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Any 9mm Taurus revolvers out there yet?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by WonderNine, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Release date was supposed to be Summer 03'. Anybody seen one yet?

    Porting...... :banghead:
  2. dhoomonyou

    dhoomonyou Well-Known Member

    I spoke to Taurus "Customer service" last week, they said maybe the end of october, start of november.
    I wouldnt hold my breath.
  3. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Did you ask them about the porting?
  4. wunderkind

    wunderkind Well-Known Member

    When these 9mm start going from warehouse to dealer shelves to holsters maybe someone could post a chrono reading?

    What does a 115 gr. factory fresh load do through a 2" barrel?

    I don't think message boards like this were quite as popular when the original round of 9mm revolvers took its course.

    (However, the Gun Digest 2001 annual listed a Ruger SP101 snubbie in 9mm)
  5. Erich

    Erich Well-Known Member

    xcop over on the S&W boards posted some results from his 2" 940 (and others have done likewise over at GlockTalk and The Firing Line). Here's what he got:

    Fed BP 115 grain - 1116 fps
    Win STHP 115 gr - 1113
    Fed 135 gr Pers. Defense - 1005
    Rem 124 gr Golden Saber - 1121

    YMMV, of course. We chrono'd some 9x19s out of an SP-101 short bbl back in '90 (I've lost the tape with that data), and this sounds about right. The bbl/cyl gap is less of a hindrance than you'd expect - you wind up with velocities similar to those posted by a 3.5" semiauto.
  6. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member


    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. dude

    dude Well-Known Member

    I am paitently&happily a'waiting for my Taurus Ti 9mm snub but don't expect to see it til spring 04..................because thay said fall of 03. It has honestly been the only gun on my 'want list' for the last few years.
  8. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Originally they said Summer 03'.

  9. dude

    dude Well-Known Member

    Do y'all want some cheese to go along with all this whining??

    Manufactures never produce anything by the dates they 'announce' . I've put one on order with my local Taurus dealer and suggest you do the same if you want one. It will get here when it gets here.
  10. Okiecruffler

    Okiecruffler Well-Known Member

    What is Taurus' deal with porting?

    I want my barrels to have a hole for the cartridge to go into and one for the bullet to come out of. In the wise words of Homer J. Simpson, "No Extras!"
  11. Mannlicher

    Mannlicher Well-Known Member

    porting on a snubbie is, well, is dumb. There is absolutly no benefit, and several problems that it creates. Of course to gun neophytes, the coolness factor overides all practical aspects.
  12. Wanderer

    Wanderer Well-Known Member

    But you need SOME form of compensation for the terrific recoil of the 9mm catridge!!!

    :neener: :neener: :neener:
  13. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    I'll bet those +P+ Ranger loads will have a little snap to them if Taurus makes a titanium version.
  14. Zeke Menuar

    Zeke Menuar Well-Known Member

    Note to Taurus:

    Please make this 9mm revolver with a three-inch barrel and no porting.

  15. E357

    E357 Well-Known Member

    I have a number of revolvers and find porting to be a very useful addition with the very small ultra lightweight models. The follow-up shots are much faster than with a non-ported lightweight revolver. On a larger heavier gun I don't care for porting. As far as defensive work goes - I can't think of a situtition where the ports would be facing me when shooting the gun.
  16. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr Well-Known Member

    Here's another note for Taurus: Make a 9mm version of the 850/650 series. A 3 inch tube would be nice, but I'll take it with a 2 inch.

    I can't believe what the S&W 940 Centennials are going for these days. When I think about passing up a new one for $330 five years ago, I just want to kick myself:banghead:
  17. 355sigfan

    355sigfan member

    I can't think of a situtition where the ports would be facing me when shooting the gun.

    As a firearms instructor I can. Its called shooting from a weapon retention position. That is with the gun tucked in close to your body like a chambered punch. The ports will burn and possibly blind you. They have no place on a defense gun. They are fine on conpetion and hunting guns.
  18. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    I saw a NIB one for $4 something a couple months ago...I didn't have the money :banghead:
  19. E357

    E357 Well-Known Member

    When someone is that close my my knife appears before my gun.
  20. sw442642

    sw442642 member

    That assume a nice orderly fight. It is possible in a gun fight that someone does get close to you. Then you do have retention issues and I agree with Pat.

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