I can't pass up. It never changes, though. EVERY time, they are jerks. Their prices are obscene. I mean insultingly obscene. Oh - and they don't even try to help you. I've never understood how they stay in business. They always have advice that is out of step with proven experience.

    I would love to call that gunshop you went to and ask that guy for PowerBall. When he acts clueless, tell him it's for "killin' better". Tell him I want to buy 28 cases. What a jerk.

    I quit going to gun shows nearly 15 years ago, but the gun shows were always full of these kind of guys, too.

  7. MishMash

    MishMash New Member

    What a bummer. Unfortunately, some stores act as if they are doing you the favor by waiting on you or selling you something.

    Then, the Internet and the World Wide Web was invented. Then, the field was leveled.....

  8. bogie

    bogie New Member

    Congratu-bleepin'-lations... You knew something that the gun store guy didn't know.

    Feel better now?

    I know something you don't know...
  9. Detachment Charlie

    Detachment Charlie New Member

    Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. You must have been on your coffe break at the gun shop.
  10. gp59

    gp59 Guest

    D C I know how you feel. I just came home from visiting the only local gun shop in my area and its 12 miles to the north of me. I was boiling mad by the time i left. this is not the first time I've had a bad experience with this shop. It's mostly just two of there employees that they have working there that have a attitude. they act like my money isn't good enough for them or just flat out ignore me when Im standing there with ammo in my hand ready to pay for it. and if i want to look at a gun in the case there rude and act like it's a big effort to help me. but the worst part is they have a whole storeroom full of used guns and if you don't see what your looking for in the case and ask if they might have any in there storeroom, most of the time they won't bother even looking, just give me a loud NO!. Iv'e gone to the owner several time and asked him if he could look and he's happy to and 95 % of the time he has something im looking for. but his two longtime employees don't seem to give a crap weather they sell you a gun or not. unless it happens to be a brand they like then there more then happy to help. this shop has a good size staff, it's just those two that work the handgun counter that seem to have a attitude problem.

    :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
  11. ScottS

    ScottS New Member

    What? That you're a S-Head? Too late, we already know that.

    DC didn't go in to the store to "show up" the counter-guy. He asked about ammo the counter guy didn't know about, and instead of saying, "Oh, I didn't know they made that," he said, "No they don't." Because he (counter guy) had never heard of it, it didn't exist.

    And people say, "Why are you buying your ammo at Wallyworld, instead of supporting the small gunshop owner..."

  12. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    It isn't whether he knew more than the guy behind the counter. It's that the guy behind the counter was a complete jerk to him when he asked him a question.

    Instead of being an obstinate jerk, a decent saleman would have heard him out and then gone to check and see if he had any in stock, or could get some.
  13. Zeke Menuar

    Zeke Menuar New Member


    I haven't bought a gun/ammo from a gunshop for so long I thought they were obsolete.

    I have been using my C&R license to fill gaps in the gunsafe.

    Why not order the stuff off the internet and blow-off the gunshop altogether?

  14. longtom4570

    longtom4570 New Member

    There is a gun shop that i used to go to,but he had high prices and was a real jerk. I went in one time and saw a Schoefield, i asked to see it he acted like i was wasting his time,well i looked at the price and went:what: politely handed it back and said no thanks. I said that AZ Sportsman had one for a lot less, he acted like i was stealing food out of his mouth from his children and gonna run him out of business. I thanked him again and started to leave he sputtered and made me an offer to match what i saw it for else where,that and a pair of sheepskin lined slippers for what he originaly wanted for it. Found out later that it was a different pistol importer the other place had whoops did i go back and tell him:evil: :evil:
    From now on i go to a much better store, they even know my name:D
  15. DorGunR

    DorGunR New Member

    foghornl posted
    My favorite gunshop is a bit higher on ammo than some other places, but I know that I will be treated in a friendly, courteous manner, as though I am their biggest customer. I get treated that way every time, no matter what I buy, from nothing at all, up to a new firearm.

    That's exactly how my local gun store treats me.......plus the owner and the other guy that works there really know guns. It's a pure pleasure to shop there..........................I'm blessed.:D
  16. PATH

    PATH New Member

    If I don't know I will say so and I will not make up an answer. If I have never heard of a type of ammo or firearm I will ask for information as I really want to learn. I will order it in if I possibly can, for you see, I want your business.

    One of the reasons I am at this board is because there is more I don't know than I do know. Sometimes I feel rather inadequate at this board given the number of highly informed and talented people but I am here to learn from my fellow shooters. I am not ashamed to say "I don't know". I am also quick to say "I'll find out" or "can you tell me about that"!
  17. cheygriz

    cheygriz New Member

    There are two gun stores in the northern rockies area that I patronize.

    There are dozens that I won't enter because the guys behind the counters are either ignorant, arrogant or both.

    One shop in particular is dishearetening because he carries a wonderful selection of almost everything shooting related, his prices are more or less competitive, and his displays are well laid out and attractive.

    Unfortunately, the guy is such a complete horse's arse that I won't speak to him, much less do business with him. Too bad!
  18. Tamara

    Tamara Senior Member

    Yup, all us gun shop employees are illiterate hicks that don't know jack about jack.

    If it wasn't for all the quantum physicists (who are, of course, married to supermodels, as the [thankfully] laminated photos in their wallets will attest) that come through the door every day to enlighten us about their days killing gooks with laser rifles in the 'Nam with SEEL Team 37.5, we wouldn't know a thing about the state of modern firearms.
  19. cheygriz

    cheygriz New Member


    Not everyone that works in a gun shop fits the same mold. Some folks, especially in the shops I patronize, are extremely knowledgeable and courteous. But I think you will admit that a very large percentage are minimum wage folks that the owner hired because he won't pay a decent wage to attract more knowledgeable employees.
  20. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    :D :D :D


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