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Antis are correct/Guns evil and dangerous

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by PlayboyPenguin, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Okay, I finally have to admit that maybe the antis are correct. Guns are evil and dangerous. At least some of them are...I was minding my own business rearranging my gun safe tonight to make room for the new items I purchased this last week (Ruger .44mag Blackhawk and a S&W .38spl+P 637) when suddenly my .44mag Super Blackhawk with the 7.5" barrel took the oppotunity to attack.:what:

    I always knew he would be the first to turn on me. He just had that look like he couldn't be trusted.

    It lept from the top shelf of the safe and went straight for my throat. Luckily I was able to get my hands up and after a short struggle was able to deflect it's attack. Unfortunately it got in one last blow before I was able to subdue it. :(

    Translation: it fell from the top shelf when I removed the wrong brace pin and I was unable to get a good hold on it and dropped it on my bare foot. I now have at least one broken toe and one badly bruised toenail. It is still hurting now; over an hour later.

    My life flashed before my eyes as I saw it falling. I actually gasped out loud. Even after it landed on my bare foot my first thought was "Oh no! The wooden handle is going to be cracked or the finish will be badly marred". Luckily I had the forsight months ago to surround my safes withthose foam rubber matts so the gun was completely unscathed. Not even a blemish.:)

    Bad thing is, if I had just let it fall it would have been fine but instead I tried to catch it and got hurt. I just couldn't let it hit the floor without a fight.:(

    Even sadder is this is the second time I have done something similar to this.

    PS: I know that eventually someone that I have pi$$ed off will quote that first line out on context. :)
  2. torpid

    torpid Well-Known Member

    Ouch- sorry for your toe!

    Yeah, one thing I've picked up here is that trying to catch a falling gun may be a bad idea, esecially at the range.


    PS: I am so PO'd at the first line!
  3. Geronimo45

    Geronimo45 Well-Known Member

    I caught a falling rifle, muzzle first, with my big toe... I feel your pain.

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  4. hexidismal

    hexidismal Well-Known Member

    Its not just the guns that are evil .. it's the bullets too.. or maybe the magazines ! A couple days back I got a ProMag 10 rounder for the p345( p90 by manufacture, but it fits ). Well I got 9 rounds in it just to test it out , but the spring was so tight that the round got jammed in there so tight that there was no moving it. Of course, now I realize that this was an evil plot, seeing as how guns and their components are obviously evil. Anyway, there was just no getting the thing unjammed.. so I knew I had to remove the baseplate on the mag. In doing so, I tried my best to hold in the spring .. but it attacked me ! Kicked the baseplate off and the spring shot out right at my face leaving a nice scratch and black and blue on my cheek from the little plastic spring follower. I was lucky the damn spring didnt put my out out .. I know it tried... oh yes, it tried. I got back at it though .. I took out the dremel and cut a few coils off of it .. HA .. now it knows whos boss. You can never take your eyes off the evil guns and ammo though folks.. that's what they're waiting for.
  5. carpediem

    carpediem Well-Known Member

    Gives a whole new meaning to 'you're 419 times more likely to be killed by your own gun'
  6. heypete

    heypete Well-Known Member

    Incidents I've had with guns or accessories causing direct physical harm to me:

    1) Dropping .50 caliber ammo cans edge-first on my shod foot. Mucho pain and brusing.
    2) Having the takedown lever and takedown lever spring in my Glock 19 breaking and falling out. This caused no malfunction, but when I went home to clean it I removed the magazine, opened the action, verified that it was clear, closed the action, pulled the trigger (necessary to disassemble it), and the slide fell off the rails and landed on my groin. Ouch.
    3) Disassembling my Browning M1919 resulted in the solid steel bold (which weighs about 8-10 pounds) falling on my bare foot. To add insult to injury, the powerful recoil spring sprung out of the action, shooting the spring guide across the room and leaving a substantial dent in my wall.
    4) Having the bolt on my Ruger Mk3 pistol pinch on the flesh of my palm, causing a dime-sized semi-circular cut and bruising.
    5) Having to military press a Browning M2 .50 caliber machinegun receiver (and at a different time, the barrel) while in the army. They weren't lying when they said HEAVY machinegun. :cuss:

    So far, no serious injuries or wounds. Still, minor injuries abound. I guess guns really ARE dangerous...:evil:
  7. strambo

    strambo Well-Known Member

    I lift kettlebells. There is a saying "the KB has the right of way". That should probably apply to big 'ol magnum revos at least. You might not have to yield to a Kel Tec P3AT though.;)
  8. Mark Whiteman

    Mark Whiteman Well-Known Member

    You're liable to lose the nail. It freaks kids and spouses, but wear your scar with pride.
  9. AmbulanceDriver

    AmbulanceDriver Well-Known Member

    That reminds me of a saying in EMS. Yield to tonnage (YTT). It don't matter if you have your lights and sirens going, that fully loaded semi is *NOT* gonna stop anytime soon.

    I would say that YTT would apply to large framed magnum revolvers as well..... :)

    (BTW, the variant of YTT is the lugnut rule: He with the most lugnuts, WINS.)
  10. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Well-Known Member

    Anything about guns is evil. My HK's have taken the opportunity to snap down on my thumb with the hammer as I was petting them. Maybe not enough lead in their diet. The magazines for my Beretta are particularly fiesty. At feeding time, they gnaw on my sides of my thumbs. Nasty critters.
  11. strambo

    strambo Well-Known Member

    Whoa, the lugnut rule. If I get hurt on leave, I want you to drive me AmbulanceDriver, if you can count/compare lug nut ratios while driving code 3, you ROCK!;) Just don't take me to that one in Hilllsboro...used to work there... :eek:
  12. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Oh Yeah...Iv'e known a few eeeeeevil guns, too....

    Brother's (new at the time) Rem 1100 slammed the bolt/extractor INTO my hand when I looked inside the receiver and thought {Or, more likely, DIDN'T think} "now what does that little shiny thing waaay back there do???" a microsecond or 2 before the extractor poked a nice red drippy hole in my hand :eek:

    Found out you can't do the "Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain in The Rifleman" twirl of a full-length Marlin 336 without smacking yourself in the face. :cuss:

    REALLY Cheap revolvers are exactly that....I had (IIRC) one of the RG double-action .22 revolvers. It sent more lead sideways and back toward the operator than it ever delivered to the target. :what:

    Do not try "wing shooting" with a Pistol Grip Only shotgun, stoked with some seriously stout loads (Hi-Brass #5 shot, 1-1/4 oz). Hint...my buds called me Rocky Raccoon for about 2 weeks after that. :cuss: :eek: :eek:
  13. Amish_Bill

    Amish_Bill Well-Known Member

    Had an M213 stock on an AR once...
    It was fairly jammed up. I beat on it to get it to slide back and forth like it's supposed to.. and it moved. It drove the stop pin on the stock right into my hand on the way.
  14. romma

    romma Well-Known Member

    The slide on my Walther IS The incarnation of evil himself...
  15. Mark Whiteman

    Mark Whiteman Well-Known Member

    Foghornl, when it comes to longarms, you sound like a hard man to convince! I had a buddy like that. He inherited an old side-by-side shotgun, and to test it to see if it was fit to shoot, he lashed it, literally (20 feet of rope), to a tree with the butt in the crotch of a tree branch. He tripped the trigger with a string. I never knew black walnut could shatter like that...:D
  16. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    I almost forgot (I REALLY REALLY tried to forget) about my experiences with my first shotgun..."Pops" {grandfathers} 16-Ga Savage/Stevens Mdl 94B ...the light one with the "Tenite" stock & fore-end. Tenite was some sort of Nylon/Plastic stuff.

    Anyway, I had seen another guy with a similar break-open shotty do a kind of speed-load...carried a fresh shell in the last 2 fingers of his trigger hand. Shoot, thumb over the action latch, thow in new shell, and do a fast swing-it-shut move. Well, I tried that, and ended up with my thumb in the chamber, but continued the move by trying to swing the barrel shut...

    OW! QUIT IT!:cuss: :cuss: :cuss:

    Dislocated my thumb at the middle joint
  17. Cromlech

    Cromlech Well-Known Member

    This is why I always wear my Element II or (new) DeWalt safety boots.
  18. JLStorm

    JLStorm Well-Known Member

    Here I'll make you feel better...

    somehow one of the inserts holding up one of the shelves in my safe had worked loose a few months ago and I had my 454 towards the back with a a few hundred rounds of 45 acp on the same shelf. On one particular day, I went to get out my 454 for an inspection and I guess I removed enough of a counter weight to allow the shelf tilt forward and dump quite a bit of ammo towards me. Unfortunately one 100 round box of 45acp landed on my foot. Im pretty sure the slippers I was wearing (they are big soft and furry since they are look like a puppy) saved me from breaking my toe.

    P.S. dont make fun of my slippers!

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  19. AmbulanceDriver

    AmbulanceDriver Well-Known Member

    Strambo, don't worry, I don't try to count them while I'm driving... :) I just know that if it's got more lugnuts than I do (i.e. semi, or even fire truck) it's gonna win if I tangle with it. :eek:

    I had a Savage rifle in 7mm magnum that came with an el-cheapo bushnell scope on it. I went through 2 boxes of ammo in one sitting trying to get that thing to zero, before I finally found out that the scope was a piece of crap and wouldn't *hold* a zero.... Had a bruise from halfway down my biceps to halfway across my chest....

    THAT rifle was pure evil.
  20. Tom Bri

    Tom Bri Well-Known Member

    You got off lucky. A friend dropped a razor-sharp knife. And caught it. Stitches and a bandage for weeks.

    Since then, I just watch things fall and try to move aside.

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