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Any Beretta (Stoeger ) Cougar owners out there ? This is my absolute favorite pistol

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by awfulkanawful, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. awfulkanawful

    awfulkanawful Active Member

    Im new here...My name is Ron. After having purchased about 10 handguns in various calibers and configurations in the last 20 months I settled on one gun as my alltime favorite. Its the Beretta (stoeger) Cougar in 9mm . I now own 4 ! 3 are stashed throughout the house , the other is my everything else gun. I have shot alot of pistols , and the Cougar just absolutely fills my ticket as for the love of one gun. Im comfortable , accurate ,and secure with my abilities as far as one can be.
    Past pistols were various revolvers , S&W 4006 and 4506 , Beretta 92 and 96 A-1 , also ruger P94 and a Beretta .40 storm. I want to hear from others about the love , hate , or experience with the cougar.....so lets hear it. At the range someone is always amazed at the accuracy and handling of one of my Cougars , as far as quality , recoil ,reliability , feel , and also price. Im NOT saying its better than any other pistol....It IS what I settled on for myself , and I wasnt expecting a gun made in turkey to impress me as it has.....period. I DO shoot ALOT , and after appx 5000 rounds through these combined have had ZERO misfeeds , jams , etc....They digest ANY ammo so far , as well as my crappy , quickly made handloads from range brass that comes from god knows what or where.
    I DO own a SR1911 .45, and also am looking hard at a Springfield XDM (just to say I have a poly).....but just dont really like polymer pistols. Still....for me the COUGAR RULES for my standards as being my perfect fit and function.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2012
  2. 2wheels

    2wheels Well-Known Member

    Used to have a Stoeger Cougar I used as a range toy and occasional truck gun, gave it to a friend when he turned 21 and got his CCW permit.

    For the money it's a great handgun and I'm not afraid to recommend other people at least take a look at it. But as for me, I'll never warm up to Berettas slide mounted safety/decocker. If I ever get another DA/SA 9mm it won't be a Cougar, maybe a Sig SP2022.
  3. Dave1965

    Dave1965 Member

    I had one of the full size not the compact. Good and cheap price gun. Same quality as beretta since same company owns them. It just always felt a little clunky in my hands so I got rid of it.
  4. Pukindog12

    Pukindog12 Well-Known Member

    When I purchased my first 9mm it was a Stoeger Cougar 8000F. Right off the bat I loved it! I liked it so much I soon acquired a 2nd one.

    I especially like the ergonomics. Fits my hand like a glove. Very reliable (flawless so far) and very accurate (at least in my hands). Fit and finish are great. The only thing I would change on it would be to move the safety/decocker to the frame.

    So as to not inadvertently activate the safety while racking the slide I converted both of mine to a decocker only (8000G) version. If you are interested in doing the conversion here it is:

  5. awfulkanawful

    awfulkanawful Active Member

    Pukindog.....This is VERY interesting

    So in essence it is decocker only , springs back into fire mode ? I gotta check this out some more before I convert all 4 ! The inadvertent possibility of the safety being put on would then be completely alleviated ? This makes complete sense to me.
  6. labhound

    labhound Well-Known Member

    I have two Stoeger Cougars, a 9mm 8000 F and a .45ACP 8045. Love both! Perfect grip fit for my hand, 100% reliable, accurate, and IMHO a steal for the price!
  7. wbwanzer

    wbwanzer Well-Known Member

    Welcome Ron. :)

    I love my Cougars also. Great pistols, especially for the money. Here is my 9mm with Beretta grips and my more recently purchased .45.


  8. 2wheels

    2wheels Well-Known Member

    It never made any sense to me that Beretta pushes their safety/decocker models, while decocker only models are very difficult to find.

    What do I know though... I was raised by a Sig fanboy, I think safeties on DA/SA guns are silly.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012
  9. Fred Fuller

    Fred Fuller Moderator Emeritus

    Two police trade-in 8040Gs (DAO) here - my favorite .40. Thanks, CDNN...
  10. jhco

    jhco Well-Known Member

    bought a Beretta about the time the stoger came out. I was intrigued by the design but didn't care to own a stoger so I found a unfired beretta 8000 in box with 5 extra mags. Paid 500 for it and have never fired it. I just never had the need to, Maybe I will one day.
  11. unmitigatedaudacity

    unmitigatedaudacity New Member

    Been packing an 8045F Mini-Cougar for a decade now...

    ...as my primary daily carry piece. Her name is Isabella, and she fit my hand like a glove the first time I saw her. I have large hands, so the model is really good for me, and as a big guy I'm able to wear the Cougar concealed without too much trouble. (I keep a Sig P238 in my front pocket, and carry spare mag's for both. Being a giant has its advantages; I have lots of places to hide spare mag's.)

    (Okay, I realize what I just said. Keep it professional. Don't go there.)

    I bought the Mini variety because the shape of the 8-round mag's fit my hand better than the full size Cougar. I'm feeling a bit jealous now that Stoeger is offering the 8045 with a rail, but I'm experimenting with a couple of options for adding a rail to Isabella. Nothing seems promising except having a machinist CNC a shim to add to the dust cover. If I can get it to work out I'm planning to add a Viridian C5L and have a Kydex pancake holster custom made at Alabama Holster Company.

    Would anyone else out there be in interested in having a shim so they can add a rail to their Cougar?

    I'd love to locate some 8-round magazine spacers or some complete 8-round mag's for my Mini, but I've googled the known universe and come up dry. If anyone has any available, please drop me a line. I have a 6-round mag I'm never going to use again if anyone wants it.

    All the best,

  12. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

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