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Anthrax & Gunowners?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by S VOLK, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. S VOLK

    S VOLK Member

    Canada: Anthrax & Gunowners!

    Hello from Canada! Today's Edmonton Sun reported on its Front Page Headline and on Page 4:


    "Anthrax was confirmed last night in an initial test of a suspicious package addressed to Canada's firearms registry at a major Canada Post facility in the city, say authorities."

    This major newspaper was sold throughout Edmonton and surrounding area. Meanwhile, on the evening news just a few moments ago, it was revealed the initial testing showed the white powder initially-tested showed it was not anthrax. Clearly, the spin doctors are associating gunowners with terrorists! What next?
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  2. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    As I keep saying...........it is Orwellian!:uhoh:
  3. blades67

    blades67 Well-Known Member

    More drivel from the "If it bleeds, it leads!" bunch.:rolleyes:

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