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-Another- Taurus Millennium/Millennium Pro question for OWNERS

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Caimlas, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Caimlas

    Caimlas Well-Known Member

    For those of you who have a Taurus Millennium or Millennium Pro (PT111, PT140, PT15, PT138, PT132, etc.) 2nd or 3rd series, could you tell me which which of the following attributes your pistol has, if any?

    - which series you have (2nd or third)
    - Rounded slide top (as opposed to serpentine bevels, which is standard) - not stop, but top.
    - Picatinny rail
    - any other features which may be non-standard
    - which scrollmark the slide has (Millennium or Millennium Pro)


    I'm just trying to aggregate this information in an accurate manner for those of us who enjoy these pistols. :)

    The information about 2nd vs. 3rd series I've compiled so far can be found here:
    Identifying the Differences Between the Taurus Millennium and Millennium Pro

    Short version: 2nd series has a long, double action trigger, 3rd series has a DA/SA trigger (in case you're not sure)
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2007
  2. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    If I properly recall, mine is 3rd gen according to the "Z" being the second charachter in the serial number.

    I'm not sure what you mean by rounded slide stop. Explain and I'll let you know.

    I does not have a rail.

    Does horrible accuracy count as a non-standard feature?

    If you hold the pistol out as if you were going to shoot it, the left side of the slide has "Millennium" engraved in it. The right side, at the front, says PT138 Pro.

    If you'd like I can take a crap load of pictures of my 138 for your site.
  3. Caimlas

    Caimlas Well-Known Member

    XDKingslayer - not stop, but top. IE, the bevel on the corners of the slide's upper surface are arc cut as opposed to serpentine cut.
  4. bob9900

    bob9900 New Member

    O.K., with the pistol at hand, here goes.
    Mine is a 2007 model PT140, I suppose it is a 3d Gen; however the 2d digit in the S/N is the letter A (alpha). It has the word Millennium on the left side and PT140 Pro on the right. It has no rail. I'm not sure what you mean by "Rounded slide top," but mine looks like the blue over tan PT111 in your blog. In regard to accuracy, I was at the range today and firing at 7 yards, put 40 rounds in the 8, 9, and 10 rings, with 4 in the X. It mostly shoots to the left, but that may be a function of the shooter and not the weapon.
    I hope this helps.
  5. Smokewagon45

    Smokewagon45 Well-Known Member

    PT145 manufactured February 2007. 3rd generation. Has accessory rail. Stainless Steel. Serpentine bevel. Millennium on the left side. PT145 Pro on right.

    PT111 manufactured November 2005. 2nd generation I believe. No accessory rail. Blue. Serpentine bevel. Millennium Pro on left side. PT111 on the right side.

    Both flawless in function to date.:D
  6. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

  7. Redneck with a 40

    Redneck with a 40 Well-Known Member

    My PT-140 Pro is circa January 2005, so its a 2nd generation. No rail, serpentine cut, Millenium Pro on the left side and PT-140 on the right side.
  8. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    Sorry I couldn't get back to this thread until today. I'll take a look at my slide top if I remember tonight, but I don't recall any serpentine cuts in it. Maybe I never noticed...

    Do you want pictures for your site?
  9. Papaster

    Papaster Well-Known Member

    First, kudos for tackling and explaining so well on your sight the differences and order of such a complex and differing production line. This was a pretty confusing thing to me as well.
    Mine is a 3rd Gen, PT145Pro (this is marked on the right side of the slide). On the left side of the slide, Millennium is marked w/o "Pro." Mine is SS w/ an accessory rail. I was unaware that this was the minority of the Millenniums Taurus produced. Most I have seen for sale new lately have had this feature. Perhaps different markets received different frames?
    Also, mine features the serpentine bevel.
  10. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    Ok, I went home at lunch to look at my Taurus and I'm not sure what exactly you guys mean by serpentine beveling on the slide top.
  11. Eric86GT

    Eric86GT Active Member

    The difference between rounded and serpentine is that the serpentine cut has kind of a "shelf" where it meets the side of the slide.

    I have a 3rd gen PT140. No idea when it was made, but the 2nd letter of the serial number is Z. Serpentine cut, stainless slide, no rail. Slide has "Millenium" on left and "PT140 Pro" on the right.
  12. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    Are you talking the serrations on the rear of the slide or where the slide top and sides meet.

    I'm sorry, but for some silly reason I'm not wrapping my head around this...
  13. Eric86GT

    Eric86GT Active Member

    We're talking about where the slide top and sides meet.
  14. Ifishsum

    Ifishsum Well-Known Member

    Just like mine but bought in 2006. Got 4-500 rounds through her with no hiccups, and quite accurate if you really focus on the trigger squeeze. My daily CCW.
  15. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    Ok. I think I understand. The bevelling on the slide of mine have like a Roman Ogee cut to them. I guess that's what you guys are calling serpentine. It curves in, then out, then back in.

    Kinda like this: http://www.toolbarn.com/category/romanogeebits/
  16. MudCamper

    MudCamper Well-Known Member

    I will take pictures of mine later and post them. It was sold to me as a "Third Generation Millenium Pro PT145". The problem is that there are several definitions of "Third Generation" floating around out there. I have read on another site (can't remember which) that it goes like this: Millenium, then Millenium Pro 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations, for a total of 4 generations, 3 of them Mil Pros. What I am beginning to believe is that there really is no such thing as any set "generations" - that Taurus has slowly evolved the pistol and there are actually numerous steps along the way. To make matters worse, the have pictures of an ancient "generation" on their own website...

    A problem I have. I can't find a holster for this gun. I've tried 3, from Bianchi and Galco. They are all too small. They were obviously made for a different "generation". They don't have enough room for the equipment rail, nor for how far forward the trigger guard is.
  17. MudCamper

    MudCamper Well-Known Member

  18. MudCamper

    MudCamper Well-Known Member

    OK here are pics of mine. It's .45 ACP. It says Millennium on one side, PT 145 PRO on the other. The serial number starts with "NZL". It's got a SA/DA (Pre-set hybrid) type trigger. It's got the rail. It's got the "memory pads". It has Heine "straight 8" sights. It has fired flawlessly so far (only 200 rounds, Remington and Winchester JHPs). And it's a sweet little cannon. :)



  19. Eric86GT

    Eric86GT Active Member

    Yeah the rounded cut will be just like a rounded corner.
  20. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    You are right, by changing their models without changing the model names (PT 111, 140, 145, etc) it can be confusing. I normally wouldn't point out errors on your website, but you do ask for people to do so:

    -I'll start with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation: IF you go only by major features obvious to the buyer, you are right. If you want to look at it the way S&W does (-1, -2, -3, etc.) and go by production changes, we are in at least -4 that I know of. There were the original Millenniums with their pin shearing (9mm and .40S&W) and frame cracking (.45ACP) and poor triggers, the later Millenniums that suppposedly fixed the pin shearing and frame cracking, the original DAO Millennium Pros (strengthened frames, larger frames except in the PT145, better DAO triggers), and the current SA/DA Millennium Pro.

    -In your article you state that the frame cracking issue in the original Millennium was with the .40S&W PT140 and maybe the .45ACP PT145. The original PT140 had the same problem as the original PT111, pin shearing. The .45ACP PT145 is the primary version with the frame cracking issue.

    -You mention visual differences between the original Millennium and the Millennium Pro. This is only the case in non-.45ACP Millenniums and Millennium Pros. The original PT 132, 138, 111, and 140 had a much smaller frame and grip than the PT145. When Taurus went with the stronger Millennium Pro, all of them had the same frame as the PT145. So, the original Millennium PT145 will look the same as the newer PT 145 Millennium Pro (except for the Pro rollmark), but the others will indeed look different (but the PT 111 M. Pro for instance, looks very similar to the original PT 145 Millennium). BTW- the larger frame is the reason the 9mm PT111 can now be had with 12 rounds while in the original it wasn't- the current grip length is longer, they were never single stack (until the PT 745 Millennium Pro came out much later).

    -All Millenniums have the built-in lock, it didn't start with the Pro.

    -From what I can tell, the versions of the Pro without the accessory rail are in the minority, not those with it as you state.

    I don't want to sound too negative. You put together a great site, and you have gathered a lot of good information. You do ask for us to point out mistakes, so I did. I still think you did a great job.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2007

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